Obama To Pave Way For 30,000 Syrian Islamists To “Resettle” In America

Posted By Janna Brock on Jan 17, 2014

In a shocking move that makes counter-terrorism measures worthless, the Obama Administration is working to secure the “resettling” of some 30,000 Syrian Islamists within the United States. Syria’s civil war has displaced thousands of people. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that thousands of Syrians need new countries of residence, and the International Rescue Committee is making sure this happens. With this, the IRC made the audacious statement through Vice President for Public Policy Sharon Waxman, calling on the “US and other countries to open their doors to vulnerable Syrian refugees and notes that resettlement must be an integral part of the humanitarian response.” Forget all counter-terrorism measures that are put into place for the protection of this country. The Muslim Obama Administration will make sure that Syrian Islamists have a new home in America, that no jihadi will be turned away.

The gates of Hell have been opened, thanks to President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and radical progressives across the country. In successfully working to end “racial” profiling, albeit Muslim profiling, the next move is to secure the “settlement” of 30,000 Syrian Islamists within the United States. It won’t be done all at once, but if Obama and his minions of Muslim lovers have there way, at least 30,000 Islamists, and many more, will be calling America their home. For a President that has so openly supported Al-Qaeda in Syria recently, this is their open invitation to make a permanent home in the U.S., all under the guise of a “humanitarian outreach.”

The Wall Street Journal article, which was published on January 10, 2014 and written by Miriam Jordan reports:

U.S. plans to resettle thousands of Syrians displaced by their country’s civil war could hinge on those refugees receiving exemptions from laws aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the country. A U.S. official stated publicly for the first time this week that some of the 30,000 especially vulnerable Syrians the United Nations hopes to resettle by the end of 2014 will be referred to the U.S. for resettlement. More than two million Syrians have fled their country since the war erupted in 2011, creating the worst refugee crisis since the Rwandan genocide, advocates say. About 20 countries, mostly in Europe, have agreed to take 18,000 Syrians, according to United Nations High Commission for Refugees, or UNHCR, the agency charged with referrals. The U.S. has not set a specific target for how many refugees it will resettle. But at a Senate hearing Tuesday, State Department Assistant Secretary Anne Richard said, “We expect to accept referrals for several thousand Syrian refugees in 2014.” Post-9/11 immigration laws designed to keep out terrorists have had the unintended consequence of ensnaring some innocent people. For example, some of the provisions treat providing food or services to rebels—even those supported by the U.S.—as “material support” to terrorism. Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.), a key proponent of refugee resettlement, said the “overly broad” provisions would prevent a Syrian who gave a cigarette or a sandwich to a Free Syrian Army soldier from coming to the U.S. as a refugee.

Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/01/obama-to-pave-way-for-30000-syria...

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He is getting the muslims ready to put him in as emperor.

Great information! I am sort of angry that the VETERANS are NOT getting the RESPECT they Deserve!! 

   I have a little secret for the OBONzo and the MuSLIMe's who think they can…. comes in a brass cylinder and topped with a present. Maybe 5 or 6 before they get my head.

I'm sure there are other countries that would love to have them.  We have enough refugees.  If we can't support the military, how, pray tell me the way they are going to supporting 30,000 more

There probably going to be the guards in the Fema camps. There has got too be away to oust Obama. Impeachment is not an option.  

Let the mooslims stay in mooslimland!

More terrorists on our soil.   When they start their murderous jihad, may they direct it at congress and the wh who will be responsible for all deaths in our country.

Over my dead body call to arms !!!!America awake girl ....come now everyone wake up .Be in D.C. on may 16th. Time to throw this maggot half breed out on his ass. 

Isn't there anyone or anything that can stop this piece of sh__?

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Default Refugee Resettlement Scam

The Bantuization of Maine

New England was just too damned white. It sure needed a couple of African tribes to add diversity, and it got them. The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years. In 1999, at the urging of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the US government began preparations to resettle an estimated 12,000 refugees from the Bantu minority ethnic group in Somalia to select cities throughout the United States. When they first began arriving, they were resettled among American blacks and many were settled in Geogia. Soon enough, their handlers did their research and discovered that the State of Maine's liberal welfare system was much more generous, and with help from white agencies, a good many Somalis moved from Georgia to Maine and were soon joined by other tribesmen moving directly to Maine from Africa.

I bet these are Obama's allies coming here to their new homes. It won't be home until all Jews are dead and any Christians. Make no mistake, this deal in the Mideast has been planned where the radicals get a free ride to America to destroy it and take it for themselves. I said 10 years ago America has been promised to the Islamist. Obama is the Key to letting them in. It's Obama's plan from the beginning. These won't be refugees either, but radicals coming here for war on Americans, part of the left's army. They're the pioneers for those that follow and i bet there will eventually be millions that come. Bet they're welcome with open arms too and anyone who speakers out against them will be considered a racist. They'll get much better treatment than American that's been here for generations. Remember you have democrats and liberals to thank for this!




Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


SICK: Leprosy On The Rise In Los Angeles 

Ahh, the joys of open borders and Democrat leadership.

California is not just a public toilet but now there is evidence that leprosy is on the rise in Los Angeles County.

Barack Obama changed US law in 2016 and allowed immigrants with blistering STDs and leprosy to migrate to the US.

Medscape reported:

Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is rarely seen in the United States, but cases continue to emerge in Los Angeles County, a new report says.

“Hansen’s disease still exists, and we need to educate medical students and physicians,” coauthor Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa from Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, told Reuters Health by email.

Dr. Ochoa and colleagues identified 187 patients with the disease in a review of medical records from their leprosy clinic spanning 1973 to 2018. Most patients were Latino, originating from Mexico, and they experienced a median delay in diagnosis of more than three years, the team reports JAMA Dermatology, online August 7.

Multibacillary leprosy (MB) cases outnumbered paucibacillary leprosy (PB) cases by nearly eight to one (88.6% vs. 11.4%, respectively), and Latino patients were more likely than non-Latino patients to have MB, as were patients from Central or South America (versus other regions).

Most patients (80.7%) received multidrug therapy, and most (92.6%) received antibiotics for more than two years, especially if they had MB.

Only about half of patients (56.7%) had World Health Organization (WHO) grade 0 disability (no signs or symptoms suggestive of leprosy or disability) at the one-year follow-up, whereas 16.0% had grade 1 disability (loss of protective sensation) and 26.2% had grade 2 disability (visible deformity) at the last follow-up.

Among the patients who lost protective sensation, 87.7% (50/57) did not regain it following therapy.

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