Obama says Muslim refugees are like Catholics in 1900

WASHINGTON — President Obama delivered a full-throated defense of a liberal immigration policy Tuesday, saying,America betrays its history and its values when it fails to welcome those fleeing poverty, hunger, war and persecution from all over the world.

Speaking at a naturalization ceremony for 31 new American citizens at the National Archives, Obama compared the current wave of immigrants to the waves of German, Scottish, Irish and German immigrants of the past.

"You don’t look alike. You don’t worship the same way, but here, surrounded by the very documents whose values bind us together as one people, you've raised your hands and sworn a sacred oath. I'm proud to be among the first to greet you as our fellow Americans," Obama told the newly sworn citizens.

But Obama's speech was more than a welcoming. It was a not-so-subtle retort to Republican presidential candidates — notably, Donald Trump — who have promised to put a halt to Muslim refugees and to deport the undocumented Mexican and Central American immigrants already here.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the president's speech does "stand in stark contrast to the rhetoric and divisiveness that will be on full display at the Republican debate tonight,"

Obama said immigration was at the core of the American identity. "In the Muslim immigrant today, we see the Catholic immigrant of a century ago," Obama said. "In the Syrian refugee of today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II."

Obama said those immigrants of yesterday also fled persecution and war, and "their paperwork wasn’t always in order."

He recounted a litany of past abuses of immigrants, silently comparing them to today's environment: The forced immigration of African slaves, anti-Catholic discrimination exhibited in signs reading, "No Irish need apply," and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

"We succumbed to fear. We betrayed not only our fellow Americans, but our deepest values. It's happened before," Obama said. "Those who betrayed those values were themselves the children of immigrants. How quickly we forget. One generation passes, two generations pass and suddenly we don’t remember where we came from."

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This is absolutely crazy. The Catholic immigrants were not trying to kill us! That this man-child cannot see the difference is stunning.

William, muslimes will never admit to the truth of islime for they are brainwashed from childhood to submit and to lie for islime.  Trump made a good start but did not go far enough as we need to permanently ban ALL muslimes from entering the US and deport all muslimes living here for they are a threat to our existence as a free nation.

In no way is the killing nature of muslims taught in Christianity.

obummer is evil to the core

What does he know about Catholics, he is a Muslim

As usual more hefty lies to cover his ass.

These are not refugees they are the Remanent of his failed war to take down Assad after the invasion by Russia.

Caught flat footed, they are now running for any border they can escape to with many of them being on the side of Assad mixed in.The ones that have infiltrated will be sure to make us pay big time for his failed take over once they get here.It seems Assad wasn't quite as easy to get rid of as Gadafi.

Now should we persist in our efforts of world hegemony we risk WW3. The poker stakes have gone up but we are not throwing money in the pot, we are throwing lives in the pot.Millions of lives.  

BS! You lying, rooster sucking, POS TRAITOR!  You know full well that Catholicism has NOTHING in common with the filthy, satanic death cult of islime, may pig feces be upon it and its followers. Islime commands its followers to behead those who insult islime or its pedophile creator, while the doctrine of Catholicism is about love and forgiveness of our sins.

You are a traitor in every sense of the word for you have repeatedly given aid and comfort to our enemies, the muslimes and islime, for which you should be executed.


Obama says a lot of un true  things. 

Deb ... you have the gift of understatement ... I love it!!

Really? I really don't believe the Catholic's came to the U.S. to kill Americans nor to completely change the politic landscape to their favor. Many Catholics fought in both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Shield/Storm, Afghanistan and numerous other conflicts in out nations history. They are patriots!

oshazi you are a fool, you have no clue what you are doing with the exception  of attempting to blow smoke where there is no ember.

You are attempting  another division  (red flag) using religion as ammo.  You are the most ignorant President  in the history of Presidents.

I don't know where you get your information or who's feeding you this BS, you are  supposed to be a collage graduate, a  Constituonal  professor and you are still an ignorant moron, release your birth certificate ( the real one) your transcript's of all collages and grades you received. You attended Collage under the guise of a foreign born immigrant.  

Retarmy:   ditto on what you said.  obummer paid too much money to hide all his past, he would never release it now. 




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