Obama says motives of Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson ‘hard to untangle’

President Obama said Saturday it’s hard to “untangle the motives” of the shooterwho killed five Dallas police officers, despite the gunman telling police he wanted to kill white police officers.

Mr. Obama made the comment at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland, where he also issued another call for gun control in the wake of the Dallas shootings.

“I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter,” Mr. Obama said of the gunman, Micah X. Johnson. “By definition if you shoot people who pose no threat to you, you have a troubled mind.”

Dallas police said Johnson told them before he was killed that he specifically was targeting white police officers for killing, and he was upset about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Only for Obama, when any of his mistaken principles, goals and objectives are challenged by reality!

No Mr. Fraud-in-Chief; he is a Racist just like you; except you can't really show your true bias until you vacate our Whitehouse.  Also it has been proven that many of the Gang Bangers and other anarchist have joined the military to learn the real and controlled art of killing!

America stop worrying about your sports and beer and pay attention to what is going on within our society; because the Left/Liberals are at work 24/7 to make the USA a Socialist State;  OH but that could never happen!  WE are the Village that Comrade Hillary will transform!

Most voters are too brain dead to understand the raw truth of what you just posted. They will simply continue voting for the politician who gives them taxpayer money, i.e. welfare, food stamps, low cost housing, Obama phones, free (for them) medical, aid to dependent children, and no federal tax.
Obama is such a phony. He fans the flames of race hating, but when a Black kills white cops, he finds it difficult to figure out? If a black, through his own stupidity, gets shot by a cop, Obama is quick to imply racism. Obama, and his wife, both hate white people. I think that it's obvious. I hope the fools who support him are happy now.


Obamao tells his socially engineered Communist Democrat Revolutionists to..............."Stay the course".

Censored my comment and would not allow me to post it. Guess they didn't like what I said.

I will try again. Not waiting for him to figure it out.  I think he already knows it.

To take part of what obama said.

“What I hope is that my voice has tried to get all of us as Americans to understand the difficult legacy of race, to encourage people to listen to each other, to recognize that the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination didn’t suddenly vanish with the passage of the Civil Rights Act or the Voting Rights Act or the election of Barack Obama,” he said.

To start off with his voice trying to get Americans to understand the legacy of race. In his mind he is perceiving his support of black people and their movement to seek retribution for past wrongs makes what ever they do as right. Apparently he can not comprehend that what has been done can not be undone. Trying to hold people accountable for the acts they had no part in is acceptable. Slavery happened and as long as some black people keep pushing the myth that white people wish to enslave them they can not grow or move forward. We as a nation can not continue to live in the past.

The claims of white privilege are just as accurate as black privilege. I have lived in areas where black people were put above white people. Rather than treating people equally the businesses and local government cater to a certain race or religion. They are wrong. These are the first to cry racism when something don't go their way. I believe the best way to move past the racism is to stop pandering to one race or another. Stop crying about things that happened in the past that can not be undone. Quit trying to guilt people for something they had no part in. 

Personally I do not feel guilty for slavery. I wasn't born until 150 years after slavery in this country was ended and I never owned anyone. I do not feel like I owe anyone any more than I feel anyone owes me. Using their logic. Can I claim a right to retribution because some of my ancestors died trying to free the slaves? The people crying about slavery in America today are the oppressors and should be jailed for race baiting and inciting violence. Just sayin.

The left erased the Confederate flag from our U.S. History with their  Maoist style Cultural cleansing. So........ We NEVER had slavery here to begin with right? I just erased it. Problem solved!!!

Obama was never targeted in a hostile manner y whites.  If anything, I read he learned early to play the race card.  He grew up in Indonesia (primarily) - he knows nothing about the plight of the American Black, and none of his relatives have either.  He is a "community agitator" like alinsky. He is a hate-mongering fool propped up by the saudis.  He is NOT American.  He has forged  documents such as  his ss#, selective service, birth certificate.  We will never know about his transcripts, but I do not know too many crack-smoking, pot-smoking goons who manage to graduate from Harvard Law School. You know how he did it? Newsflash:  HE DIDN'T DO IT.

When he completely destroys my country, at least I can say "I never voted for him".

You were doing great and then you wrote the last sentence. I suspect that between 97-100% of people on this site didn't vote for Obama and will assure he doesn't destroy the USA!




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