Remarks of President Barack Obama as Prepared for Delivery
Weekly Address
The White House
November 5, 2016

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Hi, everybody.  Americans have been fighting for the idea that health care is a right and not a privilege since the second-to-last time the Cubs won the World Series.  I’m not talking about the 2016 Cubs – I’m talking about the 1908 Cubs.

That’s a really long time.  And thanks to the efforts of so many of you, we did it.  Today, 20 million more American adults know the financial security of health insurance.  On top of that, another three million more kids have coverage than when I took office.  In fact, never in American history has the uninsured rate been lower than it is right now – and health care prices have been rising slower than they have in 50 years.

If you haven’t gotten covered yet, now’s the time to do it.  It’s open enrollment season.  That means you can go to and shop for insurance plans in a marketplace where insurers compete for your business. is faster and easier to use than ever before.  With a few clicks, you can start comparing plans to see which one is right for you and your family.  You can even look up your doctor and medications as you shop.  Most Americans who get coverage through can find an option that costs less than $75 a month.  That’s probably less than your cell phone bill. 

Now, most of us don’t get our health care through the Marketplace.  We get it through our job, or through Medicare or Medicaid.  And what you should know is that, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, your coverage is better today than it was before.  You now have free preventive care.  There are no more annual or lifetime limits on essential health care.  Women can get free checkups, and you can’t get charged more just for being a woman.  Young people can stay on a parent’s plan until they turn 26.  Seniors get discounts on their prescriptions.  And no one can be denied coverage just because of a preexisting condition. 

That’s because our goal wasn’t just to make sure more people have coverage – it was to make sure more people have better coverage.  And as we continue working to make the system better, there’s something you can do to help yourself and help the country.  Go to  Get covered.  And if there’s someone you care about who hasn’t signed up yet, help them get covered today, too.

Enrollment is open right now, but only until January 31.  If you sign up by December 15, you’ll be covered by the beginning of the year.  So go check out or call 1-800-318-2596, and someone will personally help you find a plan that’s right for you. 

Insurance is based on the idea that we’re all in it together.  That’s what makes it work.  And it’s the same idea that’s always made America great.  Thanks everybody, and have a good weekend.



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If you cannot pay for  your healthcare  go without.

Obama is a rottenj joke played on the US people.


Open enrollment translates to "open season" on our wallets!

But he's black, he's black, he's black.  Doesn't that count?  That's how he got elected, because he is black (ok, only 1/2 black) Wonder what kind of health care do all of the countries in Africa have?  Maybe all of the bleeding hearts should go there and find out, they could start with his half brother. 

Yessss!! We got our first Black President, how precious! Look at what a great job they do with Africa, Detroit, etc.. 

Somebody name me even one country that has a black president (leader) that runs well and successfully...............

He's Arab, he's Arab, he's many Americans even know that?

NO  he's  NOT   black  black  black - he's  ARAB  ARAB  ARAB 

Actually he has NO white blood in him according to the FBI DNA test.

He shows NO relation to anyone he's claimed as his "family"

He is an Indonesian citizen , not an American citizen, and he's never tried to change that !


HE LIED ABOUT BEING 'BLACK' IN ORDER TO USE OUR American blacks for his hate agendas !

HE LIED about his family.

HE LIED about the education he's had and colleges he supposedly went to.

He has NO beneficial  accomplishments.

HE LIED about being a Christian - he's fully Muslim and always has been ! Muslims are trained  from young on  to LIE THEIR WAY INTO OFFICES OF HIGH PLACES !


He does not know how to tell the truth about anything.

I'm not sure he knows what TRUTH is. IT seems totally foreign to him.

And Hillary is exactly the same, and yes she too is a Muslim (hiding behind the Methodist blanket as her cover)  and has been since her college days.  She's been a Muslim, a Communist and member of the Communist party,  since her college days.

Hillary is also a black witch with her own coven for at least 40 years or more.

She sold her soul to Satan long ago ! So she has no soul since. That is a deal you

can't undo !  And it's real !

She is a Satanist who worships Satan. (I'm serious)

She too has lied her way into every office she's held !

She could not tell the truth about anything if you paid her to - and we all know how she worships  and loves money !

Oh, and she's an alcoholic !



I just received a notice from my health insurance company. My monthly premium is going up 150 percent. My wife called them for an explanation. They expressed there apathy and said there was no typo in the notice. Sorry Charlie. I will not under any circumstance log on to healthcare. Gov. I would not be qualify for subsidy nor do I want any. I can't help but think that anyone receiving that same notice who is not on welfare would ever vote for more of the same broken system. I'm tired of being ripped off by the crook's running this country. The middle class is doomed if Hillary is elected. She won't tax wall street, they own her, she can't tax the poor, she owns them. Hello Mr and Mrs middle class, bend over, this may hurt a bit. Vote TRUMP!




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