Obama Met With Ferguson Activists – Said He’s Concerned They “Stay on Course”

President Obama met with Ferguson protest leaders on November 5th, the day after the midterm elections. The meeting was not on his daily schedule. He was concerned that the protesters “stay on course.”

What does that mean?

And why is the president meeting with the violent Mike Brown protesters before a verdict is reached in the court case?

ferguson market looting
The Ferguson protesters have looted over 100 businesses in the St. Louis area.

The New York Times hid this in the 21st paragraph of their report:

But leaders here say that is the nature of a movement that has taken place, in part, on social media and that does not match an earlier-era protest structure where a single, outspoken leader might have led the way. “This is not your momma’s civil rights movement,” said Ashley Yates, a leader of Millennial Activists United. “This is a movement where you have several difference voices, different people. The person in charge is really — the people. But the message from everyone is the same: Stop killing us.”

At times, there has been a split between national civil rights leaders and the younger leaders on the ground here, who see their efforts as more immediate, less passive than an older generation’s. But some here said relations have improved in recent weeks.

Some of the national leaders met with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation about Ferguson.

According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr. Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.”

The Gateway Pundit: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/11/obama-meets-with-ferguson-a...

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We need a call to the military to remove this rogue president and all of his partners in crime in Congress and all government agencies.

You can look directly at far left liberal colleges and find that they are more or less a farm club for radical, Marxist, and anti-American progressive teaching that leads to these people being elected into high government positions. It's time to start looking at them for what they are also.

Like they say, Obama didn't create this movement, the movement created him.


All along, it has been my hope and prayer the military does exactly what you suggested....for it seems the military...and God...are our only hope to save our country.

"... remove this rogue president..."  We've been saying this for years - 6 years and counting.  But has anyone made a move to arrest him and bring the gazillion charges against him?  No, and from the looks of it, nobody is planning to.   

Didn't he make mention for a need of a citizens militia during his first term ?
Coincide: Over five million illegals are here, riots are imminent, our top military personel are being replaced, we are a country in trouble yet we can send billions of dollars to foreign countries who are sponsors of eco-nuts and Isis. Coincide ???
When these tactics crash our economy, who's coming to visit ? The U.N. or I.M.F or both ?

Some blacks suffer from low self esteem.  For many blacks who might not have has such an issue before, thanks to Obama, they will!

Obama is certainly not out of his element. 

If Mr. Sharpton was trying to be subtle in his comments, he missed the mark badly. “staying the course” given what the course has been there is not something a president should be suggesting.

because this criminal doesn't care who gets killed to force his agenda

I am sure he was more at home there than in the White House....Those people will believe the lies and the deception. 

More of the same Bolshevik crap that was seen in the 40-50's.....commies all of them...and ALL Americans need to wake up...the "Hunger Games" are coming...all of them scum and un American!

If a wholesale slaughter erupts, you can bet it was planned.     The Dem. Gov. saying he's calling in the Natl Guard, when, after how many have been killed, how much property destroyed?         Heard they are trying to promote unrest in other areas.       When will these people learn to obey the Law?       I guess never, if the WH is telling them go ahead.

What Obama is saying , go and riot .




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson


Obama Lies Again: – Ignores That The Year After Signing The Stimulus More Than (4) Million Jobs Were Lost

Former President Obama, the only President in US history who had his FBI and other Intel agencies spy on the opposition party candidate, claims that he created the great economy that Americans are enjoying today. The only thing Obama created was debt and massive job losses with his horrible economic recovery.

Yesterday the former President tweeted an effort to take credit for President Trump’s successful economy:

Joe Hoft@joehoft

Of course another @BarackObama lie. He can’t open his mouth without lying. 11 years ago the US lost (4.3) million jobs over the next 12 months. Horrible liar. https://twitter.com/barackobama/status/1229432034650722304 

Barack Obama  @BarackObama

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.

President Obama’s policies were a disgrace and a failure. He doubled the national debt in spite of zero interest rates from the Fed. His recovery was the worst in US history.

Also, Obama’s assertion is just plain false. The ‘Stimulus’ was passed in February 2009 right after Obama took over the Presidency. He promised to not pass any bills for at least a week to allow for the bills to be read by the people but lied as soon as he was sworn in. The Stimulus was hundreds and hundreds of pages of government handouts to Democrat districts and it was close to $1 million. This was not what America needed and it led to the Tea Party.

Far-left Wikipedia has this to say about the Stimulus:

Note that in his infinite wisdom, NYT economist Paul Krugman is credited with arguing that “the stimulus was far smaller than the economic crisis warranted”. (He also said the markets would crash and burn if President Trump was elected President.)

The data shows that the 12 months after Obama’s stimulus, the US lost 4.3 million jobs:

In Obama’s first three years he netted a loss of 1.5 million jobs compared to President Trump who has added more than 6.7 million jobs.

When it comes to the economy, the billionaire schools the community organizer every time.

Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

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