Obama: Ho Chi Minh Was Inspired by Our Founders

President Obama hailed hard-core communist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh today as a pretty open guy who was actually inspired by the Founders.

Obama took a break from his jobs-pivot speeches to meet Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang at the White House. The pair held joint remarks in the Oval Office afterward.

Obama said their first bilateral meeting “represents the steady progression and strengthening of the relationship between our two countries.”

“Obviously, we all recognize the extraordinarily complex history between the United States and Vietnam. Step by step, what we have been able to establish is a degree of mutual respect and trust that has allowed us now to announce a comprehensive partnership between our two countries that will allow even greater cooperation on a whole range of issues from trade and commerce to military-to-military cooperation, to multilateral work on issues like disaster relief, to scientific and educational exchanges,” he added.

After meeting with the leader of a country that persecutes and imprisons bloggers and priests, suppresses media and any form of political dissent and uses forced labor, Obama said they “discussed the challenges that all of us face when it comes to issues of human rights.”

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Hey, Obama....did you miss this Washington monument?

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I wish I could SAY ABOUT THIS, but I will not....

PROOVE IT !! Ifyou put a beard on KING OBAMA, he would look like 'HO'!! WHAT KIND OF POT , DOES OBAMA SMOKE??? I realy think he is a grownup,living his childhood fantasies out!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG!! SEMPER-FI!! Larry K.Parent, Naples,FL.  ( he believes his own, 'LIES and SPEACHES' he gives us daily!!).

Hey Obama are you sure you are in the right country??

Many have tried to bring down America,  many a lot better then you....and none have suceeded yet and neither will  you. Better fools have tried but America will always win out in the end.


McCain, is another traitor, don't you remember what this guy did in Vietnam?  ... the same crap...!

More than ample evidence exists that McCain is a hard left Liberal and a self proclaimed Progressive. He is showing his true colors now that he is not running for office again. In 1994 his interrogator in Hanoi told me that while McCain was a POW he had been turned. I dismissed it at that time, but McCain's actions in the past ten years have validated the interrogator's comments. 

I think the part of this xsshole that scares me the most is that he has Kids, and his defective seeds will continue on after he is gone!?!?

Buddy up to another communist friend. It's a good thing that Putin can see right thru Obama's bull shit and refuses to be connected to him. Obama is like a brat child who does every thing their not to do, just to see how far they can push you. he just has messed with the wall socket yet. I have my doughs if the Muslims and the communist can live in the same house. I know the Christens and Muslims can't and the communist have no use for organized religion.

Obviously on an anti-American, white campaign till he gets out in 16. Guess Holder and Jarrett got to the one black juror on the Zimmerman case. She now say's he got away with murder......Think Holder/Hussein have been saying something similar since the verdict. 

Better watch these guys closely...they are trying to kill us psychologically....destroy all we have known to be true. As one of their mentors, Khrushchev said in the 60's..."we will destroy you from within"...

Others have tried...this latest group of anti-American traitors will fail....No doubt about it. 

He has lied about everything else why do you believe he did not lie about the kids being his as well.

Obamas' arrogance and delusions of grandeur grow bigger everyday. If ego was money, Obama could pay off our entire national by himself with "change" left over! His arrogance and corruption makes Clinton look like a saint. (pick your favorite Clinton for that one.)

If I had a son, he would look like "Ho."




Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by Steve KelleyPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


Racism -> Emergency Medical Doctor Rails Against Whites: “White People Can Be Exhausting” – ‘Racism Towards Whites Doesn’t Exist’ 

 Esther Choo (pictured above), an emergency medical doctor and professor in Oregon, took to Twitter to rail against white people and after getting called out for her racism, she asserted that it’s impossible to be racist towards whites.

According to Choo’s bio, she’s an emergency physician and associate professor at the Oregon Health & Science University.

Choo is the daughter of Korean immigrants and uses social media to talk about racism and sexism in healthcare, according to her bio.

“White people can be exhausting. Just an observation,” Choo said in a tweet on Friday.

White people can be exhausting. Just an observation.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

When she received backlash for her racist tweet, Choo continued to taunt and disparage whites.

“Observation #2: white people are going to prove my point on this very thread,” Choo said responding to the backlash.

She also bragged that Twitter took her side when people reported her tweet.

“Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.”

Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

Twitter may not have a problem with racism against white people, but what about the medical community?

Dr. Choo received huge backlash on Twitter.

Joe Biggs   @Rambobiggs

This is coming from an Emergency Medicine Physician who is considered a "leader" in her field. She's scheduled to be a speaker at the American College of Emergency Physicians in October. She runs a website called FeminEM prompting Feminist causes in EM and a racist.

Dan Bongino  @dbongino
 Here for the ratio
Dan Roth@Dan12R

Pretty racist statement, TBH.

See Dan Roth's other Tweets
Blake Anderson@BitcoinBlake

Protected groups being immune to being called out for blatant bigotry is exhausting, just an observation.

Replace “white” with any other race, and Dr. Choo would be out of a job.

Update: Dr. Choo deleted her racist tweets and set her Twitter account to “private” after she received backlash from hundreds of people.


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