Obama Funder Group Code Pink Plans to Meet Cuban Five Spies Freed by Obama Who Killed Americans

A group led by Obama bundler Jodie Evans, Code Pink, plans to hold a celebratory meeting in Cuba next month with Cuban spies, including one convicted of murdering Americans, who were freed by President Barack Obama.

Obama Give Me Five Cuban Five

Listed on Code Pink’s agenda for their week-long February trip to Cuba is a meeting with the Cuban Five:

“Monday, February 9— Overview and city tour

“9:00 AM Meeting with Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) Possible meeting with Ricardo Alarcón, Kenia Serrano,Fernando Gonzalez and the Cuban 5″

code pink trip

Obama, who had previously freed two of the spies, freed the remaining three last month in a deal with the Castro government.

One of those Obama freed, Gerardo Hernandez, was convicted of conspiring to murder four members of Brothers to the Rescue and was serving two life terms.

Brothers to the Rescue flew small planes over the waters between Florida and Cuba searching for Cubans fleeing the Castro brothers’ island prison. The group reportedly aided in the rescue of about 4,200 Cubans.

The group drew the ire of Fidel Castro for also occasionally violating Cuban airspace to drop anti-communist leaflets over Havana and coastal Cuba. Castro personally gave the order to shoot down the unarmed planes, which took place over international waters on February 24, 1996. Two Brothers to the Rescue planes were shot down in the attack, a third escaped.

A Cuban pilot and espionage agent, Juan Pablo Roque, who had infiltrated Brothers to the Rescue by acting as a fake defector returned to Cuba the day before the shootdown.

Killed in the attack were U.S. citizens Carlos Costa, Mario de la Pena and Armando Alejandre, and permanent U.S. resident Pablo Morales. (Source: LA Times)

The Cuban Five were part of the ‘Wasp Network’ set up by Cuba’s communist government to spy on Cuban exile groups and the U.S. military in Florida.

Eight years ago Code Pink visited Cuba as a guest of the Castro government with flavor of the moment Cindy Sheehan to protest the U.S. terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

read more here: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/01/obama-funder-group-code-pin...

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I hate commies! They need to stay out of our Country. Groups like code pink need to be kicked out of our country, along with Dictator Obama, and his friends, the democratic communist party. YOUR OUT AND NOT COMING BACK!!! 

Soros is the gift that goes on giving.  Funding these "America Haters" is his bag.     Why cannot he not die!! There was a time,when being a Communist would put you in Jail.   Welcome to "Fairness" "Tolerance" and the idea, that you can live in this Great Nation, enjoy all it's Freedoms, and yet spread Hate, and Derision. Using your "Freedoms" in a way never expected, by our Founders.   Communism is  the scourge of the Ignorant.   A failed Idea, bringing only misery, and ultimately making Slaves out of people.

Code Pink is an ULTRA LEFT-WING LIBERAL group!! They're anti-Christian / anti-Israel-Yisrael / anti-Zionism / ANTISEITISM / anti-United States of America Everything!!


"PLEASE PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation USA and Israel-Yisrael Everyday!!"

Love and Shalom, YSIC \o/



Code Pink HATES ISRAEL-YISRAEL and the USA, thus: they're all FASCISTS / COMMUNISTS / NAZIS!!

RANT on: If Ye are anti-Israel-Yisrael / anti-Zionism / Antiseitism anti-United States of America Everything, then Ye are anti-Christian / anti-Jewish!!

RANT off: If Ye are Pro-Israel-Yisrael / Pro-Zionism / Pro-USA Constitution / Pro-USA Bill of Rights, then Ye are Very Christian and Very Jewish!! Only Judaism and Christianity is RIGHT!! Our GOD ( HASHEM-YAHWEH-ELOHIM-JEHOVAH-HOSANNA-EMMANUEL-EL SHADDAI ) LOVES us all through HIS SON YESHUA-JESUS CHRIST FOREVERMORE!!

Love and Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/


Bring back the Star Chamber.

Traitors all......

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Diamond & Silk

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Breaking: Jury Sides With Sheriff Joe
Smacks Down Establishment GOP’s Lawsuit

A jury has sided in favor of conservative icon, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, against the lawsuit filed by Austin Flake, the son of GOP establishment Senator Jeff Flake, and Austin’s ex-wife, Logan Brown.

Flake and Brown had filed a lawsuit against the Arizona sheriff for “malicious prosecution” after over a dozen dogs died on their watch at a Gilbert dog kennel.

The jury decided Flake and Brown had failed to provide sufficient evidence to back up their accusations of malicious prosecution by Arpaio, The Associated Press reported via Tucson.com.

Flake and Brown ran the kennel while Brown’s parents were out of town in 2014, the AP reported.

The two were still in college.

Initially, Flake and Brown were charged in the incident, but the charges were dropped at the prosecution’s request. Later, Flake’s in-laws pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after an expert determined that the facility air conditioner failed because it was not properly maintained.

Thus, the owners of the kennel were responsible for the death of the 21 dogs, and they answered for their crimes.

Nonetheless, Flake and Brown reportedly alleged that Arpaio had charged them to gain publicity and deal damage to Senator Flake — an establishment fixture within the GOP.

The two “contended the charges caused them emotional distress, contributed to the demise of their marriage and led the senator’s son to being suspended from college for an honor-code violation,” according to The Associated Press.

Despite the jury’s decision, the U.S. District Judge Neil V. Wake will not issue a final verdict until the defense explains why it didn’t turn over documents that may have benefited the plaintiffs, according to a statement from the plaintiffs’ attorney to The Associated Press.

“The struggle to hold government officials accountable has always required a steep, perilous climb,” the plaintiffs’ attorney said in a Friday statement according to KNPX.

“Although we disagree with the jury’s verdict, we are grateful we had the opportunity to force former Sheriff Arpaio and his subordinates at Maricopa County to account for their indisputably reckless conduct. Near the end of the trial, we discovered that the County failed to turn over documents that might have helped us prove our case,” he continued.

“The Court has ordered the County to explain its failure and indicated that it will not enter a final judgment in the case until a satisfactory explanation is provided. We will access our future options in this fight when the County complies with the Court’s Order.”

Charges that didn’t pan out are an annoyance to those affected — there’s no question of that.

But to claim that those charges — which were dropped — were the reason behind a failed marriage, and that Arpaio needs to pay is completely ridiculous.

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