Obama Flips on Immunity for U.S. Troops in Iraq

Kevork Djansezian/Getty
Obama will take Iraq's word for now that U.S. soldiers won't be prosecuted by the country's courts as they defend Baghdad.

President Obama pulled U.S. forces out of Iraq in 2011 because he couldn’t get Iraq’s parliament to offer U.S. soldiers immunity from Iraqi prosecution. But now Obama is promising to send in hundreds of special operations forces based on a written promise that these soldiers will not be tried in Iraq’s famously compromised courts for actions they are taking in defense of Baghdad.

POLL: Has Obama's foreign policy set the stage for the birth of an Islamic Caliphate? 

The U.S. military and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have opposed sending any special operations teams to Iraq until there is a written agreement from Iraq’s government that they will not be prosecuted under Iraqi law. On Monday, the White House spokesman said those promises were provided in an exchange of diplomatic notes. The delay in getting that agreement is one of many reasons why the Pentagon and the White House were reluctant to support air strikes inside Iraq—despite lobbying from Secretary of State John Kerry and his aides. 

“We remain confident that the military advisers will have the protections they need,” said Bernadette Meehan, a spokesperson for the National Security Council. “They are going to Iraq with the full support of the Iraqi government. We are working through the mechanism for assurances and we hope to [have it] resolved soon.”

The debate has echoes of 2011, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton favored keeping more troops in Iraq past 2011 than President Obama. 

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He is sending some our best in to be murdered and anyone who thinks any differently is truly a dimwit !

Hey Director Dee,I have a question. Since no one in our government[or,in reality,misgovernment

] is willing to step up to the plate and bring federal charges against any of the criminals in obamas circle,is there not any way the Military could file charges against this group[obama,holder,hillary,lerner,etc] and declare them enemies of the State and bring them to Military Court for trial and punishment? Also is it legal for him to fire our top Military leaders without any reason given for doing so? Also I think the the Military bases in the D.C. area should secretly get together and march on the White house and  take charge {possibly under the leadership of those Military Leaders who were unjustly fired.]  I truly believe no one would dare fight them except for maybe some of "obama's kids". Members of our Militaryin general  are NOT going to fire on their fellow troops no matter what obama says. What do you think?    

Your theory is most interesting, Dave. But far to simplistic to be carried out without many, many days of planning and considerations. Who knows? Maybe there are some options being considered already !!!!! Which would be an all-right thing for me !!!!

Hey Mr.Clark   Just now got to this page of replies.  It surely would take good planning and I think any one of those Military leaders he fired are capable of handling that. It wouldnt take that many troops to take charge of the airports and streets leading away from the WH,Capitol,etc to prevent the rats from escaping. I would so love for this to happen. Actually we need something like this to happen else we are all going down the sewer before long.

I like your ideas Dave Massey. I can't imagine military leaders being fired by Obama would sit still for long. There was an attempted coup by the military leadership back in 2012 during Obama's re-promotion as dictator but it failed and a few of the commanders were arrested. The attack on Benghazi was used as a smokescreen for this failed attempt.

Over 300 military leaders endorsed Romney in 2012 compared to about 5 for Obama. Colin Powell being one of the 5 of course. 

Thanks Mark Smithey.  I want to believe that things have escalated to a point that if a serious plan is not launched very soon it is going to be too late. He is  conanstantly hedging his agenda.  I also believe that those military leaders he fired can muster a force that would shock the hell out of Obama and "his kids"and all others who would come to his aid. They have the training and experience. those street corner punks will no doubt start their fires and such but the National Guard can put them and their fires out pretty quick. So far they have not been challenged. Our troops HAVE.I am considering putting together a "town hall meeting" with my friends,neighbors,and relatives to take a poll and see how many are willing to sign a "we're not taking any more"petition to send to all our politicians. So far everyone I have talked to is in favor of this. 

Obumo does not have ANYBODIES back.  Definitely not the US MILITARY.

He took their word because they are his brothers .

Troops are just his pawns.

As a Vietnam Veteran, I wouldn't take Obama's word on an issue that is so profoundly important to any service person in the middle east. He would throw ANY "grunt" under the bus, just to protect his own ass. Just like BENGHAZI !!!!!!  Politicians have the tendency to do things like that. DUH !!!!

I say that we send Obama and his nasty little band of criminal cohorts to Iraq and then help the Iraq government ARREST them for "war crimes".

Evidently the Iraqi government officials have about as much "credibility" as Obama has. Once Obama lands in Iraq, then he would be told that "America does not negotiate with terrorists".  You are on your own - good luck, you'll need it!




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