Obama decries ‘bogus’ voter fraud complaints

President Obama labeled complaints about voter fraud “bogus” and accused Republicans of cynically trying to prevent Americans from accessing the polls in a fiery speech Friday at a civil rights forum hosted by Al Sharpton.

Obama argued that attempts in some states to impose new voter identification restrictions were actually efforts by Republicans to make “it harder, not easier to vote.” And the president said that while voter fraud should be prevented, it rarely occurred.

Should the United States get out of the UN?

“So let's be clear, the real voter fraud is the people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud,” Obama said.

Obama sad that the efforts betrayed a weakness within the Republican Party, saying his opposition needed to restrict poll access to remain competitive.

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Obama has never been confused by dealing with facts, rather his imagination of how things are.  Anything that conflicts with his imagined view must be wrong.

@ Don R.  Not just wrong... but racist too! 

Paula Kennedy,

Clearly, you are so drunk on the Obama kool-aid, you don't know the truth any more than does Obama.

Do you have a clue what a "racist" is?  Oh, that's right, anyone with a point of view that is different than yours it is self evident the are nasty old "racists".

I'm wondering how your fertile (infertile) mind could possibly conclude my statement was racist.  Oh, yes, I forgot, if anyone disagrees with the imagined world view of a liberal/socialist/progressive/communist/Democrat, they must be a "racist".

Aren't you any brighter than using tired old, worn out epitaphs?  Doubt it.


Hussein should have told the truth...course never expect anything as American as that out of him.  Truth...he and Holder do all they can through lawsuits to reduce the white American vote in favor of the illegal white and or black vote. Proven time and time again all over the country. Strangest thingy about his Presidency...he will go down in history as the most racist "leader" ever put in office at any level of our government. 

Don: Clearly she must have got on the wrong web site.

If I .misunderstood Paula's comment, I apologize.

I think she was referring to Obama being a racist and wrong.  I can't speak for her but that is my take although I can see how her post could be misinterpreted.

Don, do you think that if anyone calls another racist simply because they are white or black and tell the truth and facts, are they not racist because they reject the facts in order to call them racist? Example: Oprah Winfrey! If we tell the facts she says we are racist. This has to mean that she is racist because she is accusing whites! We should note that she says nothing about Doctor Ben and he is factual; honest; and a good choice for next President. The vice seat up for grabs as we have some choices. Sarah for one or Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. It seems that Ted is allowed to run according the regulations. But we need to convince the honorable Dr Ben to run! Then what will the lying Communist supporting Liberal media say.. blacks are racist?

Good Lord the word "Racist" has been used since Obummer has invaded our White House. Its their stupid way of shutting down those they disagree with. Its old & shows their mentality which is utterly moronic. They make such fools of themselves when they spit that BS out. They r so stupid they don't even know how foolish they sound & are. Get a damn clue

They don't stop, because some useful  group believes them. I believe Stalin call them Idiots. 

Is it not treason that the Liberal media goes right along with those lies? It was treason by them when they supported the enemy during the Nam War!

Fox News reported with video that bus loads of union workers and others went from Detroit to Wisconsin to vote again in 2012! We should note that the Commie supporting Liberal media would not!





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