By Todd Starnes

The Obama campaign is now selling copies of an American flag painting that replaces the 50 stars in a blue field with the president’s campaign logo.

“Our Stripes: Flag Print” is being promoted on the Obama campaign website. The screen print is designed by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson.

The limited-edition print costs $35.

President Obama’s version of the American flag.

Another painting resembled an outline of the continental US. The “Our Stripes: Country Print” was designed to look like an American flag, too. Like the other painting, the stars representing the 50 states were removed and replaced with Obama’s campaign logo.

Reaction on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has been overwhelmingly negative.

“This is so offensive,” one reader wrote. “I don’t know why I’m shocked, but I am. This stoops to new lows.”

Another reader offered this assessment: “Once again, very shameful. This is a disgrace.

“And just what was wrong with the flag with the stars and stripes?” a Facebook reader wondered. “Why must Obama create his own flag?”

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My state Michigan is not even on the flag.  What did he do with us?

I just don't get it.  What is wrong with people in this Country?  They are asleep while our Country is being taken over.  We are shouting and it appears Ohio and Florida are not listening.  Can you believe the polls?  Florida and Ohio going to Obama?  I am at a loss as to what to say anymore.  This is MY FLAG.  Obama cannot walk on the flag as maybe a few people might get upset with him FINALLY.  So he just changes it and no one says a word except the Tea Party.  Are the people who support Obama even aware of their surroundings?

I want Romney to start yelling.  If he looses this election because he is playing Mr. Nice Guy, what good will it have done.  He has nothing to loose by stepping up and screaming AMERICA, WAKE UP, you have a dictator running for President.  Please Mr. Romney DO this NOW, later will obviously be too late.

But should not the messiah have his own flag? Rotate the flag with the Obama logo on the top right and it looks just like the fires of hell reaching up to consume Obama and his minions.

That's a cool that represents a new era for America....but it is incomplete....and I have the perfect the center add a large brown cross with Obama hanging upside-down in crucifixion.....and when accomplished that act will signify the end to his tyrannical usurpation making him a martyr for his true religeon!

Long live the free United States of America without usurpation by terrorist foreigners like Obama!

So what does that flag represent? The blue portion may signify the depressed attitude from the progressive west who have lost their messiah in the upcoming election.....the white stripes indicate America the Beautiful who all oppose the evil dark stance of the liberals; who are all oppressed by the red stripes representing the communist liberals....yes; I see the failing symbolism that is going down even further when the shocking election results roll in come NOvember!

Yes NOvember.... NO leaves; No sun; NO flowers; and NO fun for Obama! 

This guy is reprehensible ! His ego knows no bounds and he openly now flaunts his true goal . To be the Dictator of America . He should take his painting and shove it up the same body cavity he has his head shoved !

apparently 47 percent of the population think it is ok...and he is also re-writing the constitution, and with another 4 years, he will have completed the destruction of our country, by appointing communist-socialist into the supreme court, like eric holder....the mid-east will become a stronger united front for the muslim brotherhood, israel will keep trying to defend itself....and the american people will worry about who the judges are on american idol.

This is a crude 'revolutionary' flag...looks like a blood-bath of red stripes running across America.

BHO is after our very lives and I fear that another very un-civil 'Civil War' is brewing here on our shores. This commie fraud is using up our tax dollars to party with 'pirates' and despots! BHO needs to be soundly defeated - then arrested for each and every high crime and felony he has premeditated and oppressed us with!

November cannot come soon heart grieves for our citizens & representatives abroad in dark and desolate lands.  Praying for our great country and her true citizens to reclaim her from this ugly period in time.

I'm surpised obama didn't put his ugly face on it.

Typical of this incompetent ego maniac President.  An insult to the American people and, of course, not the first.

Isn't THAT special...... He's pi**ed on the the whole country, why not the flag too?




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SICK: Leprosy On The Rise In Los Angeles 

Ahh, the joys of open borders and Democrat leadership.

California is not just a public toilet but now there is evidence that leprosy is on the rise in Los Angeles County.

Barack Obama changed US law in 2016 and allowed immigrants with blistering STDs and leprosy to migrate to the US.

Medscape reported:

Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is rarely seen in the United States, but cases continue to emerge in Los Angeles County, a new report says.

“Hansen’s disease still exists, and we need to educate medical students and physicians,” coauthor Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa from Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, told Reuters Health by email.

Dr. Ochoa and colleagues identified 187 patients with the disease in a review of medical records from their leprosy clinic spanning 1973 to 2018. Most patients were Latino, originating from Mexico, and they experienced a median delay in diagnosis of more than three years, the team reports JAMA Dermatology, online August 7.

Multibacillary leprosy (MB) cases outnumbered paucibacillary leprosy (PB) cases by nearly eight to one (88.6% vs. 11.4%, respectively), and Latino patients were more likely than non-Latino patients to have MB, as were patients from Central or South America (versus other regions).

Most patients (80.7%) received multidrug therapy, and most (92.6%) received antibiotics for more than two years, especially if they had MB.

Only about half of patients (56.7%) had World Health Organization (WHO) grade 0 disability (no signs or symptoms suggestive of leprosy or disability) at the one-year follow-up, whereas 16.0% had grade 1 disability (loss of protective sensation) and 26.2% had grade 2 disability (visible deformity) at the last follow-up.

Among the patients who lost protective sensation, 87.7% (50/57) did not regain it following therapy.

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