Obama calls the Pope a liar, says they never discussed ‘social schisms’

President Obama’s first meeting with Pope Francis produced a little schism of its own.

The Vatican and White House gave starkly different versions Thursday of Mr. Obama’s meeting with Francis.

The president’s account downplayed the Catholic Church’s concerns about religious freedom in the United States and Obamacare’s mandate to pay for contraception.

The pontiff and the president were cordial in the televised portions of their meeting, but a subtle competition to set the agenda played out after the meeting, which went well beyond its scheduled half-hour.

“We actually didn’t talk a whole lot about social schisms in my conversations with His Holiness,” Mr. Obama said at a press conference in Rome. “In fact, that really was not a topic of conversation.”

Mr. Obama deflected a reporter’s question about the extent of his discussion with the pope on the contraceptive mandate by saying that Francis “actually did not touch in detail” on the subject.

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Which one is lying? That is an easy question to answer. Not sure if Obama knows how to tell the truth anymore.

Has he EVER told the truth?

In an odd sort of way he always tells the truth because what he says is reliably exactly the opposite of what he says....therefore if one simply converts everything 180 degrees.....oh never mind.

right on

Must have been the interpreter's fault. Yea that the ticket.

that darn teleepromter can't spell respect & can't tel the Truth! I was hoping for some serious Holy Water dissolving bho since he is the devil!


Obama has no concept of the truth.  Calling the Pope a liar won't go over well with American Catholics which, I hope, will damage the dem/communists in November.

Lets see who is lying Obozo or the Pope. Thats a tough choice LOL.

Lying? Both of them. This Pope is as leftist as King Obummer.

This is the sad truth...neither one is above lying to promote his cause.

Since we all know that Obama doesn't know the meaning of truth, I guess we can all figure out who to believe.

Now that is a silly question. Obozo has lied his entire life and believes in a cult that supports lying to non-believers. Duh!!!




Foul-Mouthed Vicente Fox: Donald Trump Has
Ruined The American Dream For Non-Americans

Wasn’t that the point of his election? Foul-mouthed former Mexican President Vicente Fox attacked President Trump in a recent Newsweek op-ed.

Fox wrote that Trump has “ended the American dream for hundreds of thousands of Americans and non-Americans.”

The globalists and American left believe US presidents should put the well-being of foreigners above the well-being of American citizens.

Donald Trump rejects this belief.

The Hill reported:

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox slammed President Trump in a new op-ed Monday, claiming that Trump has killed the American dream.

“It has been more than a year since Donald Trump was elected, and since then he has tweeted more policies and complaints than any other political leader,” Fox wrote in an op-ed for Newsweek. “He has put international relations at risk and ended the American dream for hundreds of thousands of Americans and non-Americans. Is there anything he hasn’t done?”

The frequent Trump critic blasted the president for his threats on Twitter, including his recent suggestion that immigration enforcement from Mexico could become a condition in the ongoing North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

“Today we continue renegotiating the treaty because of good old Donald’s whims, we keep listening to him whining, and reading his conditions on Twitter; the most recent one is that the Dreamers depend on the construction of the f—ing wall,” Fox wrote.


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