MIT analysis says misplaced blame 'could have led to unjustified U.S. military action'

Published: 2 days ago
F. Michael Maloof

A just-published report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology confirms earlier reports by WND that the Syrian government could not have launched the sarin poison-gas-laden rocket last Aug. 21 into a Syrian suburb of Damascus that killed hundreds of civilians, many of whom were children.

At the same time, the report disputes continued U.S. insistence that the Syrian government was at fault, a position that almost prompted the United States to launch military attacks on Syrian chemical depots.

The chemical attack, in which some estimates of deaths from the attack approached 1,800 people, occurred in the Ghouta area then under Syrian opposition control in the midst of the Syrian civil war.

The report concluded that the range of the rocket that delivered the sarin was too short to have been fired from Syrian government locations, even though the Obama administration, based on what it says was technical intelligence, said – and still insists – the gas attack was from the government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The report said a large canister to hold the chemicals was placed on top of the rocket, limiting the capability of the rocket.

Furthermore, the report said the design’s two-foot long, tin can-like canister to hold the chemicals as a warhead on the end of four-foot, 350mm rocket was nothing like what was in the inventory of the Syrian military.

The report added that the rocket could have been constructed by anyone with “access to a machine shop with modest capabilities,” implying that the crudely constructed rocket with its tin can warhead could have been devised by the Syrian opposition, a prospect reinforced by separate information given to the United Nations for investigation.

The 46-page MIT report, titled “Possible Implications of Faulty U.S. Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013,” was written by Richard Lloyd, former U.N. weapons inspector from Tesla Laboratories Inc., of Arlington, Va., and Theorore A. Postol, professor of science, technology and national security policy of MIT. It was put out by the MIT Science, Technology, and Global Security Working Group.


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We shouldn't call it potus? How bout motus? Muslim of the united states? We all know hes for NWO and his healthcare agenda is working perfectly! First destroy health care and run the dodtors off. Then have the single payer thing and not find a doctor to see you!! Everything he does  is planned carefully and paid for by US!!!! Filthy muslim,socialist,liar,scumbag,pos,moron.  AMEN

Obama lies almost got us into a war

It is a common tactic for major powers, the US, UK et al to construct weapons that either look primitive, i.e., home made, or to use construction methods common to the people, organizations where one wishes to have the blame placed for a particular "terrorist" act.  Example, the Brits taught the Muj how to build IED's just like the IRA use to--so when you find an IED with stuff you can get only in Israel, say, you assume Israel had something to do with the attack (or items you could find in any bizarre in Baghdad, same assumption of course).

So among other things, here you see a crap rocket that delivers a toxin that only a very big, very well funded government, like us for example, could get their hands on, then blame it on a group who don't have the technology to do what we claim they did--how many countries around the world would come up with a half-baked plan like that?  And who would benefit (I noticed the only saber rattling going on was being done by our favorite little despot Berry).

May be interesting to note here that every second that Berry can keep us focused somewhere else instead of what he conjures up with his trusty pen every day is one more second his side gets to further screw the American People.

So personally I don't care who killed those 1800 people, but I do know that Berry is one of the few people in the world crazy enough to try and one of even fewer people in the world with the ability to get their hands on that much sarin gas to make something like that happen.

Worst.  Berry is just crazy enough, if this attack didn't provoke us, to try it again only on us next time.

Don't believe me... then just wait.

Now, what, if I might be so bold to ask, would stop someone in Obama's group to work something up like that canister, and quietly send it to the Syrian front thinking to involve the Syrian government, and thereby, invade on the pretext the Syrians had done it?  Don't tell me Obama and his bunch don't think up little tricks like that to get us involved in things, all the while posing as anti-war, patriotic good guys!  They're up to more no good than one can shake a stick at, I think!

Oh I truly believe they did it !

I on a normal basis attempt a daily approach at being gentle and kind. There is no reason for today to be any different.  The sachet that is coming from this admin. makes that different.  These folks stonewall every issue and think a Tea Party will not rise up to stop this inane and laughing stock style of leadership.  You must have a circus tent to have a circus.  The working class citizens of this nation barely make ends meet and, are 1 step away from looking at the reality of what actually is happening.  The city I live in could be repopulated every year from the number of suicides that have been occurring every year among our military serving on active duty.  That has been caused by this socialist UN government that is being rammed down our throats in DC.  You UN Senators need to get out of  US government and go work for the UN.  You were sworn to protect this country.  Get out of DC.

The Obama Administration knew full well that Syria didn't use never agents... they are ILLEALLY supplying our enemies.  Obama's Administration has been supplying small arms and other munitions in support of a PROXY WAR with SYRIA.  He is in violation of both US And International Law if these reports are true.  

There are reports that 'ground to air' shoulder fired missiles... are being supplied by US Proxies to Al Qaida ant other radical Islamic terrorist groups.   If these reports are true the Administration is arming know enemies of the US and that amounts to HIGH TREASON.  It is time to demand Congress get to the bottom of this or for Congress and all those unwilling to act too resign or if it is latter proven to be true they are also guilty of TREASON... aiding and abetting our enemies by default... failing to act to stop such conduct.

It is a terrible, terrible, position for the People of the US too find themselves in... when they have to consider that their GOVERNMENT LEADERS are engaging in High Treason.  Every single GOP leader in the House needs to be challenged in the PRIMARIES and throughly defeated.  Let us call on the citizens of every sitting GOP leader in the Congress to raise a hewn cry for their resignation and too support a challenge to their candidacy in the PRIMARIES and Caucuses.

Uh, dare I say "consider the source?" Of the report?

And P.S. If you think I am defending B.S., then think again.




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