Obama Admin Releases Al Qaeda Explosives Expert from Gitmo

The Defense Department said Thursday that it has transferred two more prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, one of whom admitted to being a member of al Qaeda and developed explosives for the terror group to target U.S. military personnel and civilians.

The Hill first reported the transfer of Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al-Sawah to his home country of Bosnia. Al-Sawah developed explosives and taught al Qaeda operatives how to use them, according to his file, which was published by the New York Times

“Detainee is an admitted member of al-Qaida who developed special improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for use against U.S. military forces and civilians. These IEDs included the limpet mine to sink U.S. naval vessels and the prototype for the shoe-bomb used in a failed attack on a civilian transatlantic flight,” the Defense Department file read.

“Prior to detention, detainee admitted teaching explosives at the al-Qaida advanced training camp at Tarnak Farm, aka (Abu Ubaydah Camp), where Usama Bin Laden (UBL) personally praised detainee for his ‘good work.’”

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Do you see a pattern here.  He arms them, he won't bomb them, he returns their worst of the worst and people are screaming.  I don't get it.

OK... What amazes me more than Obama letting this terrorist go; is the lack of courage and sense of duty our 'elected' legislatures have demonstrated....  Heaven forbid we get hit hard from a terrorist attack, that is as big or larger than 9/11.... This would bring total chaos to this land and civil war would be on.   I have to believe our legislatures would be captured and tried for treason.   True Patriots will not forget who betrayed this country, and justice will be served hot.     There is no excuse for this behavior from this so called, Commander and Chief....

.......more like Commander and Thief!

Demander and thief, dictator of grief.

Time to repeat history. God bless Blackjack!

The why is because he has to release all his brothers.

   The baboonzo doesn't care about the bold on his hands he may be one of them????

What did Obama say, LET MY PEOPLE GO.




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