New York Times Editorial Board’s New Member Really Hates White People

 The newest member of the New York Times’ editorial board, Sarah Jeong, is not a fan of “dumbass white people” sharing their opinions on the internet, says she gets a sick “joy” out of “being cruel to old white men,” and is looking forward to the day white people are “extinct.” 

The newest member of the New York Times' editorial board, Sarah Jeong, has a history of racist outbursts against white people on Twitter.

Sarah Jeong is joining The New York Times editorial board. … [Jeong] will join us in September as our lead writer on technology. … Born in South Korea, Sarah grew up in North Carolina and California. She’s both a journalist and a lawyer.

So what do the New York Times’ liberal readers have to look forward to when reading Sarah Jeong’s diatribes? If her Twitter history is indicative of her future output, New Yorkers should brace for a barrage of shameful racist dog-whistling and outright abuse.

see the four letter words against anyone who is white:

 Jeong also wonders if white people’s light skin is a sign they’re “only fit to live underground like groveling goblins” and produced these helpful graphs shoiwng that the whiter someone is the more “awful” they are and the more they produce a “weird dog smell when it rains.

She thinks white people should be “canceled” and likes entertaining the notion they’ll go extinct.



She thinks white people can’t take credit for creating anything:


Here she is showing her contempt for “dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants“:



She thinks white men need to be targeted for more scorn:

Even the little things annoy her about white people:


Jeong will be starting her new job with the Times in September where she’ll help churn out articles like this.


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I went to the link at yournewswire, the girl has a mouth on her.




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