New York Judge: It's Racist To Expect Teachers To Know Things

A federal judge in New York has struck down a test used by New York City to vet potential teachers, finding the test of knowledge illegally discriminated against racial minorities due to their lower scores.

At first glance, the city’s second Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST-2) seems fairly innocuous. Unlike the unfair literacy tests of Jim Crow, LAST-2 was given to every teaching candidate in New York, and it was simply a test to make sure that teachers had a basic high school-level understanding of both the liberal arts and the sciences.

One sample question from the test asked prospective educators to identify the mathematical principle of a linear relationship when given four examples; another asked them to read four passages from the Constitution and identify which illustrated checks and balances. Besides factual knowledge, the test also checks basic academic skills, such as reading comprehension and the ability to read basic charts and graphs.

Nevertheless, this apparently neutral subject matter contained an insidious kernel of racism, because Hispanic and black applicants had a passage rate only 54 to 75 percent of the passage rate for whites.

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Found out the judge is Judge Kimba M. Wood.  She's white....and she also used to be a Playboy Bunny.   "her stint at the club became a point of discussion after President Bill Clinton nominated Wood as his Attorney General in 1993"

Good info dig out, Marilyn.

That just about says it all,does'nt it?

It sure does!

But it was Gus D'Amato (R-NY) that recommended her for District Judge to Ronald Reagan, who, probably not knowing her, took D'Amato's recommendation..

As the main article points out, "...the ruling will still have repercussions. Minorities who failed the exam (who number in the thousands) may be owed years of back pay totaling millions of dollars, and those who were relegated to substitute teaching jobs could be promoted to having their own classrooms. In addition, while Wood’s ruling only applies to New York City, the test was used statewide, and it could serve as a precedent for further lawsuits.

And this was all based on a test that hasn't been used in NYC since 2012 and has been replaced.

This means that the left wing taxpayers in NYC  who elected a scumbag like DeBlasio, could be on the hook for many millions of dollars, and you know that DeBlasio will use it as an excuse to raise taxes...probably on the rich... and likely driving some more of  the rich to take their money elsewhere. Otherwise Deblasio probably loves it. He can dumb down the children of NYC even more, so they can commit more crimes and he can ask for more federal money from Obama.

Very good points, sadly.

LOL, Clinton appointed her!?!?!?!?!?!? now that is shocking.

No, Pres. Reagan appointed her to the federal bench. Clinton wanted to appoint her as the Attorney General but she withdrew over issues about her checkered past.

As for presidential appointments, she was certainly not the first to surprise a president as to her leanings after being appointed. It's even happened at the SCOTUS level.

No Richard, she isn't black or Hispanic. She's white and Democrat and was appointed to the federal bench by Pres. Reagan.

Any other questions with subtle racist innuendos?

She was appointed by Reagan on the recommendation of Al D'Amato a republican RINO from New York, who voted  left on many issues. I kind of doubt that Reagan knew much about her, and D'Amato probably lied to Reagan to get her appointed. Who knows what she was doing for D'Amato.  She was once married to someone from Newsweek.

This excerpt from the below link is an example of her asinine, biased thinking:

"On November 19, 2010, Judge Wood received attention in connection with a letter to the court from Bennet M. Epstein, an attorney, who asked for time off from a trial to attend his then-unborn grandson's bris, if the baby proved to be a boy. In response, Judge Wood wrote that Epstein would be permitted to attend the bris, but that "if a daughter is born, there will be a public celebration in court, with readings from poetry celebrating girls and women."[15]"

Very good sourcing and analysis. Thanks.

Richard, there's an old saying, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

However, I take if from your response that you're clearing saying you're a racist. In other words, if you can't stand being called a bigot, then don't prove it.




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