New Sheriff: Trump Inquires About Revoking, Suspending CNN’s White House Access; BuzzFeed Too

Image result for buzzfeed CNN fake newsAn incensed President-Elect Donald Trump has asked the First Amendment gurus on his legal team if it is permissible to expel or restrict CNN and BuzzFeed News personnel from White House press corps, a transition insider told True Pundit.

At a raucous press conference Wednesday Trump warned BuzzFeed and CNN “would suffer the consequences” for publishing “fake news” about him, though he did not elaborate.

Trump first floated the inquiry of punishing the news organizations Tuesday evening in private conversations with legal and communication experts on his transition team. Those discussions included possibly stripping CNN and BuzzFeed of White-House credentials.

Trump officials believe the White House could legally remove CNN’s designated seat in the White House press room and BuzzFeed’s partial seat it shares with another organization, the insider said. This would be done by first revoking separate White House press credentials which are administered by the president’s administration — namely incoming press secretary Sean Spicer — and not the White House Correspondents’ Association. The reason? Intentionally publicizing and spreading bogus news, a violation of White House press corps tenets.

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Common President Trump, let them in.  It's entertaining for us to watch you make them squeal.  

A few things on this topic I will say:

James, you are dead right about Shepard Smith. Thanks.

CNN is no more a news agency than the DNC is head of a political party with the interest of preserving the United States.

President Elect Trump seems to be a forthright and honest man, plain speaking, and with a take charge attitude reminiscent of General Patton. As such, he warrants absolute support and backing. It is going to take brute strength to stand firm and resolute while turning this Nation around to the proper course.

Finally, beware of giving blanket support to any living man with power over you. Don't ever do that.  Ever. One must live by God given principles and rights, and never turn them over to anyone, no matter how much they may be liked.

With that, go Mr. Trump. We follow you as you follow God and our Constitution. Thank God you were elected.


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