Image result for keith ellison muslimRep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the new deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and the first Muslim elected to Congress, has a plan to recruit additional Muslim lawmakers like him -- including possible candidates sponsored by a terror-tied Islamist group for which he helped raise millions of dollars, according to a source who once prayed alongside him in the basement of the Capitol.

Ellison has held Friday, or jummah, prayers with other Muslims, including staffers from the Congressional Muslim Staff Association and officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in a prayer room, or musallah, in the lower level of the Capitol building.

CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terrorist-funding operation.

A former CAIR intern who prayed with Ellison says Ellison once boasted that his breaking of the Muslim barrier on the Hill would usher in dozens of other Muslim lawmakers like him, and that he had an election-by-election vision for increasing their ranks.

“In the summer of 2008, I was working as an intern at CAIR,” Chris Gaubatz recalled in an exclusive interview with “During a Friday prayer at the Capitol Building, Ellison was talking about the second Muslim congressman being elected (Andre Carson) and said, “Insha’allah (Allah willing), next election we will have four Muslim congressman, and insha’allah, after that eight, and insha’allah, after that 16.’ ”

He said he also envisioned a Congressional Muslim Caucus that would rival the Black Caucus in size and influence, and push for “Muslim-friendly public policies,” such as gutting the Patriot Act, criminalizing the profiling of Muslims in terrorism investigations, and preventing the surveillance of mosques.

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How are they allowing this to go on!!!

Walderman P, because we still have a Congress and senate that are a bunch of spineless jelly fish that would have our country and constitution destroyed  rather than be called  a hater or islamaphobia  It's Political correctness and they are a bunch of spineless cowardes

His evil will never pass anything. Should have an all out on him. When will the republicans learn, you must fight the same dirty way.

What is WRONG with those people in Minn.? This is what this Cult does-they get their numbers up & then vote one another in office so they can destroy the Christian Infidels to promote their camel humping ideas. You think those Offshoot Polygamists from the "Old Mormon Church" were sicko's -this cult is far worse! 1400 years of inbreeding will sure cause it! Don't throw your ammo away-just yet!!! You may need it!!

These bleeding hearts seem to think if you try talking to them, reason with them, show them that our way of life is rewarding,(give 'em  a hug!!!), they'll have an epiphany. Reality check.....they are taught basically from birth the quaran and to hate and kill us infidels. Every generation has been taught this. Been going on for 1400+ years. Have to give it to them, they are VERY patient in carrying out their agenda. They'll wait years if they have to for the glory of allah. Sadly, we have 15 minute attention spans.

Obama left.  Muslims beware of what America thinks of you and your silence.  In fact your silence during this period has made us suspicious of your intentions toward this country.  As a group you have had numerous chances  to deny fellow Muslims a voice.  Especially, those who have ties to terrorist organizations.  Yet, you sit silently.  If you fail to speak out true assimilation into America will never occur.  You will become irrelevant and ignored by Americans. 

All Muslims need a one way ticket out of our homeland. We live by our laws, not theirs. They came here to destroy. Democrats are the inside enemy.

Outlaw that muslim prayer room in OUR CAPITOL BUILDING!

Freedom of Religion is one thing. Using the Constitutional Right as a weapon in order to overthrow the Constitutional Government of the Nation is Treason and Sedition brazenly bandied about, even boasted about.

Ellison should be indicted and prosecuted.

The entire Democrat Party is culpable as well. They even chose this traitor as one of their leaders. What evidence does one need to prove that the DNC is a criminal organization?

And where is the DOJ?

Another example the of the invasion jihad of the inmate religion. Remove the disease before it spreads. 




Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by Chip BokPolitical Cartoons by Pat Cross


WTH -> Rosie O’Donnell Claims There Are ‘Over 100,000’ Concentration Camps In America

Actress and left-wing activist Rosie O’Donnell made the stunning claim that there are more than 100,000 concentration camps in states across the country, holding unaccompanied minors who illegally enter the U.S.

Appearing Monday on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live After Show,” Rosie O’Donnell was asked about the role she’s playing in Lights for Liberty, a rally being held July 12th to demand and end to what host Andy Cohan called “detention camps.”

“Yeah, the concentration camps, even though there’s lots of controversy about the word. But actually, legitimate scholars who study genocide say, yes, these are, in fact, the criteria for concentration camps, they meet them. There are over 100,000 camps in nearly every state,” O’Donnell said, failing to cite the scholars she mentioned. “There’s between 10,000 and 13,000 children, that could fill Radio City Music Hall twice. That’s how many children unaccompanied alone in these camps.”

O’Donnell, of course, was echoing fellow far-left figures like New York freshman Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has spent the last several weeks comparing the oft-overcrowded Border Patrol facilities currently holding thousands of unaccompanied minors who illegally entered the country with adults to contraction camps like the ones that executed Jews during the Holocaust. Indeed, that comparison was roundly rejected on Monday by the United States Holocaust Museum.

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum unequivocally rejects efforts to create analogies between the Holocaust and other events, whether historical or contemporary,” the organization said. “That position has repeatedly and unambiguously been made clear in the Museum’s official statement on the matter – a statement that is reiterated and reaffirmed now.”

It is worth noting that the policy of separating children from adults and holding them in separate facilities was expanded by Barack Obama. It was his administration that separated thousands of children from their parents as a way to deter illegal immigration.

Rosie O’Donnell Backs Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Bid — ‘She Knows How to Handle That Baby in the White House’

Rosie O’Donnell said she is supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

O’Donnell said, “Warren is my choice.”

She added, “We need a leader. We need a leader, and she’s been leading. Every time she opens her mouth, she gets more respect. Because she has plans for everything, she knows what she’s doing. And I think she knows how to handle that baby in the White House.”


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