Image result for keith ellison muslimRep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the new deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and the first Muslim elected to Congress, has a plan to recruit additional Muslim lawmakers like him -- including possible candidates sponsored by a terror-tied Islamist group for which he helped raise millions of dollars, according to a source who once prayed alongside him in the basement of the Capitol.

Ellison has held Friday, or jummah, prayers with other Muslims, including staffers from the Congressional Muslim Staff Association and officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in a prayer room, or musallah, in the lower level of the Capitol building.

CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terrorist-funding operation.

A former CAIR intern who prayed with Ellison says Ellison once boasted that his breaking of the Muslim barrier on the Hill would usher in dozens of other Muslim lawmakers like him, and that he had an election-by-election vision for increasing their ranks.

“In the summer of 2008, I was working as an intern at CAIR,” Chris Gaubatz recalled in an exclusive interview with “During a Friday prayer at the Capitol Building, Ellison was talking about the second Muslim congressman being elected (Andre Carson) and said, “Insha’allah (Allah willing), next election we will have four Muslim congressman, and insha’allah, after that eight, and insha’allah, after that 16.’ ”

He said he also envisioned a Congressional Muslim Caucus that would rival the Black Caucus in size and influence, and push for “Muslim-friendly public policies,” such as gutting the Patriot Act, criminalizing the profiling of Muslims in terrorism investigations, and preventing the surveillance of mosques.

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It's because we Real Americans don't believe in assassination or murder, but rather in the rule of constitutional law. You should know that as a retired Army veteran.

The Party of Minorities wanting to run the USA. DNC Head, Latino Civil Rights Activist, Deputy, Afro-American Civil Rights Activist. There only hope to become the Majority is immigrants!

Folks, we are too far gone already. When you have an enemy as one of your leaders, (congressman) that is, admits and rubs it in your face, a muslim who says, muslims will overtake America soon, and WE THE PEOPLE to allow this to happen, WHAT DO YOU ESPECT??? 

The American people rant and rave how stupid Europe is for letting muslims take over their land and yet sit on their duffs and allow the EXACT same thing to happen here, is beyond the imagination. HOW much plainer can it be? HOW stupid do you have to be to encourage your enemy to be, and expect a different result? Do you hate your children or care less for their lives and future, to allow this to happen???


Watch this video and see.

"...encourage your enemy to be, and expect a different result?"

Sounds like the definition of INSANITY.  Doing the same thing, over and over,  all the time expecting different results.  

Islam is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be compatible with the free world.  The Islamic law, the Koran, is the words of Allah, spoken through the mouth of the warrior prophet.   It cannot be changed by man.   They can have no respect for any set of laws that were written by mankind.  Ellison, Obama, and others of the warrior cult ideology are there to deceive everyone.  Taqiyya, is the art of deception for the advancement of the faith.  Those who have the ability to deceive to advance the faith are highly respected.  While our version of the ten commandments say, "Do not bear false witness against your neighbor." the Muslim version is quite different.  It is allowed, even between Muslims, as long as it brings peace between them.  It is a highly respected practice. The word Islam means "Submission", the opposite of freedom.

Ban Islam and Sharia law!

Here, especially....  Worldwide if it can be done!

Associating with known enemies of this country? And doing openly, bragging about it and rubbing it in our faces? How is this SOB not in jail? Guess I shouldn't be surprised, he's a democrat (actually, he's just using them to further him muslim agenda, just like someone else did.)


You are so right! 

And, it is refreshing to read your last sentence, because THAT is EXACTLY what he is about and what they do. 

Why people can't understand that and yet they think that they are simply the "good ones" trying to live the American dream, and that is exactly what they are hoping people think, and unfortunately the majority of people believe that crap. 

That is how they took over 32 other countries, Europe and now have a good foot hold on America. 

Watch this video:

And I wonder how many people will actually watch and believe it????


Snipers for muslims in congress.

We really need to patetion  Congress to right a bill that prevents any  one affialiated  with Org.'s with ties to radical Islam , or members of any group with dogma and it's own Shara that  goes against  our Constitution from running for  or to hold any office Local ,State ,  or Federal , weather it be elected or Appointed Period !!!.

We have these jihadists conducting a war on us utilizing stealth, by financing and bankrolling politicians and news organizations who will push their narrative. Ellison is just the latest probably on their payroll.




 Lowest Female Unemployment
In 18 years!”

President Donald Trump needled the mostly anti-Trump Women’s March on Saturday, reminding them of the positive economic gains for women under his administration.

“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March,” he wrote on Twitter. “Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”

Temperatures in the Washington, DC area rose to 59 degrees on Saturday afternoon after several days of cold weather. The Washington, DC march was smaller this year than the previous one in 2017, but organizers focused their efforts on attending a march in Las Vegas.

Thousands of women across the country rallied in major cities to oppose Trump and his policies, vowing to step up activism in the 2018 congressional midterms.


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