NC county commissioner storms out of meeting during Muslim prayer: ‘I don’t need no Arab telling me what to do’

he Lincoln County Board of Commissioners had always opened government meetings with Christian prayer. About two months ago, officials decided that in order to avoid legal trouble, they’d have to let everyone participate.

That didn’t last long.

On Monday, commission chairman Carrol Mitchem, who had previously announced he wouldn’t “bow to minorities” and that he “ain’t gonna have no new religion or pray to Allah” at board meetings, held true to his word and walked out on the first person to address the North Carolina government meeting with a Muslim prayer, the Lincoln Times-News reports.

“That was very upsetting. It was upsetting,” Dustin Barto of the Foothills Interfaith Assembly, who had led the Muslim prayer, told WSCOTV.

By the end of the meeting, all prayer was banned at board meetings and will be replaced with a moment of silence. Commissioner Alex Patton initiated the motion which was easily voted into effect.

“To me, the final straw was when our chairman got up and walked out,” Patton told WSCOTV, adding that the commission needs to focus on pressing matters like the economy and education.

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Samuel we have several inherited problems that must be handled one at a time, and you have touched only on a few, and of course I would be typing for the next year to mention them all.

I believe and also suggest that We The People contact the FBI and ask them what their doing about the obvious corruption in our White House and why are they allowing it to continue, the FBI boast about their arrest of terrorist and various criminals etc; but we got corruption out in the open being committed by a phony usurper terrorist and illegal  citizen from Kenya. Why have they not come out and demanded proof of his birth, or his meetings with known terrorist, the excessive spending and on and on and on. Maybe we should be asking the other group of people who have taken the oath you and I took, to defend and protect ....... from foreign and Domestic enemies, Hell their all over the damn place, and they FBI and CIA know it. Who are we going to hold accountable for the next terrorist attack that kills 10,000 people. Yhe CIA Director is a muslim so we know why he won't lift a hair to stop the runaway government. 

I wish all our men had his convictions and guts. Then we wouldn't have all these problems with these damn muslims. 

Please bear in mind that the life history of Mohammed shows he had some very unpleasant, experiences in his young adulthood with some very Un-Christlike "Christians" and is known to have set out to establish a religion to counter the false Christianity he had experienced. If the church had remained true to the teachings of Jesus Christ and his first Apostles (including Paul), the church, today would BE THE welfare agency and the government would not need to be involved. Likewise, miracles of healing are STILL happening around the world DAILY but are almost NEVER reported in the news. I have personally experienced several miracles in my own life and witnessed many others first hand in cases where I knew the recipient of the miracle previously. If the church had lived by, "By this shall all men know that you are MY disciples, that you have love one toward each other," again, most other religions would not have had room to get a toehold.  And finally, if the church had been faithful to immediately "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation," — radical Muslim Jihadists and ISIS fighters are still converting — and some even being beheaded and the act videoed and sent to scare others  in an effort to prevent conversions, but that is backfiring and Muslim people ARE turning to Jesus Christ — two whole communities were converted after one Sheik who had been training ISIS in Muslim Jihad read in the Koran that Jesus Christ was a great prophet and got a Bible. Soon after converted and began preaching. In three weeks or was it three months, an ISIS hit team ambushed him and videoed his refusal do deny Jesus Christ. DVDs of his beheading resulted in the two whole communities that knew him best converting to Christianity! You don't read that in the media news, but things like that are really happening DAILY NOW!

AMEN and yes, the church has failed us.

If anyone who agrees with my post above has any capital to spare, I am slowly working on a book that discusses that subject. I have most notes, just need to edit and proofread it. It is called "DEATH of FREEDOM in AMERICA: An Indictment of Christian Churches." While I may publish it entirely as an online book, I would like to make it a hardcover or softcover print book, but lack funding.

When we have a terrorist devil like barry sotoroe obuma being able to reach millions, and tell lies about CAIR al queida and to tell people or remind of some autrosity  and lie, you will always have people who will believe. Christians were defending themselves during the insurrection  not just killing muslims for the hell of it, but obuttnuts won't tell that part of history, or when he brings up black slavery, he puts his own spin on things, because hes a no good lying S.O.B.

We need to get rid of ALL museums in office !!  One way or another !!

I hope it is a black muselum that does it. 


There are two types of Republicans.
1. The corporate "owned", establishment  Republicans ( Republicans in name only, RINO's ) They are the open borders and the enemy of the U.S. Constitution and ONLY use it when it furthers their New World Order ( NWO ) one world government agenda.

And then there is the freedom loving, real, patriotic, Americans.

2. The Conservative Republicans that believe in the Constitution and the rule by Constitutional law.

This shows how the dirty politics got involved in the Fox debate.

This shows how these three who are representative of the RINO Republican supporters, tried to screw up Trump. There can be no denying their agenda in the debate.
And there is no secret to the fact that Fox is pro the Bush political machine with the exception of a few individuals, like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Eric Bolling. There are a few others also.


Here’s roughly every controversial thing Donald Trump has ever said out loud

Everyone has to make up their own mind.
I made mine up along time ago after the corporate NWO greedsters assassinated JFK.
And of course they tried to kill Reagan.
I will stand firmly with Trump.
He is the only one who can beat Hillary.
We do not need another open borders Bush.
That would definitely be the third strike on our country and his fathers push to the NWO agenda 21 will be complete.

Exactly.  Fox tried to make Trump look bad. 

without God being in control and when I say God I'm talking about the Trinity not the god that is dead that the rag heads worship you will only be spinning your wheels to crash and burn at the end.




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Pat Cross

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Rudy Fires Warning Shot – Going to Release Evidence on the Biden’s Millions in Corrupt Deeds!

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb this morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden Family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Rudy tweeted:

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

Rudy Giuliani    @RudyGiuliani

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

It’s time to take these criminals from the Obama Administration to task.  The Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons were criminal enterprises.

Trump Speaks At March For Life Rally

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