Nasty Swamp Creature Mueller
Assembling liar-Clinton Team In Trump Coup
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the deep state now working overtime, working to subvert President Trump and his entire administration... Special counsel Robert Mueller, already loading his staff with Democrat supporters, Democrats they are and at least four of the prominent members of his team have been donating to Dems for some time. Dobbs identifies the four individuals, all clearly partisan Democrats, as “Deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben, donated to liar-Hillary back in 2006. Both Andrew Weismann, who headed the fraud section at the Department’s Criminal Division, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jeannie Rhee also donated to liar-Hillary Clinton as well as ‘president’ liar-nObama and the DNC. “ He continues, “James Quarles, who served as Special Assistant Prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, also given money to liar-Clinton, liar-nObama, various Democrat Congressional campaigns. Oh yes, they’re quite a bunch to be on the Special Counsel that’s supposed to be independent to the point of not being part of government and not being part of politics itself.”...

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Mueller also coached Comey before his hearing. More collusion and sedition. They met before the hearing.


I haven't seen any prove on that but I do believe strongly that did happen.

I'm thinking Comey said so in his hearing.. something about they had worked extensively on how much to say publically about something I think


I do recall something of that sort. I also know for a fact that the Dems and establishment swamp vermin are rallying in support of their golden boy subversive, the detestable deep state operative and terrorism enabler, former FBI Director Mueller.


So true


They fight back to get their way even if its all wrong and not true

That's why Mr. Jeff Sessions needs to get his department fully engaged in some serious swamp draining exercises.


That is so true

Nasty Old Swap Creature is on the streets, oh !  look its Hillary Clinton !

Mrs. Tif

Good one!




Breaking:  FBI Admits Comey Leaked Memos 
 That Were Classified   Material! 

The FBI turned over the Comey memos to Congress today after missing their deadline earlier in the week.

Congressional leaders threatened to impeach deep state leaders if they continued to stall on the memos.

Fired FBI Chief James Comey wrote about the memos in his book and leaked the documents to reporters last year. Congress has not yet had a chance to look at the memos — Until tonight.


Meaning Fired FBI Chief James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS TO THE PRESS.

From the report:

From the DOJ to Congress:

Therefore, pursuant to your request, we are providing the requested memoranda in both the redacted and unredacted formats for your convenience. Consistent with your request, we are providing an unclassified version of the documents redacted to remove any classified information.

The DOJ wrote Congressional leaders this evening.

page 2

Hannity: Good news for Trump, crushing blows for the left

GOP Congressional Leaders Nunes, Gowdy And Goodlatte Release Statement On Comey Memos

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) issued a statement on the memos later tonight.

The House chairmen note that the memos prove that fired Director Comey never felt obstructed or threatened from his relationship with the president.

And… former Director Comey leaked at least one of these memos for the stated purpose of spurring the appointment of Special Counsel.

The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence published the statement tonight:

Today House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) issued the following statement:

“We have long argued former Director Comey’s self-styled memos should be in the public domain, subject to any classification redactions. These memos are significant for both what is in them and what is not.

Former Director Comey’s memos show the President made clear he wanted allegations of collusion, coordination, and conspiracy between his campaign and Russia fully investigated. The memos also made clear the ‘cloud’ President Trump wanted lifted was not the Russian interference in the 2016 election cloud, rather it was the salacious, unsubstantiated allegations related to personal conduct leveled in the dossier.

The memos also show former Director Comey never wrote that he felt obstructed or threatened. While former Director Comey went to great lengths to set dining room scenes, discuss height requirements, describe the multiple times he felt complimented, and myriad other extraneous facts, he never once mentioned the most relevant fact of all, which was whether he felt obstructed in his investigation.

The memos also make certain what has become increasingly clear of late: former Director Comey has at least two different standards in his interactions with others. He chose not to memorialize conversations with President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, Secretary Clinton, Andrew McCabe or others, but he immediately began to memorialize conversations with President Trump. It is significant former Director Comey made no effort to memorialize conversations with former Attorney General Lynch despite concerns apparently significant enough to warrant his unprecedented appropriation of the charging decision away from her and the Department of Justice in July of 2016.

These memos also lay bare the notion that former Director Comey is not motivated by animus. He was willing to work for someone he deemed morally unsuited for office, capable of lying, requiring of personal loyalty, worthy of impeachment, and sharing the traits of a mob boss. Former Director Comey was willing to overlook all of the aforementioned characteristics in order to keep his job. In his eyes, the real crime was his own firing.

The memos show Comey was blind to biases within the FBI and had terrible judgment with respect to his deputy Andrew McCabe. On multiple occasions he, in his own words, defended the character of McCabe after President Trump questioned McCabe.

Finally, former Director Comey leaked at least one of these memos for the stated purpose of spurring the appointment of Special Counsel, yet he took no steps to spur the appointment of Special Counsel when he had significant concerns about the objectivity of the Department of Justice under Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

As we have consistently said, rather than making a criminal case for obstruction or interference with an ongoing investigation, these memos would be Defense Exhibit A should such a charge be made.”


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