My Requested Response: Stay Focused on the Issues and the Elections

United We Win

The Tea Party is stronger now than it has ever been and we are on the cusp of, hopefully, some major and decisive political victories this year! The only way to win is for us all to hang together and not accept anyone trying to divide us. We are strong because we are united in purpose and that purpose is bringing the Constitution back to our government.

People are requesting I comment on a divisive attempt to undermine Mellie, me and this site.  While it makes me sad to see us unreasonably attacked by lies,  I will not respond.  Could I? Sure, there are always two sides to every story but mudslinging is for politicians and not the Tea Party. The Tea Party MUST stand together-side by side because we are the last line of defense against the creeping socialism and tyranny.

Neither Mellie, me nor the staff here are going to engage in petty games when we have so much at stake with the upcoming elections. That is our focus.  We are in it to win in November!  We, at Command Center, wish ALL Tea Party Groups the best of luck because when they succeed our cause succeeds! Isn't that really what we are about?

If you are readin' this just hopin' I would grab a big old handful of mud to toss back, then you will be disappointed. If you believe that gossip passes for fact, then I suppose you will leave this site.  If you choose to leave, we wish you well and hope you stay involved in the Tea Party.  The fight is not Tea Party to Tea Party - it is the Tea Party versus the Progressives and RINOs.  The Tea Party UNITED.

Mellie and I forgive the person who has tried to undermine us and this site. It is the right thing to do.

While we forgive, we have also provided a site attorney with the information.  Libel is a pretty serious legal matter. 

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Well done and well said. As a person whose integrity has been called into question, whose work is twisted into something evil and whose reputation and honor tromped in the dirt, I can empathize with the thoughts of revenge or answering back. Silence is effective and in many cases necessary. Our Founding Fathers were willing to give their lives, their property and "their sacred honor" for the good of the nation that they had dedicated to God. Many folks are willing to give up things and even their lives for a cause, but having your reputations and honor dragged through the mud with no hope of its cleansing is a bridge too far for most. If you pledge it all for that which honors God and that which is right, you make the correct choice. "When all sorts of men say awful things about you for My sake, count it all joy". They hated our Lord first and saw to His murder all under the guise of "legal" actions, so whatever you go through, He has been there first. Be filled with the honor of sharing in His suffering. It is a high calling indeed. - Dr. Jim Garrow -

Dee there are three sides to every story. Yours theirs and the truth. I don't know what your talking about and truthfully if it doesn't pertain to getting this country back to where it should be I don't want nor do I care what happened. The only thing I would like you and the rest of the tea party commanders do. Is provide to everyone qualified God fearing candidates for us to look at. We don't need anyone trying to run for any office in the United States that isn't a stanch constitutionalist. Or isn't God fearing. We need you and your tea party commanders to make sure this happens. I for one do not trust any one that we have right now in office and that goes for Paul Cruz any of them. Because they aren't doing anything that I can see to stop this traitor that a whole lot of stupid people voted for. Until these 535 legislatures start working for us and get rid of obozo they all need to go. We can start from scratch. We done it once we can do it again.
Now dee this just from me I have no idea what your talking about and your kind of wasting my time.
Stick to business. We need to get rid of obozo and that's it. I would have thought more of you if you would have ignored whatever bothered you.

I felt a twinge in my heart when I read the attacks from one TP group upon another. I know that if we concentrate on that to which we disagree we will be entagled in exactly what the progressives wish for us and we will all will fail.

We will win!!

I will be right here as long as you all are here. I read most all of this site I hardly ever comment but I do post all to facebook and twitter. So I Thank you for all you do on this site  we really appreciate having  a voice in what is happening to this Great Country. We will take it back it will take all of us but we will stand together I really believe that with all my heart. God Bless you all!

Keep up the fight, to quote one of the greatest presidents of my lifetime freedom is only one generation from extinction y'all no the rest

Dee, I frequent the and was very sorry to see that mean spirited post tainting the TeaParty community. you are right that we will leave mud slinging to Democrats, RINOs and disgruntled others.

keep doing what you are doing!

Sandy Henaghan 

I agree whole heartedly .E Ruff

Good for you Dee.  I feel, as I keep saying at each site, WE MUST STAY FOCUSED ON THE IMPORTANT ISSUE.... THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS.  The other 'stuff' is, at this point, unimportant.  The Obama 'group' is laughing it up at all the attention this Malaysian airliner is getting, that's all they can talk about.  There's been NO talk about the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Keystone Pipeline.  All that has taken second stage.  We only  have 7.5 months til the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTIONS OF OUR LIVES....WE ABSOLUTELY MUST STAY FOCUSED ON VETTING OUR CANDIDATES.  WE MUST MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY ARE SOLID CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES, AND IT WOULD BE THE CHERRY ON THE CAKE IF THEY WERE CHRISTIAN ALSO.  We MUST take the Senate with as wide a margine as possible and take even more seats in the House, so we can IMPEACH AND CENSURE THIS TERRORIST IN THE WH.  We MUST ALL forego  a  few 'dinners out' and 'movie nights' so we can support our individual candidates AND those other state's candidates that need extra help.  Make no mistake, this will be the nastiest, dirtiest, and most expensive elections ever.  WE MUST NOT FAIL TO TAKE AMERICA BACK. 

You said all that needs to be said. Together we are strong and we will win. America is depending on us. God bless to all at the Command Center!

Stay focused on the root cause of 98% of all interconnected world problems, having to pay back fiat money.. Get rid of that and you and I can live in a new world... The answer at least in the beginning will be monotheist social credit (currency created and given in payments to HOUSE HOLDS with out interest and with out having to pay it back) regulated and taxed by the government... not private banks....




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