Muslim ACLU Official: ‘I Emphatically Refuse’ to Condemn Islamic Terrorism

CUhdt2lUEAErPv2Rana Elmir, an American Muslim and deputy director of the ACLU of Michigan, says that she “emphatically” refuses to condemn jihadist terrorists “just because I’m Muslim.”

In her provocative article in Monday’s Washington Post, Elmir claims that she is often asked to condemn Islamic terrorism, to which she replies: “I emphatically refuse.”

She then goes on to compare the systematic slaughters wrought under the name of Islamic terrorism with “the terror advanced by mostly white men at the alarming rate of one mass killing every two weeks in this country.”

Elmir draws a parallel between the Islamic State and “Dylann Storm Roof’s attack on parishioners of a historic black church in South Carolina, Robert Dear’s attack on a Planned Parenthood facility, the murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” and “the slaughter of moviegoers in Colorado or Louisiana.”

“I will not be bullied into condemning terror perpetrated by psychopaths who misrepresent and distort Islam for their deranged purposes,” she wrote.

“Muslims across the globe are not threats. They are threatened,” she wrote.

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excellent  ....William....I guess now we even have more to fight for than ever. This is a Christian Nation whether Criminal Obama says its not.

Since dhe is such a devout muslim she should be stoned for not covering herself up properly. She should give up her driver's license. She should give up her position since it places her in a position to tell men what to do. What is she doing out in public without her man? She like all her brethren muslims in this country are performing their muslim policy of "if you can not defeat them on the battle field then you pretend to befriend them, gain their confidence then you take them over from within". 

Lets face the fact that Obama has gone out and recruited all the crazies he can find and put them in government offices. WHY? Simple, he wants radicals like himself, he has surrounded him self with crazies from the far-far left. Obama takes the blame for this but the truth is Valerie Jarred is the commander and chief in the white house, Obama is just their dancing money.

The next president has a big job on their hands cleaning out the snake nest that Obama and his comrades have built in our government. I just want to see them in prison for their un-American actions.

Why are they even here??? Just go away-!!!!!!!!!!

Terrorism must be condemned no matter the ethnicity of the person(s) who carry it out. She will not condemn terrorism because her fellow Muslims are carrying it out. 

Another radical muslim POS!

If she cannot condemn islam's brutality, she is in effect, supporting it. She is known by her fruits, and when others ask her honestly, she refuses to condemn the worst horrors and atrocities against Christians, children, babies and women. She set herself up as one more reason to condemn those who practice this foul, evil  system.

This radical Muslim is not an American I gather, therefore she is a Radical Threat to all Americans. Whenever someone states they are first a Muslim and not an American, why the Hell are you living in my Country!!??? She is on the List.

Then she is part of the problem not part of the solution

The ACLU should be dismantled. It's been proven time and again to be a leftist/communist supporting organization and now seems to be supporting terrorists !

 The House Committee on Un-American Activities needs to be reconvened. To stop this tearing down of our nation from within. 

Joe was right on many, many things, and he threatened their base so badly, they had to crucify him in History. Go back and research his warnings, they were all "On Spot". Many Americans knew he was revealing the ugly Truth, and were with him 100%. He was not the Bad Guy.

Take your Rabble, and get out of my Country. You do not want to assimilate, you do not want to abide by our Laws, you find constant fault with our Country, you simply do not belong. Go back to your 7th Century, your goats, and your murderous ideas. We are a Nation of Life, you come from a Cult of Death. Go away, unwelcome.




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Joe Biden Talks To The Dead: – He Worked On Paris Climate Deal With Long-Dead Chinese Leader

Former Vice President Joe Biden mistakenly claimed on Monday that he worked on the Paris Climate Accord with former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping — who died more than 20 years before its signing.

Zach Parkinson  

Joe Biden claimed tonight that he worked with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping on the Paris Climate Accord.

Except the current Chinese President is Xi Jinping.

Deng Xiapoing left office in 1992 and has been dead for 23 years.

Biden made the gaffe while citing his accomplishments in President Barack Obama’s administration.

“One of the things I’m proudest of is getting passed, getting moved, getting in control of the Paris Climate Accord,” Biden said in a speech at the College of Charleston. “I’m the guy who came back after meeting with Deng Xiaoping and making the case that I believe China will join if we put pressure on them. We got almost 200 nations to join.”

Xiaoping served as the leader of China from 1978 until his retirement in 1992, and passed away in 1997. Xi Jinping, China’s current president, came to power 2013 and signed the country onto the 2016 agreement.

In June 2017, President Trump announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the agreement, stating that accord will “undermine the economy” and “puts [the United States] at a permanent disadvantage.”

In addition to the Xiaoping gaffe, Biden bizarrely declared in a campaign speech that he is a “candidate for the United States Senate” and that people could “vote for the other Biden” if they prefer one of his rivals.

“My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over, if you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden,” the 77-year-old said at the First in the South Dinner.

Biden’s confusing comments come as Democrat primary candidates are scheduled to debate in Charleston Tuesday evening. The former vice president faces increasing pressure to give a standout performance as his “firewall” in the Palmetto State crumbles in the face of a surging Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The Vermont senator is fresh off a decisive victory in Nevada caucuses on Saturday. Earlier this month, he placed first the New Hampshire primary and won the popular vote in Iowa. In a survey released Monday, the Public Policy Polling outfit said Biden leads South Carolina with 36 percent of support and Sanders is in second at 21 percent.

Hannity: Bernie's beyond gross article

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