Military hiring Muslim Brotherhood chaplains – AGAIN

Muslim Chaplain Insignia

Published on March 5th, 2014 | by Allen West Republic

Here’s yet another example of “are we just that stupid?” When the truth lies right before you and you refuse to accept it, whose fault is that?

Case in point comes from this report by Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project who asks, “How can the government use chaplains from a group that they know is extremist and involved in terror funding? U.S. Military Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Chaplains – Again?”

Yes ladies and gents, our US military is recruiting Muslim chaplains from an organization with known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. And if you’re somehow unfamiliar with the Muslim Brotherhood, please read the 1991 Explanatory Memorandum of the General Strategic Goal of the Ilkwan (Brotherhood) written by Mohammad Akram. The document, uncovered in an FBI raid, details the Brotherhoods planned infiltration of the US – and doggone if they’re not achieving their objectives. You can get your copy here.

According to Mauro’s report The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, is proudly announcing that the U.S. military is again using their chaplains for active-duty service after a 15-year lull. ISNA has a well-documented extremist history. In 1991, the Muslim Brotherhood listed ISNA as one of its main fronts. Declassified FBI memos said ISNA is a component of the Muslim Brotherhood, who sees its “work in America as a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” In 2007, the U.S. government labeled ISNA a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism-financing trial involving the Holy Land Foundation funneling money to Hamas. The label was upheld in 2009 because of “ample” evidence linking ISNA to Hamas. Last year, ISNA’s Canadian affiliate lost its status as a charity because of its accounting discrepancies and links to Pakistani terrorists.

You may call this “Islamophobic” but I’m certainly not stupid enough to allow my enemy into my country — definitely not my military.


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I have always held our military to a higher standard. Now they demand to lead the PC brigade? Maybe our best is behind us. I pray not, we have been an inspiration to the emerging world to strive toward. I don't understand why we would all of a sudden decide to be the bad example. Who elected these idiots anyway? Very few people I talk to admit voting for him.

Most Americans did not vote for ovomit. Our presidential election votes are counted by a company in Spain. Now just why do you think that is?????? It damn sure is NOT because Americans can't count is because we CAN count votes!

Molon labe

Let's keep in mind that that company in Spain counting our votes is at least partially owned by the billionaire America hater and financier or Barack Obama............GEORGE SOROS.  His money is being invested in the destruction of our country.....that makes him (and Obama enemies of the United States!!!

More evidence that the Commander-in-Chief is actually an Extremist Muslim Immoral Communist that is continuing to dismantle the moral of our Military. SHAME ON YOU OBAMA (OSAMA) AND BIDEN (BIN LADEN)!!!

The Comrade-Imam Obama White House is behind lunacy. While there are Progressives in the military the real impetus behind the program of "Islamic tolerance" comes from WH pressure on the senior military leadership. 

I am concerned about this perverse & anti-American trend but am convinced that if The People rise up in 14 & 16, don't elect the 'HillBeast' and put a Conservative majority into both houses of Congress this vile & self-destructive trend will be reversed.

Progressives are bad people who do bad things.

Personally - I think it's already to late to rely on a vote by the people.  We've proven that in the past two elections, and I really don't see any difference in the people I speak with. When was the last time you heard a Priest or Pastor denounce what's happening? They have more of the monkey on their shoulders than the average voter! They've all been neutered by the media! Our Religious leadership??????

Stay informed guys...we need to expell this evil in Nov. God Bless the Tea Party

Frank... you mean 'Un-holy men' don't you?

I read that Obama is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and is using them to fulfill his agenda.

Frank..Agree with your sentiment. But, if we can get the Senate in Nov...won't be long that we will get the answers to all the scandals occurring during Husseins 6 plus years in office. He will be toast. No Senate, we are toast. 

My money is on impeachment, not years long SP's, one each for all the scandals. Will be easy, but not without the Senate. Again, if he keeps the Senate, we ain't seen nothing yet. He has already delayed all the really bad news of the (U)ACA past that election....Now seems he is working on delaying it past Billary's run. Man, they are Putin is good....Hussein good here....Putin good there. The only entity in the whole world that will stop these "killers", is the Congress of the USA. The whole world knows it by now. Only group bringing up the rear is ....US LOW INFOR VOTERS!

This is going to turn out like south Africa, if not stopped.




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