Mexico Is Whining About Increased Texas Border Enforcement, Claims It ‘Promotes Division

The Mexican government is not happy with Texas these days. Why? Because Mexico believes the United States should have an open door policy when it comes to immigration.

Of course, that’s exactly what liberals and the Obama administration have essentially advocated for. But, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t having any of that.

The Mexican government says it regrets Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to sign into law an $800 million border security package that will mean more state troopers, cameras and a spy plane to patrol the U.S. state’s 1,200-mile border with Mexico.

One of the provisions will toughen punishments for convicted human traffickers.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said Wednesday the new law will “promote division between our societies, and runs contrary to the principles and values governing the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship.”

Abbott signed the measure Tuesday. It should accelerate the hiring of 250 additional state troopers who will patrol the border, replacing National Guard troops deployed there last summer.

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Ok when Mexico allows Americans to freely migrate to their country via the back door and allow me Mexican benefits then I'll consider a more open rule.But till then They have to use the front door like everyone else.And to the Mexican Officials,We have Borders for a reason just like neighbors have fences.What's mine is mine and what's your is yours.Keep your dogs in your own damn yard.I'm tired of picking up their crap.(TAXES)

I would like to cut off aid to Mexico until it stops the flow of Illegals to America !

And send the bills for caring for their citizens to the el presidente.....




Robert J Trice: You are right!

Most Americans are right and no one seems to be listening!

Through the border of Canada and Mexico; people are flooding into our country... yes; it is not only via Mexico, and not only Mexicans are coming through Mexico... as we have learned that they have caught muslim terrorists coming though the Mexican borders! They have gone as far as to learn the Spanish language to cause some to believe that they are Mexicans! Likewise; there are many areas on the Canadian/ US borderlines where many illegals are sifting their way into our country; we are getting people from different countries and that however, we are not told. We have people from all over the world coming illegaly... I don't know why. I am only concern that it doesn't matter who, or where from... actually... I do care! Nobody that crosses our border illegally, has reason to be here.

What I cannot understand is that if citizens arrests are valid; why hasn't there been an official who has pledged allegiance to the United States of America; taken steps to arrest everyone who has been breaking our laws and our Constitution?

May God bless us and protect us cause from what we can see; the deck stacks against us!

Obama and the Mexican President have shown they supported the Mexican Drug Cartel! Fast and Furious and illegal open borders! Our inner cities now have a 3 fold and more of illegal drugs! Honorable black Americans surely did not need this increase by full cooperative corruption! Obama is half black and stabs black Americans!

Just a short comment     HANG ALL that cross the border ILEGALY FROM MEXICO  and tell Mexico to go and F---  it self.

an old Marine

Should honorable Americans suggest you get a life? If you are a citizen you have a duty to support America and our citizens, or leave!

Love it!!! And so apt!

Poor Mexico, they're as confused as where America stops and Mexico starts. I understand their confusion.

Well we are divided.  2 different countries and we sure as hell don't want all there criminals, drug dealers and rapist here.   Do these people know how stupid they sound when they say crap like that??




Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


 Judge Orders Mueller To Prove  Russia Meddled In Election 

Judge Dabney L. Friedrich

A Washington federal judge on Thursday ordered special counsel Robert Mueller’s team to clarify election meddling claims lodged against a Russian company operated by Yevgeny Prigozhin, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Bloomberg.

Concord Management and Consulting, LLC. – one of three businesses indicted by Mueller in February along with 13 individuals for election meddling, surprised the special counsel in April when they actually showed up in court to fight the charges. Mueller’s team tried to delay Concord from entering the case, arguing that thee Russian company not been properly served, however Judge Dabney Friedrich denied the request – effectively telling prosecutors ‘well, they’re here.’

Concord was accused in the indictment of supporting the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian ‘troll farm’ accused of trying to influence the 2016 US election.

On Thursday, Judge Freidrich asked Mueller’s prosecutors if she should assume they aren’t accusing Concord of violating US laws applicable to election expenditures and failure to register as a foreign agent.

Concord has asked Dabney to throw out the charges – claiming that Mueller’s office fabricated a crime, and that there is no law against interfering in elections.

According to the judge’s request for clarification, the Justice Department has argued that it doesn’t have to show that Concord had a legal duty to report its expenditures to the Federal Election Commission. Rather, the allegation is that the company knowingly engaged in deceptive acts that precluded the FEC, or the Justice Department, from ascertaining whether they had broken the law. -Bloomberg

On Monday, Friedrich raised questions over whether the special counsel’s office could prove a key element of their case – saying that it was “hard to see” how allegations of Russian influence were intended to interfere with US government operations vs. simply “confusing voters,” reports

During a 90-minute hearing, Friedrich questioned prosecutor Jonathan Kravis about how the government would be able to show the Russian defendants were aware of the Justice Department and FEC’s functions and then deliberately sought to skirt them.

“You still have to show knowledge of the agencies and what they do. How do you do that?” Friedrich asked.

Kravis, a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, argued that the government needed only to show that Concord Management and the other defendants were generally aware that the U.S. government “regulates and monitors” foreign participation in American politics. That awareness, Kravis said, could be inferred from the Russians’ alleged creation of fake social media accounts that appeared to be run by U.S. citizens and “computer infrastructure” intended to mask the Russian origin of the influence operation.

“That is deception that is directed at a higher level,” Kravis said. Kravis appeared in court with Michael Dreeben, a top Justice Department appellate lawyer on detail to the special counsel’s office.

Concord pleaded not guilty in May. Their attorney, Eric Dubelier – a partner at Reed Smith, has described the election meddling charges as “make believe,” arguing on Monday that Mueller’s indictment against Concord “doesn’t charge a crime.”

“There is no statute of interfering with an election. There just isn’t,” said Dubelier, who added that Mueller’s office alleged a “made-up crime to fit the facts they have.”

Dubelier added that the case against Concord Management is the first in US history “where anyone has ever been charged with defrauding the Justice Department” through their failure to register under FARA.

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