McConnell: ‘First Steps’ In Obamacare Repeal Coming ‘By The End Of This Week’

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the sooner the better

Repealing Obamacare is great but these idiots keep talking about replacing it. They don't need to replace it , that is the problem. The Federal government has no authority to act in this area. Health care isn't one of the enumerated powers. Hence there is no need to replace it. Health care is a state and county issue.

Repealing the ACA doesn't eliminate the medial insurance choices for America... it removes the fines and mandates to buy such insurance.  If one doesn't have the funds to afford insurance there are programs in place to assist those individuals to obtain medical coverage... Medicaid, Medicare, and in many states free clinics. 

"First steps in Obamacare repeal..."

I'll believe it when I see the ACA gone and NOTHING by government shoved into its place since anything that is gov't is just the ACA with a new label.

All of this repeal talk is just political grandstanding.

do it jerk or get out of town


The only thing government should mandate is elimination of the 'pre-existing condition' thing that stops people from having private insurance.  Instead of insurance companies running LOW PRICE sales, the prices MUST go up some, so that everyone is not destroyed by 'pre-existing conditions,  

Big Pharma must be controlled.  Charging $200.00 and more fir a pill it costs 10 CENTS to make has to stop.  Cancer has been 'cured' for years, but Big Pharma won't allow it.  Why?  Because they cannot PATENT the product.

Obama care MUST go, and I'm sure it WILL go.  It need not be replaced.  I;m sure NON-GREEDY insurance companies exist!

What a two-faced RINO Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is  - - -

PPACA is what needs to be repealed ACA is what the MSM calls this monstrosity that passes for Health Care in the United States 




Newsweek’s Headquarters
Raided By The NYPD

The headquarters of Newsweek was raided by the NYPD Thursday morning. Police reportedly took photos of the magazine’s servers.

New York Post reports:

About two dozen NYPD officers and investigators from the Manhattan district attorney’s office raided the offices of Newsweek and its parent company, IBT Media, on Thursday.

IBT Media was co-founded by Jonathan Davis and Etienne Uzac. The IRS placed a $1.2 million federal tax lien against Uzac in December 2017.

The agents were said to be photographing servers in the offices, but not downloading any files at the offices on 7 Hanover Square, according to sources.

Few details have emerged from the raid.

“Looking into reports that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office @ManhattanDA raided Newsweek/IBT Offices today….sources say police have been there for hours. The DA has declined to comment,” tweeted reporter Avi Asher-Schapiro.

Newsweek is also in the news Thursday after an “insider” told The Wrap editor Jon Levine that the magazine has abandoned journalism for “rage clicks,” in the Trump-era.

“Newsweek was once a premiere media organization and an incredible springboard for young journalists hoping to grow a name for themselves,” the source told Levine.

“The company culture has turned the newsroom into a toxic work environment, while the publication has descended into a content farm for last-resort clickbait,” the source added.


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