Martha McSally beats out former Gabbie Giffords aid for Congressional Seat

U.S. Representative Ron Barber, an Arizona Democrat and former aide to Gabrielle Giffords, has officially lost his re-election bid to the Republican challenger in November's congressional elections, a judge certified on Wednesday.

A superior court judge declared Martha McSally, a retired Air Force colonel and a pioneer of women's combat aviation in the 1990s, the winner after a state-mandated recount showed she won by 167 votes in the Nov. 4 election.

"There's no getting around that this was an incredibly close and hard-fought race. After what's been a long campaign season, it's time to come together and heal our community," McSally said in a statement.

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Congratulations to Martha McSally and to the State of Arizona; only good things can come from her election. Another Pro-gunner for the GOP. I know it won't shut up Gabby or stop her boycotting the NRA. She should be beating up on the guy who shot her and make sure he never see the light of day again.

A tight race maybe but there was a lot of people who felt sorry for Gabby Gifford and voted for her if she had not been shot the race wouldn't have been close. Her gun stand was not good for her, when her Husband was cough beating there dog. And him and her holding a assault weapon in the open ground. It send a message to the people do as I say not as I do! Well she's gone for now but wait Obama will have her as the poster girl for his gun control push in April or May 2015. A good victory for Colonel McSally I wish her all the blessings she needs to fight Obama's agenda?

people are starting to realize that whatever this administration has been doing for the past six years...they do not want anymore of it. republicans are constantly shooting themselves in the foot everyday, so it is any wonder that we won as much as we did. the democrat leadership has not provided any leadership or pro-American message to the people sat all...the republican congress should get themselves a communication czar asap...because nobody knows what is going on specifically. the next thing they have to do is to stop throwing the teaparty and conservatives under the bus...all across this country the republicans have won because of the conservatives and the teaparty.....wake up people because just because we have won many elections...the battle is still ahead.

There are a whole bunch of moronic voters in Arizona that Martha McSally only won by 167 votes.  A pox on all Arizona liberals.

We in AZ are thrilled for Martha she won this hands down and good riddance to Giffords and her gun toting hypocrisy Barber was a total sham

Tucson is the home of LaRaza and the liberals for amnesty She won period!

Not to mention home to Hamas, and the brotherhood.

McSally actually gained 6 extra votes after the final recount.

She won despite "sympathy votes" for Gabriel Gifford's former seat, and despite the US Supreme Court's decision to strike-down Arizona's voter ID requirement, back in June 2013, meaning that an ample amount of fraudulent voting was probably taking place.

I had to show my ID and my voters card before I could vote.  But I live in Phoenix.

& we can add a Retired Air Force Colonel Woman to the list for being a Pioneer of Women Combat Aviation

Thank you Colonel for your time in Service to Our Country & WAY TO GO Lady !!!!

Great news.  Thank GOD...

Oh, I am so relieved she won!  One more democrat kicked out!




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