Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump - And is Ready to Die and Go to Hell for Assassination

 Seeing how this video was approved, I do offer a bit of warning, this guy has a real bad mouth, and I am surprised he has not been arrested. maybe its some kind of weird freedom of speech crap, who knows.


(((.Subscribe.))) now for more! | Another angry black man is threatening to kill Donald Trump in an online video rant. The thug screams...

And where is the police....? Donuts and coffee time.....!

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Sounds like He's going to hell anyway...

And where is the police....? Donuts and coffee time.....!

thats funny Tif !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These people will never possess the ability to employ any type of critical thinking. Dumber than rocks, their purpose is to just steal undeserved oxygen from the planet. They could better and more efficiently serve themselves up as fertilizer.

Hi Frank and Duke,

 He is very scary, and I hope something is done about this, anyway, take care.


" fertilizer "

Well Frank... No big change for 'em then. LOL

Speaking of fertilizer, the above reprobate couldn't even rise to that minor category.

Crap stays just CRAP!

Certainly, this man needs to be picked up ... evaluated for mental problems and dealt with before he executes on his threats.

Where are the Police...

The police are busy rousting demonstrators in front of an abortion clinic ... someone reported they were praying while sitting on a public bench... and one of them was reading from a bible in a very threatening way... and he was standing on a public sidewalk.


What's  coming soon... Crap?  I have news for you it is already here...



Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Democrat Busted For Nasty Crime, This Is Shocking


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