Luis Gutierrez being arrested!

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is confident that House Republicans will eventually realize they must call a vote on immigration reform legislation.

“When they understand the magnitude of the demand and the depth of this demand…they’re going to understand that our community really embraces this in a way that it’s going to be very unforgiving to them,” Gutierrez said on MSNBC on Tuesday. “If they want to be a party of localities and provinces and maybe some states, then don’t allow a vote. They will never be a national party ever again.”

The Senate passed immigration reform legislation on Thursday and House Republicans are set to meet on July 10 to discuss how to approach a House version. Speaker of the House John Boehner has vowed not to move immigration reform legislation through the chamber without the support of a majority of Republicans, raising concerns that the legislation may never be called to a vote.

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Blackmailing other legislators.  Sounds like a third-world country trick.  Maybe he should walk outside and notice the buildings and that he's not in Mexico.   

Some places going outside it might be hard to tell.

sounds like a "crock" my butt the so-called depth this guys nuts

there's only the liberal communists/marxists/soicalists/obama-mites demanding this not the majority that I know of

This asshole needs some Jail time for making Threats!

Luis is a LITTLE man who has been working with the militant style illigal invaders. He should listen to the

other groups of Illegals and find out they do not want to become citizens.  Their loyalties are to Mexico.

Their is a large group of legal immigrants from Mexico who do not want others coming here without going through the process legally.   They resent the law breakers and these people usually vote with the Repubs.

I have neighbors whose parents came here legally and that are upset with the thought of all these illegals coming here and taking jobs.

Dittos.  Authentic Mexican American Citizens, who actually work every day, do not want to see the workforce so overcrowded they lose out, or see all of our social services stretched to the point, where there is no cop to come, or fireman to answer the call, as there are just too many people.

That I know Jo. Well said. It's sad they, as well as other legal immigrants, understand this but the government refuses to acknowledge it. 

He looks good in handcuffs. I encourage all law enforcement officers to gift every illegal alien they discover with just such a public fashion statement for their border felony.

Well of course he's for it. Look at his name and his picture. He's Hispanic, probably an immigrant himself and if the truth be known he probably has some illegal family members here too. That's racism in govt.

He's playing GOP "fear of failure" trick. You don't need the Democrat Party to sink the GOP; the GOP is doing it to themselves. The Dems REALLY fear the TEA Party; that's their real target.

back in the 80's, when we only had a few million to deal with...they refused to shut the borders here we are today, with 12 to 20 million...and they still want to keep the borders in 20 years from now..what are we going to have.....40 million? I know that the democrats are pulling all the stops out to win the next election...but would they actually manipulate 15, 20 or 30 million people to actually upset the entire system, to get there way.....and still leave the border open?

They will and are, and doing so very proudly..the proponents of the farce are without scruples or honor whatsoever, permanent Democratic victory is the goal, consequences be damned.




Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Pelosi Disaster!  95% Of Americans Tuned Out Impeachment Show Trials On Friday — Only The Second Day Of Testimony

Despite the constant hype Americans are already tuning out the sham impeachment trials.

On the second day of the public show trials 95% of Americans turned off the nonsense.

Americans are worn out by all of the fake news and hysteria.


Dan Gainor   @dangainor

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Day 2 of Democrats' Impeachment Hearings 

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Friday’s Impeachment Hearings

Americans aren’t exactly obsessed with the Democrats’ impeachment hearings, it seems. Friday’s second day of live, wall-to-wall coverage drew an average of 12.7 million viewers on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN,

Flashback: Horrible News For Shifty Schiff – Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Impeachment, 76% Don’t Trust Dems And Believe Media Is Pushing The Sham

No One in American Wants Impeachment except the Far-left Socialist Democrats and their Corrupt Media. They hate President Trump because he is a winner. He beat them and he’s making America great again as he said he would.

The Democrats and their corrupt media are totally blinded by their rage and they don’t realize that no one is in favor of impeachment.

We reported a week ago that FOX News released a poll where they stated that 49% of Americans were for Trump Impeachment. But their polling was flawed. The real extrapolated results of the poll using an accurate proportion of Republicans, Democrats and Independents showed that only 30% of Americans are in favor of Trump’s Impeachment and they’re all Democrats.

Next, a few days ago we reported on another poll that was consistent with the results of our extrapolated FOX News poll.

Nearly three quarters of all Americans have little or no trust in the way that Schifty Schiff is running the impeachment process –

Heritage Action   Heritage_Action

You won’t hear this in the mainstream media: Nearly three fourths of Americans have little to no trust in the House Democrats’ handling of their impeachment process. 🤔

Today another poll was released with similar results.

Most Americans believe that the corrupt media is trying to help get President Trump impeached. Three-quarter of Republicans, half of independents and even a third of Democrats believe this to be the case. No one trusts Schifty Shiff or the corrupt media pushing his impeachment sham.

IT Guy@ITGuy1959

1- "Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans and a plurality (48%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party say most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump, a view shared by only 36% of Democrats."

Let's recast that last phrase 

Rasmussen Reports @Rasmussen_Poll

Most Say Media Working With Democrats to Impeach Trump... 

This is perhaps the worst gaffe in modern political history.

This Schiff Show does not have a happy ending for the Democrats. Even with the support of the entire corrupt fake news media, it’s a total sham and everyone knows it!

Ranking Member Nunes breaks down House Democrats' fake impeachment inquiry

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