Lindsey Graham warns Donald Trump not to mess with Obama’s executive order or he’ll stand in the way

Here he goes again!

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham issued a warning to President-elect Donald Trump that he ought to consider the consequences of undoing one of President Obama’s immigration programs, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), frequently called the Dream Act.

“Here is a problem that we have: You’ve got about a million DREAM Act kids who came here as small children, lived here all their lives. Now they have legal status by executive order,” Graham told reporters Tuesday.

The DREAM Act allows people who arrived in America illegally as children work authorization and protection from deportation if they meet the program’s requirements.

Graham, who is frequently panned by more conservative Republicans as a RINO (Republican in Name Only), indicated he would stand in the way of any move by the Trump administration to deport people protected by Obama’s DREAM Act.

“I will not vote for a bill that doesn’t, that quite frankly, treats a grandmother and drug dealer the same,” he said. “I will vote for border security.”

Trump has made it known that his first priority is deporting criminal illegal aliens but he hasn’t taken the idea of deporting more illegals off the table.

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers,” Trump told CBS. “After the border is secured and after everything gets normalized, we’re going to make a determination on the people that you’re talking about who are terrific people.”

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Lindsey can shut his mouth. Abolish Obama's EO's.

My hope is for the upcoming administration to prove and declare BHO an eight year scam since he was not born in american territory, therefore all executive orders and lawless directives to be null and void, and restore the constitution in its entirety.

it's a good hope

but in order to restore the constitution in it's entirety we'll need to undo the deeds of many more presidents. At least as far back as Lincoln's presidency. From the PATRIOT ACT to at least all the way back to the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments. To especially include the creation of U.N. and our membership.

I figure the sweet spot is in the Amendments you mentioned. And lets not forget the twisted, tortured Commerce Clause (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3). What has been done to it is damnable.

yeah Michael, I agree repealing the 3 amendments is the sweet spot.

..and repealing those amendments doesn't require involving congress, therefor has nothing to do with electing national politicians. It just takes getting the states to ratify a repeal amendment, and how to get that done was demonstrated by the 21st amendment's initial phases.  <-- it's been done before

Oh is it Lindsey Graham back again?

I thought he was gone.  A good strong wind would blow him over!

Why do these rinos stay in office.  How do their people vote them in each time.

Dont they get it?

Lindsey Graham is now nothing more than an irrelevant ass. Obstructionism is the only way he will get any attention. He is now in the same camp as McCain. 

Lindsey joined the brotherhood of traitors when he joined the Gang of 8, trying to force feed their Amnesty plot to We The People. 

Is this really a joke? Proving more that Lindsey Graham has a severe mental problem and should be expelled from holding any political position.

Lindsey Graham is trying to gain some relevance.  It's going to take a very long time to first round up all the bad guys and gals, 2 or 3 million of 'em, maybe even years, so why bring that up now?  Yup, irrelevance.   

Know your enemies, and know them well.  We Do Not Forget~




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Racism -> Emergency Medical Doctor Rails Against Whites: “White People Can Be Exhausting” – ‘Racism Towards Whites Doesn’t Exist’ 

 Esther Choo (pictured above), an emergency medical doctor and professor in Oregon, took to Twitter to rail against white people and after getting called out for her racism, she asserted that it’s impossible to be racist towards whites.

According to Choo’s bio, she’s an emergency physician and associate professor at the Oregon Health & Science University.

Choo is the daughter of Korean immigrants and uses social media to talk about racism and sexism in healthcare, according to her bio.

“White people can be exhausting. Just an observation,” Choo said in a tweet on Friday.

White people can be exhausting. Just an observation.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

When she received backlash for her racist tweet, Choo continued to taunt and disparage whites.

“Observation #2: white people are going to prove my point on this very thread,” Choo said responding to the backlash.

She also bragged that Twitter took her side when people reported her tweet.

“Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.”

Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

Twitter may not have a problem with racism against white people, but what about the medical community?

Dr. Choo received huge backlash on Twitter.

Joe Biggs   @Rambobiggs

This is coming from an Emergency Medicine Physician who is considered a "leader" in her field. She's scheduled to be a speaker at the American College of Emergency Physicians in October. She runs a website called FeminEM prompting Feminist causes in EM and a racist.

Dan Bongino  @dbongino
 Here for the ratio
Dan Roth@Dan12R

Pretty racist statement, TBH.

See Dan Roth's other Tweets
Blake Anderson@BitcoinBlake

Protected groups being immune to being called out for blatant bigotry is exhausting, just an observation.

Replace “white” with any other race, and Dr. Choo would be out of a job.

Update: Dr. Choo deleted her racist tweets and set her Twitter account to “private” after she received backlash from hundreds of people.


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