Lindsay Lohan: Pedos Run Hollywood And They Murdered Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was murdered according to Lindsay Lohan, who says the “Hollywood bad boy” became a problem for “the pedophiles at the top of the Hollywood pyramid” after his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight propelled him towards superstar status. 

They couldn’t trust him anymore. They knew he had a big mouth and big balls. He liked to rock the boat,” Lohan said.

He knew a lot of industry secrets and he wasn’t afraid of speaking out.”

Lindsay Lohan caught the world’s attention this week after a tweet in which she defended President Trump and his family went viral.

Heath Ledger was murdered according to Lindsay Lohan, who says he became a problem for “the pedophiles at the top of the Hollywood pyramid."

The London-based actress was asked about her tweet calling for people to stop bullying President Trump, but Lohan, speaking in her puzzling new “international accent”, instead began shedding light on Heath Ledger’s 2007 death.

It wasn’t a suicide. It wasn’t an accidental overdose. Everybody in the industry knows the truth. He was taken out. He was an example to the rest of us to stay in line.

“He was the last of the Hollywood bad boys.

Former child star Lindsay was close to Ledger in the year before his death, spending time with the Australian actor in his Manhattan apartment between shoots.

Describing Ledger as “a player, a troublemaker, some kind of dark horse” Lindsay Lohan said, “we agreed that anybody with a soul just can’t exist in Hollywood. You have to get out. You have to find a way out or you’ll be eaten up from the inside out.

Heath cared about acting, he cared about the art and the legacy he was leaving. He was disgusted and so, so disillusioned with what Hollywood really is. He was just so repulsed by the money hungry, power crazed elite. The pedophiles and their networks.”

He was plotting his way out. He liked explosions. He wanted to blow the whole shithouse up in flames.

Among the qualities that most attracted me to Heath was his transparency, which was illusory, of course, and his equally illusory sense of being almost immortal.”

Following the recent spate of pedophilia related arrests in California, which prosecutors warn is “the tip of very rotten iceberg”, Lohan’s claims about the dark side of Hollywood come as no surprise.

The grip the rotten Hollywood elite hold over the actors working the system is becoming the stuff of legend. Speaking about her peers, the actors and actresses in Hollywood, Lohan said, “We all know that if you want to make sure reporters can’t report on anything you say at a press conference, you just start talking about how Hollywood is run by perverts and pedophiles. The oligarchs that run your media companies won’t print a word of it.

Ledger died on 22 January 2008 from what the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of New York called an “accidental intoxication from prescription drugs”, just a few months after finishing filming his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

While the prescription drugs found in Ledger’s system were all well known prescription drugs, the lethal combination of drugs would never be prescribed by a physician.

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Even if every word of what she says is true, not one single soul will put any weight in her words. Who will trust anything Lindsay Lohan says & take her seriously? Poor girl done been thru the ringer & back again. She probably has 2 brain cells left that she hasn't fried. The story, of course, sounds legit for Hollywood & I loved Ledger. He was what true artists & legends were made of. Incredible actor. He could have used a comb or two but other than that, he loved his work & I loved watching him doing it.

I don't know, I found this interesting, so, I shared it.

It is very interesting though coming from a very waffling source as she has been down some roads that took her to many ditches & gutters. Haven't heard much from her in many years. Wasn't even sure where or what she's been up to. I pray she's getting herself together though.

There is a lot of actors speaking out agaisnt Hollywood, she is not the first and will not be the last to expose a sexual sickness for children.

Let the truth come out so hopefully, people will oppose the degeneracy.

I'm not saying it's not true. I don't put anything past these liberal idiots. They are willing to sacrifice anything & anyone for the power & success they seek. Whatever sick fulfillment they seek, they are willing to pay the price & they are able to hide it because they have the money to back it. Heath Ledger was a true artist & if this is true, I hope someone gets behind it & puts legs to the rumors. My only point is that Lindsay Lohan isn't the greatest source. It would be great if it comes from other, more reliable sources. That's all I'm saying. 

Love that smile, but I am happily married with children.

 Take care Tammy and here is to,

wishful thinking !

HEHEHE!!!! Don't flatter yourself. I'm going on 18 years myself with 6 kids & 3 grandkids. I know at times, we all like to live in that fantasy that we've created in our own minds but I'm going to have to burst that bubble friend. This 'ol girl wouldn't take anything for the life & man she has. 

In all seriousness, the young lady smiling in the foreground is my daughter. I'm the loon in the background acting a fool.

Don't flatter myself, the intent was not me :)

I must be misunderstanding your reply above then.

Multiple child stars are speaking up..

‘Lord of the Rings’ star: Hollywood’s pedophile ‘vipers’ well-organized







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