Judge Kim released Thomas Littlecloud, now an officer is dead.

Judge Kim released Thomas Littlecloud, now an officer is dead.

Federal Judge Sallie Kim sat on the bench in Sacramento, California and heard arguments regarding Thomas Littlecloud on August 24. Despite warnings by U.S. Assistant Attorney Brian Faerstein of the dangers of releasing Littlecloud and all the evidence presented, Kim decided to release the man. Her liberal compassion killed one officer and injured two others.

The hearing took place to determine whether Littlecloud should be released pending his trial on charges of federal drug trafficking, counterfeiting, identity theft, and weapons charges. He was facing a mandatory sentence of 12 years. Naturally, he and his lawyer fought for his freedom. Faerstein however, pointed out the type of person that Littlecloud had proven he is. He reminded the judge that Littlecloud had been in and out of jail for 12 years and cited multiple cases where the man fired weapons and had done anything necessary to get away from police including ramming their cars;

“The defendant has three prior firearms convictions and yet, here again, he was carrying a gun and had another gun in his car in the same bag as where, you know, over 75 grams of pure meth was found. This is conduct that is continuing and it’s, it’s, he’s not learning from his past mistakes.”

All the proof couldn't convince Judeg Kim to keep this vicious man behind bars.

All the proof couldn’t convince Judge Kim to keep this vicious man behind bars.

Littlecloud’s attorney Galia Amran stated her client just needed drug treatment for his meth problem. Judge Kim expressed “misgivings” but sent him to the New Bridge Foundation drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program. He never completed treatment nor did he go back to court.

Just six days after the hearing, a multi-agency auto theft task force was searching a room at the Ramada Inn related to the investigation. Littlecloud fired on officers through the doors and walls and hit two California Highway Patrol officers. He didn’t stop there.

The vicious criminal then went out on the balcony and opened fire on officers with a high-powered rifle. He shot Deputy Bob French through the heart. The brave officer managed to return fire somehow. Littlecloud finally fled.

He led a chase through the streets which eventually ended with more gun fire. This time Littlecloud was shot and later died at the hospital.

These three officers didn’t have to die. Littlecloud should have never been released and partial fault for their deaths rests with Judge Kim. There was nothing to indicate that this hardened repeat offender was going to change his ways other than

Source: Blue Lives Matter