Leftist Rag Wants To Cancel Oscars Over Trump’s Immigration Order. Why Is This A Bad Thing?

Leftist Rag Wants To Cancel Oscars Over Trump’s Immigration Order. Why Is This A Bad Thing?Quite honestly, this is the best idea Vox has EVER come up with! Granted, it’s a low bar to clear, but still!

According to this, Vox.com has put forth the BRILLIANT idea that, to protest President Trump’s temporary immigration ban, Hollywood should cancel the Oscars because Hollywood was built up by immigrants (who came into the country legally and NOT from countries where radical Islamic terrorism was A Thing, but details don’t matter to Vox) –

President Donald Trump’s new immigration order — the one many have labeled a “Muslim ban” because it temporarily bars entry to the US for natives of seven Muslim-majority countries — stops people associated with various Oscar-nominated films from attending the 2017 Academy Awards. That’s just one reason the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should cancel its annual ceremony and instead announce the winners via press release.

You mean you want to cancel Hollywood’s yearly self-pleasuring puke-fest, just to make a stupid political point that doesn’t actually need to be made? We won’t get to watch a bunch of rich elites wearing clothes that cost more than my car applaud each other for being insufferable douchebags for another year? I won’t have to endure people going bonkers for that dumb “La La Land” movie anymore?


I mean, it’s not like I was going to watch it anyway. In fact, many Americans already “cancel” the Oscars each year, just by choosing to do something else that evening. It’s not like any of us have seen the movies that have been nominated (other than the movies nominated for technical awards). Only film students who think that Hollywood has anything worthwhile to say anymore tune in. And even they have to be sick of the same old garbage being said year after year.

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I'll second that motion... cancel the Oscars and take it up one level... cancel Holly Wood and throw in Mexifornia for good measure.


I've said it several times, since I RARELY pay to see a movie anymore, that if the Hollybonk crowd depended on me for a living, there are not enough highway overpasses and bridges for them to live under!!  Even the trolls don't want them!!



Never happen.  Who, but lefties watch it anyway?  I've not watched one in my life.

Good ! Who Cares !! no loss for me. never did watch .The self grandstanding s.o.b.s, pat each other on each others backs.

Like we give a crap about their asinine Oscars.

Yes, cancel the Oscars, no recognition for the Hollywood elite. Vox.com you are as stupid as the liberals you support, there is no limit to the stupidity of the left, but, that's ok with me.

I agree, where do I sign to cancel the Oscars?

..................WHO CARES????

Not a chance. No way will Horrywooders pass up another Oh look at me & how 'with-it' I am. By the way I'm wearing Obama

Great idea...do it. We're not going to watch anyway so we won't miss anything. 

Please bring it on.

What is the oscars?




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SICK: Leprosy On The Rise In Los Angeles 

Ahh, the joys of open borders and Democrat leadership.

California is not just a public toilet but now there is evidence that leprosy is on the rise in Los Angeles County.

Barack Obama changed US law in 2016 and allowed immigrants with blistering STDs and leprosy to migrate to the US.

Medscape reported:

Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is rarely seen in the United States, but cases continue to emerge in Los Angeles County, a new report says.

“Hansen’s disease still exists, and we need to educate medical students and physicians,” coauthor Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa from Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, told Reuters Health by email.

Dr. Ochoa and colleagues identified 187 patients with the disease in a review of medical records from their leprosy clinic spanning 1973 to 2018. Most patients were Latino, originating from Mexico, and they experienced a median delay in diagnosis of more than three years, the team reports JAMA Dermatology, online August 7.

Multibacillary leprosy (MB) cases outnumbered paucibacillary leprosy (PB) cases by nearly eight to one (88.6% vs. 11.4%, respectively), and Latino patients were more likely than non-Latino patients to have MB, as were patients from Central or South America (versus other regions).

Most patients (80.7%) received multidrug therapy, and most (92.6%) received antibiotics for more than two years, especially if they had MB.

Only about half of patients (56.7%) had World Health Organization (WHO) grade 0 disability (no signs or symptoms suggestive of leprosy or disability) at the one-year follow-up, whereas 16.0% had grade 1 disability (loss of protective sensation) and 26.2% had grade 2 disability (visible deformity) at the last follow-up.

Among the patients who lost protective sensation, 87.7% (50/57) did not regain it following therapy.

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