Leaked Executive Order Reveals Trump Crackdown On Immigrant Welfare

Seemingly following the proposals of Bill Clinton (and Ron Paul), The Washington Post reports that a leaked document shows the Trump administration is planning to crackdown on current, and would-be, immigrants who are likely to require public assistance.

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After Bill Clinton received a standing ovation for suggesting crackdown on immigrant welfare...

"We are a nation of immigrants.. but we are a nation of laws"


"Our nation is rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country...


Illegal immigrants take jobs from citizens or legal immigrants, they impose burdens on our taxpayers...


That is why we are doubling the number of border guards, deporting more illegal immigrants than ever before, cracking down on illegal hiring, barring benefits to illegal aliens, and we will do more to speed the deportation of illegal immigrants arrest for crimes...


It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws that has occurred in the last few years.. and we must do more to stop it."

And following Ron Paul's advice this week that the solution to really addressing the problem of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and the threat of cross-border terrorism is clear:

Remove the welfare magnet that attracts so many to cross the border illegally, stop the 25 year US war in the Middle East, and end the drug war that incentivizes smugglers to cross the border.

The various taxpayer-funded programs that benefit illegal immigrants in the United States, such as direct financial transfers, medical benefits, food assistance, and education, cost an estimated $100 billion dollars per year. That is a significant burden on citizens and legal residents. The promise of free money, free food, free education, and free medical care if you cross the border illegally is a powerful incentive for people to do so. It especially makes no sense for the United States government to provide these services to those who are not in the US legally.

The Washington Post reports that The Trump administration is considering a plan to weed out would-be immigrants who are likely to require public assistance, as well as to deport — when possible — immigrants already living in the United States who depend on taxpayer help, according to a draft executive order obtained by The Washington Post.

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Oh God yes i can't even believe that these Basterds are even getting welfair . that is supposed to be temp. help for American Citizens , any one that works for the walfare system that have been putting Aliens and refuges on it should be  fired and  have to pay every dime back.

Actually, you are correct John... every bureaucrat who has signed off on providing illegal aliens or legal immigrants welfare needs to be fired at the minimum... and their retirement pay forfeited, as partial reimbursement of the misappropriated government funds used to pay these criminal aliens.  Knowingly violating the law should result in dismissal and indictment...

It is past time to hold the elected officials and bureaucrats accountable for their unlawful acts... aiding and abetting illegal aliens and legal immigrants too access our welfare and social service is a crime. 

I'll go one step further... confiscate the assets of all illegal aliens now working in the US and sell them... with the proceeds going to the US Treasury as partial payment for the economic and criminal damage done to the US by many illegal aliens. 

Pres. Trump needs to sign an EO ending all student loans and funding for illegal aliens... closing down all economic assistance and grants to Universities and secondary educational institutions who fail to comply with our current laws regarding government assistance to illegal aliens.  Enforce the existing laws... first.

We don't need new laws... especially those that excuse past bad performance and criminal conduct.  We must first enforce the existing laws and where necessary strengthen them to expedite the deportation and or management of the illegal alien population... with an eye on reducing the costs to tax payers... no more government funded immigration lawyers for illegal aliens... none. Let them pay for their legal representation... they are not US Citizen's and are not entitled to the full protections of our Constitution.

You would think that our constitution would only apply to citizens, those responsible for all the giveaways to be dealt with in a responsible way, jail time! 

...is it actually possible that "we the people" will be getting our country back?

No doubt if they come to this country don't expect anymore handouts. Oh, the times they are changing.

I really agree with the writings of this statement  WE as citizens should under no circumstances should bepaying for the illegals that have come into this country and being paid to stay here and bleed our country. The half breeed bastard that has done his damndest to ruin our country sidesteped the constitution at every level to brake our system and to bankrupt the nation that he stole his living and education just like his Muslim father 

If you think Pres. Trump is doing the wrong thing with the ban, take a look at this video and tell me why he is wrong. 

I have been to Paris several times, years ago and it certainly did not look like this. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, America will soon look like this and is already acting like this. If the American people don't "WAKE UP" and soon, your city streets and towns will be exactly like the streets of Paris!



Exactly as Dr. Michael Yousef and Dr. Sebastian Gorka have said.

The practice of giving illegal immigrants welfare and free services should never have been allowed and needs to stop ASAP! There are many US citizens (the elderly, widowed and elderly, handicapped persons, caretakers, legal immigrants etc...)that really need those services and they should be the ones who get it, not someone who came here illegally. I applaud Trump for taking a stance and following thru on this issue.


President Trump may want to find the leak and FIRE him/her!!




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The president made reference to the Antifa attack on gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo in Portland last month.

“Do you ever notice they pick on certain people?” asked Trump.

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Michael Sheridan@MSH3RIDAN

"Did you ever notice they don't come after Bikers For  Trump?"@realDonaldTrump calls out ANTIFA for the wussies that they are.

“He would tell you he’s not the toughest person physically in the world – they don’t go after Bikers For Trump, you ever notice that, they don’t go after our construction workers who love us, they don’t go after the police,” he added.

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