Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu , burdened by ties to an unpopular president, lost her bid for a fourth term on Saturday to Republican Bill Cassidy.

With less than 1% of precincts reporting, the Associated Press projected that Mr. Cassidy, a physician and three-term House member, would win the state’s runoff election. Mr. Cassidy had 65% of the vote to 35% for Ms. Landrieu.

The outcome means that Republicans emerge from this year’s midterm elections with nine additional Senate seats and will hold a 54-46 majority when lawmakers are sworn in next year. Among its victories, the GOP swept five Democratic senators from office.

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Landslide to where? All I hear is talk, criticism, and business as usual!

Unless some GOOD people do something---we are toast! Obama did his illegal amnesty without a whimper from anyone! The US Constitution states what has to be done for Legal citizenship. It also states that no person/baby is automatically a US citizen just because they are born here. That "anchor baby" excuse is a lie! The US constitution addresses this issue and states that an illegal baby on US soil is NOT an American Citizen nor a dual citizen! The law is there and has been upheld by the USSC! However; the politicians claim ANY baby born on US Soil is a legal American Citizen. The US Constitution says they are not!

I agree Mary Ann. The constitution is a huge stumbling block for the communists, and they are doing everything they can to destroy it. The immigration system is not broken, it is just not what the communists want - no borders.

When the UN Agenda 21 is considered it is obvious what they are trying to do to our nation.

Judy, I agree that God is in control. In His control He is taking a hands off approach to man's futile attempts to govern himself, and every single attempt has ended in failure.

We are now capable of destroying ourselves entirely. He, God, will intervene to prevent it and force HIS GOVERNMENT upon all. This is what the Kingdom of God is all about.

Man has been given a long rope in order to emphatically learn the lesson that his continued existence is solely dependent on Him. 

  Dale, one thing you missed. God WILL NOT FORCE HIS GOVERMENT ON US ! You will have a choice ! You will be able to live with the 10 LAWS GOD GAVE US . Or not ! I think I can abide by HIS LAWS ! The other choice ? Don't think that I will go there ! But what a great wonderful world we will have !

Dale, Judy, Ted- God is in control of Heaven and the Earth but he gave Man Free Will. Read your History books. look at what man has done to each other since the beginning of our recorded History. Yes he gave the Jews the 10 Commandments, but he saw they couldn't follow them so he sacrificed his son, Jesus, for their sins. At that time, some of the Jews believed that Jesus was the son of God and became Christians, others did not and remained Jews. I am not worried about Climate Change because I believe God will protect his Creation. To me, I only have one Commandment from God. TO BEAR WITNESS TO HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST! This Revelation came to me after many prayers of asking God to show me or tell me what his purpose was for my life.

 Robert, if you will read. God sent the Devil and his fallen angle that tried to defeat GOD ! And take his throne ! So, if you will read ? They were sent to earth to rule. His time is short and he, they, know it ! Look at all the things that are happening ! Wars and rumors of wars. Earthquacks, water problems, race riots, christians being killed as we speak ! Why are we here ? To protect HIS world ! Follow his laws ! And get ready for his return ! Along with Jesus's NEW JERUSALEM ! 

Martial law will be here before the new house and senate are seated.

Right on point Louise. I just wish more Americans understood the fight that we are in. Communists are masters of deception. They are controlling the narrative in the main stream media, and have done a masterful job of subverting the younger generations. We are in for a long, hard fight.


BUT this ONLY works if Republicans actually stick to principles.  So far the RINO establishment is acting as if the conservatives/Tea Party played no role in this sweep.  

It must be noted that this mid-term saw the highest third party activity in history.  I voted Libertarian on every non-critical position.  Unless we see the REPUBLIC and conservative constitutional governance restored, my money and my vote will go to the Libertarians in 2016.

Many thanks go to the Obama team and Congressional Democrats for being the most incompetent, discouraging and scandalous 6 years of any president. It was their majority to lose and they did it all to themselves. It could not happen to a better loser group of pseudo intellects, aka educated derelicts.       THANK YOU ALL REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS FOR YOUR VOTE OF CONFIDENCE AND HAVING THE FORTITUDE TO KICK THESE GUYS OUT !!


As long as a-hole Is the Speaker, what difference does it make.

Because Cassidy now moves from the House to the Senate and he can help rejuvenate that Chamber  - now that Reid is OUT!  

As for the Speaker - whether the "a-hole" is the Speaker, or not; we have a heap of work to do to get those people to start doing what we elected them to do!




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