Kellyanne Conway's 'Sofa Scandal' May be the Dumbest Trump Controversy Yet

"Get your feet off the couch!" my mother would scream at one of her seven boys 50 times a day. Who knew there were so many frustrated mamas out there on the leftynet?

President Trump met with the presidents of black colleges on Monday in the Oval Office. It was a routine "grip and grin" for the president -- something he does half a dozen times a day. The White House photographer snapped some photos of the group for posterity.

All of this was completely routine and uneventful. Except that one photos showed Trump aide Kellyanne Conway on a sofa off to the side of the gathering with -- and I can barely contain my outrage when reporting this -- her feet curled beneath her. And...and...and...


Predictably, the lefysphere exploded in anguish at this "disrespecting" of the Oval Office. Leading the chorus of outrage at this atrocity was former famous person Keith Olbermann, who used some salty language to strike down Conway for her transgression:

New Republic Editor Jeet Heer suggested it was raaaaaacism:

Even Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza thought the reaction from the left was over the top:

First of all, every party not in the White House likes to express shock and outrage at the way the other side is treating this hallowed job and office. Republicans were incensed when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama treated the Oval Office with slightly less formality than did Ronald Reagan, who, famously, always wore a suit coat in the Oval Office.

Obama puts his feet on the desk! Obama throws a football!

This is all par for the Internet outrage/partisan police.

Well, that's almost true. Last time I looked, there are several differences between Obama and Kellyanne Conway, not the least of which is that one of them lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the other one doesn't.

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Never a peep from these utter a$$holes when Obama scuffed up the priceless antiques in the Oval Office with his richly shod feet, but easily and often recovered sofa's, well, that is a capital offense!

The liberals/socialists/communists/progressives/thugs/anti-American/unionists/rent-a-mobs/LGBTXYZ/Democrats embarrass themselves, soiling their panties, like they have since the day Trump was elected, to their great shock, like they did last night, like FORMER Gov. Beshear in his "rebuttal", which was completely destroyed by Trump's speech to the Joint Session of Congress!

One simple fix repeal and replace ObamaCare - repeal ObamaCare and force Democrats to participate in its replacement or hold them accountable for preventing all those beneficiaries of ObamaCare, paid with large taxpayer subsidies, from having healthcare, if they don't come to the table! 


I would much rather see her feet on the couch than all the nasty stuff on the couch and floor that missed Monica's dress!!!

If that is all we had to worry about, we would already be a Great Nation Again. 

Kellyanne is at home, no problems.

''  Predictably, the lefysphere exploded in anguish at this "disrespecting" of the Oval Office. ''






They are searching for crums !

Wow !!!! That's as bad as Billy boy's actions in that room and certainly equals Hillary's E-mail antics !

First off, you cannot even see Kellyanne's feet- -they are curled beneath her, out of sight and I dare say, her shoes are, probably, on the floor, below the couch and OUT OF CAMERA RANGE!  What idiots.

Here's one where you can see her shoes....   But, ya' know what?   I DON'T GIVE A DAMN.  Now...had she been standing on the Resolute Desk, I would have been shocked.  Hell, she's just trying to get a good picture of a memorable moment.  If this is the only crap they can always come up with to bitch just proves how pathetic they are, and grasping for every straw they can.

Social media users took offense at Kellyanne Conway sitting on the furniture in heels

You didn't complain about Obama putting his feet on the desk in the oval office, you racist pieces of Garbage, get a life.  The Black man in the oval office couldn't do anything wrong to you morons, shut up and get a real life.

This vs Hillary  get real.

So infantile that it doesn't deserve a response.





Political Cartoons by AF Branco

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