The recent Vault 7 release details the “marble” software system used by the CIA. Marble isn’t used for hacking itself, though it allows the CIA to obscure their hacking efforts. The program allows the CIA to cause code in their malware attacks to appear to have originated in other countries, including Russia. (via WikiLeaks)

The marble obfuscation technique allegedly first saw action as recently as 2016, and it could still be in use. The CIA could have used the marble program to frame President Trump by disguising themselves as Russian agents.

This new information throws into question any accusations of who a hacker is, or who they work for.

The only evidence provided by CrowdStrike, the group that investigated the DNC email leak, was the fact hackers used a Russian version of Microsoft Word. The marble release reminds us that, just because the software appears to be Russian, it may not be.

The marble technique also allows the CIA to create multiple layers of obfuscation, causing investigators to form misguided conclusions.

CIA operatives can change malware written in English to Chinese, and then make the Chinese program appear as if it were converted to Russian. This can make it seem like Chinese hackers are framing Russian ones. The English text would never be discovered.

Marble is not only used for covering up tracks of cyber attacks, it’s also used when the CIA wants to deliver weapons systems to rebel groups without implicating the U.S.

Marble could have allowed former President Barack Obama to arm the ISIS terrorist group, without there being any way to trace it back to his administration — unless a whistleblower came forward and revealed firsthand knowledge of the plot.

This recent release is the only the latest in a series, revealing the complete lack of privacy in America today. Even the president isn’t safe from the deep state. Trump was monitored, and possibly hacked after winning the election. According to Judge Napolitano, this was all under the direction of Obama.

These are dark times for our once great country. Our government has been taken over by globalist forces who are willing to violate the constitution and spy on all of us.

It’s sad that we have to rely on non-state actors such as WikiLeaks to tell us the truth about our own government. We the People need to take back control of our country, and Donald Trump is our last hope.