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Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed in two landmark cases that the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to possess firearms, the Second Amendment Foundation has been confronting in court state and local rules which appear to be unconstitutional.

The activist group already has opposed “vague” gun bans in California, a $340 fee for owning a handgun in New York, New Jersey’s arbitrary gun laws, District of Columbia bans, Maryland’s permit demands and more.

Its latest victory has come in Arkansas, where a federal judge ruled the state’s concealed carry licensing law that bans legal resident aliens from obtaining permits is unconstitutional.

POLL: Does the Federal Government routinely assume powers that it is not granted by the Constitution?

U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks, for the Western District of Arkansas, ordered the state to pay SAF $10,000 in attorney’s fees and court costs of $726.41. SAF and Martin Pot (pronounced Pote), a citizen of the Netherlands, were represented by attorney David Sigale of Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

The lawsuit, filed last November, challenged the Arkansas statute, because it “completely prohibits resident legal aliens from the concealed carry of guns, in public, for the purpose of self-defense.”

Col. Stan Witt, director of the Arkansas State Police, was named as the defendant in his official capacity.

“This is yet another victory in our effort to expand Second Amendment protections in the United States,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb on Monday. “Mr. Pot is a law-abiding resident of Eureka Springs, and has been so since 1986. He is self-employed and is a productive member of the community, with an American-born wife and family. He came here almost 30 years ago, met and married his wife, and has many solid connections in his community.”

Arkansas law did allow Pot to have a firearm in his home and on his property. But he was banned from carrying concealed.


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the key here is .....that this person is a resident LEGAL ALIEN, who has apparently played by the rules...unlike the illegal border crossers from mexico.

The commies will take our guns soon, after Nov.

Unfortunately......I believe your prediction will happen.

You and Rev. Christine Richardson seem to believe that the Republicans will not be the majority in the Senate, while retaining the majority in the House, after the November elections! What makes you believe that?

Let them try!

They have been trying for years.  Remember sleazebag's clintonian's "assault weapons ban?" I remember the million mom march that the clintonians hosted in Washington DC. They got their ban passed, restricting and infringing on our rights to own AR style rifles and so called "hi capacity" magazines, which in reality are actually standard capacity magazines. This regime is worse than the clintonians of the 90s.  erich holder is many more times evil than Janet Reno. We are still here, and I too, am willing to take a stand once again and fight them.

Obama and his MARXIST/COMMUNIST CRIMINALS have already trashed many aspects of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They are doing away with the Constitution a little bit at a time.  I do believe Obama and his cronies will find, however, a Real Red Line when they seriously move to cancel the Second Amendment and make the final confiscation of our guns and gun rights.

Obama and the politicians only "serve" due to the words in the Constitution. If they don't like the Constitution they shouldn't accept their pay checks or serve in those offices. And we should remove them as any employees who refuse to do their jobs or break laws on the job should be and are


     You are exactly right.  The fact that they violate aspects of the Constitution and of course, their oaths to uphold the same, is grounds for We the People to remove them from these positions.  They are traitors and criminals who must be dealt with.  they have sold us out to "special interests" in exchange for money and power.  We own this country and they are the servants within the governmental framework we have established.  The servants no longer deserve our trust........time for them to go!!!

Yea, they serve allright.  They serve themselves and their agenda hosted by the likes of the puppetmaster sorros.  This in itself is a legitimate reason to oust them all immediately!

Ovomit just "thinks" he knows what a "red line" is.  He'll absolutely find out when he tries to eliminate the Second Amendment.  Our "Founders" knew exactly what they were doing when they put the Second Amendment in the Constitution and Ovomit doesn't have a clue.  He may want to be another "Adolph", but not here and not ever!!

I believe that the Republicans will take over the Senate and Maintain their majority of the House in the November elections!  And that the first order of business will be to impeach Obama & Holder . . . and then undo everything he has done, resulting in the "unscrewing" of the American people.

This may take a little time because many people have to be "weeded" out of the governmental positions they had previously been appointed, and undo all of the executive orders that Obama made (I think that ONE "new" executive order might do the trick, stating that EVERY executive order that Obama has made, is hereby rescinded)!

That should take care of the EPA and the dept. of Energy, which SHOULD start the growth of jobs, immediately!  I think we'll be back to where we are supposed to be within one year!  (from my lips to God's ear)

I'm actually feeling pretty positive that we really don't have that much time to wait!





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Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson


Obama Lies Again: – Ignores That The Year After Signing The Stimulus More Than (4) Million Jobs Were Lost

Former President Obama, the only President in US history who had his FBI and other Intel agencies spy on the opposition party candidate, claims that he created the great economy that Americans are enjoying today. The only thing Obama created was debt and massive job losses with his horrible economic recovery.

Yesterday the former President tweeted an effort to take credit for President Trump’s successful economy:

Joe Hoft@joehoft

Of course another @BarackObama lie. He can’t open his mouth without lying. 11 years ago the US lost (4.3) million jobs over the next 12 months. Horrible liar. 

Barack Obama  @BarackObama

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.

President Obama’s policies were a disgrace and a failure. He doubled the national debt in spite of zero interest rates from the Fed. His recovery was the worst in US history.

Also, Obama’s assertion is just plain false. The ‘Stimulus’ was passed in February 2009 right after Obama took over the Presidency. He promised to not pass any bills for at least a week to allow for the bills to be read by the people but lied as soon as he was sworn in. The Stimulus was hundreds and hundreds of pages of government handouts to Democrat districts and it was close to $1 million. This was not what America needed and it led to the Tea Party.

Far-left Wikipedia has this to say about the Stimulus:

Note that in his infinite wisdom, NYT economist Paul Krugman is credited with arguing that “the stimulus was far smaller than the economic crisis warranted”. (He also said the markets would crash and burn if President Trump was elected President.)

The data shows that the 12 months after Obama’s stimulus, the US lost 4.3 million jobs:

In Obama’s first three years he netted a loss of 1.5 million jobs compared to President Trump who has added more than 6.7 million jobs.

When it comes to the economy, the billionaire schools the community organizer every time.

Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

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