John McCain’s Great American Betrayal Called the “McCain Institute”

No wonder the longtime senator is so upset over President Trump’s “America-First” agenda.

Senator John McCain has been living large off of a globalist, “America-Second” platform for a very long time.

Check out this information on his very Clintonesque McCain Institute:

A staff of some eighty people, with repeated financial ties to the Middle East (including million-dollar donations from the House of Saud) the Rothschild Dynasty, Michael Bloomberg, etc.

One of the primary sources of the “McCain Institute” is the pile of cash left over from the losing McCain 2008 campaign. One was funneled into the other. 

And with all those millions of dollars raised, and that staff of eighty working hard to do good for the institute’s alleged primary cause  that is said to be the fight against human trafficking, how much has the institute actually donated to said cause?


Yup. That’s it – the very same take in millions and then donate a  small percentage platform, that has made Bill and Hillary Clinton so very-very rich via their own Clinton Foundation money scheme. McCain is doing the exact same thing. (which might explain why he has long been so silent regarding calls to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Such an investigation would inevitably lead to himself and others among the political elite who are doing similar schemes.)


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GET RID OF MCBLAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


McCain has been a long time traitor to the US.  He's a globalist on Soros payroll.  Jeff Sessions needs to close all Soros operations on the North American Continent, and get State to bar him from his Move ON and Opensociety barred from the US internet, and do not allow him to set upp front accounts he is using to pay the Thug protestors and anarchists.  Also try these people for Sedition, and put them away for 10 years.

Well we all knew he was one of them (Globalist) by his actions, just look at him in Munich, Germany speaking against President Trump.  I cant understand what gives them the right to go to all these other countries on our dime and speak against America.  They are support to be taking care of our country and our requirements.  If they see their job as something different they should seek new employment. 

Frankmusic, the picture you posted here looks like McCain has always looked as far as head shape, ears location in the face, eyebrow growth direction etc.. 

Would you look at the picture that they posted at the top again?   In the picture that they posted, his ears do not meet the jaw line as it goes up.  The eyebrows are totally different.  The structural shape of the bottom of the jawline is not the same.  Has he already been replaced by the globalist?  What do you think?  Does this really look like the same man to you?

John McCain has has surgery on face due cancer. While it has healed his face remains somewhat distorted around the left side jaw line. He's also more ugly on the inside. The picture at the top gives him a scary appearance, due to the light source or direction of light.

With John McCain, it's not his appearance so much that bothers me, it's his secret, as well as his blatant undermining of our leaders on the right. His tactics completely irks me. He's been living off of his POW status for years, while being in bed with DEMs and as you have mentioned, the mega rich globalists. He calls it bi-partisan, - I call it being a Benedict Arnold. He absolutely craves the limelight as the darling of the media. He never misses an opportunity for face time. He portrays himself as the typical GOP naysayer, but he's more nefarious than that. Dangerous, I'd say.

Yes, I'll say it - John McCain may have been a hero in his military career, but during his political career, he's been no different than any other political scoundrel we've ever encountered in modern American politics. He should have retired ages ago.

Senator John ( Songbird Wet start ) McCain would have been in federal prison or shot if it were not for his father being a US  Navy Admiral during the Vietnam War ! Ask any of his fellow prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War . 

This man lost the Presidency in purpose.  He made a fool of patriotic Sarah Palin.



John McCain has keep your  southern border open for illegals and DRUGS .... ! ! ! !



WHY ..... ? ? ? ? ?

McCain likes the establishment because he is part of it.     That swamp is going to get drained, with him in it !




Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


OMG!!! Ruth Bader Ginsburg Voted Best Real-Life Hero At MTV Awards

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday was crowned the best real-life hero at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The 86-year old judge — whose 2015 biopic The Notorious RBG help cement her as a cultural icon among Liberals — beat out tennis star Serena Williams, WWE wrestler Roman Reigns, and comedian Hannah Gadsby to take him the award.

Though it wasn’t a clean sweep for Ginsburg last night.

The RGB documentary lost the “Best Fight” category for “Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs. Inequality” to “Captain Marvel vs. Minn-Erva.”

The justice was absent from the ceremony in Santa Monica, California.

Last December, Ginsburg had surgery to remove cancerous growths on her left lung. She was released from the hospital in New York four days later and recuperated at home.

Earlier this year, Ginsburg missed three days of arguments, the first time that’s happened since she joined the court in 1993. Still, she was allowed to participate using court briefs and transcripts.

Ginsburg has had two previous bouts with cancer, in 1999 and 10 years later.

Flashback: Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Pregnant Woman Is Not A ‘Mother’

Celebrated liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued in an opinion released Tuesday that a pregnant woman is not a “mother.”

“[A] woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a ‘mother’,” Ginsburg wrote in a footnote, which in turn responded to another footnote in the 20-page concurring opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas in the Box v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky Inc. case.

As Breitbart News’ legal editor Ken Klukowski reported, the case concerned a law signed by then-Governor (now Vice President) Mike Pence of Indiana in 2016, which required that the remains of an aborted fetus (or baby) be disposed of by cremation or burial. The law also prohibited abortion on the basis of sex, race, or disability alone.

The Court upheld the first part of the law, but declined to consider the selective-abortion ban until more appellate courts had ruled on it.

In his lengthy opinion — which delighted pro-life advocates, and distressed pro-choice activists — Thomas wrote that “this law and other laws like it promote a State’s compelling interest in preventing abortion from becoming a tool of modern-day eugenics.” He traced the racist and eugenicist beliefs of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, and warned that the Court would one day need to wrestle with abortion as form of racial discrimination.

In a footnote, Thomas attacked Ginsberg’s dissenting opinion, which argued the Court should not have deferred to the legal standard used by the litigants in the lower courts, but should have subjected the Indiana law to a more difficult standard instead, since it impacted “the right of [a] woman” to an abortion.

Ginsburg cited no legal authority for her claim that a pregnant woman is not a “mother.” The claim that a fetus is not a child is central to pro-choice arguments.


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