Rev. Jesse Jackson said Sunday apartheid still exists in the United States as he reflected on Nelson Mandela’s effect on American politics.

“Apartheid remains. Apartheid gaps in poverty, healthcare and education. We’re in the middle of the end of the apartheid struggle now, but it’s just changed phases,” he said on NBC News’s “Meet the Press.” 

“For almost 30 years, we had a lead jump on the right to vote and used that right to vote to empower allies in South Africa,” Jackson said.

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Butch Lyons

I always have difficulty when I hear people talk out of both sides of their heads.  How is anybody supposed to understand, let alone believe, the double talk from Cosby and all his friends on the Left (I've seen Cosby's degree and he got his degree the same way Berry got his and it does not make either man smart or even literate--except in so far as, like Berry, Cosby is excellent at keeping dead center of the Party schpeel [spiele] regardless of topic.

And what's the crap about taking the neighborhoods back.  Who from?  Is he asking the mothers and fathers of the addicts or the extremely rich drug dealers who have a very tight and profitable relationship with their (ultra violent) S. American allies to try to change the ways the very same parents have taught them?

Cosby is making sounds like he want's to change the current Left status quo, but he himself has been a strong supporter of that system for over 40 years.

I have no clue what he means by "we, as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working at Wal- Mart with seven kids... you are hurting us."  Is he saying that that person shouldn't work, or is he saying that he/she should, instead, get a federal job where they average $62,000 per year.

Or when he says "we have to start holding each other to a higher standard."  Higher than what?  A five-figured income?  The presidency?

Everything this guy says sounds like either BS, or he simply is trying somehow to stay relevant in a system that he helped to create but that has metastasized (drugs, corrupt politics, war) in the past 30-40 years beyond the communist fiction he help spread.

If he really means "I screwed up and I'm sorry," he should just own the problem, it wouldn't make him more relevant or more popular but it would, at least, be honest.

Dr Gene Bill Cosby has done very well in the system.As a fact he became very wealthy in a (AS a slave)whitemans world.His whole success is from the white world which he loves to downgrade.Affirmitive action has served him well over the years.


Dr. Sanders couldn't be more correct than he is.

I'm sorry, but I have a laughing fit right now and can't comment!

Hoorah, RFB, I wish there was more people like you. There's another way that people can encourage these idiots that insist in using that hyphen to denote what they think they are. Such as Mexican-Americans, German-American, or Afro-American; well as the Duke (John Wayne) says the hyphen is meant to divide things not unite. Sometimes I've felt like asking the question: "What country do you hold allegiance to America or some other place?" and then say its "OK to be proud of your heritage but when it comes to the allegiance to ones country, choose it."

I consider myself 'Pure America' who just happens to have a mixed heritage: German, Dutch, Scotch, Irish, English, and American Indian (Sioux and Iroquois) for which I am proud.

US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, '68-'69; 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.)

May the Great Spirit watch over all of us and guide our steps through eternity.


RFB you have it right on the head.But the problem is that the socalled African American(And I puke everytime I hear that name)says they aint going nowhere.They just want to stay and bitch and gripe and tell us caucasions of how badly we've treated them.They don't realize that their own people sold them into slavery.They try to make people believe that Africa is some kinda land of enchantment and all them are Kings, Queens, Prince, and Princess.They wear the African garb to make a statement.If they were still in Africa they would do without indoor plumbing (Out behind the bushes).They would do without fresh running water(Any mudhole where they find water),They would do without modern housing(A grass hut or mud hut)No food stamps(Hunting monkeys or anything to eat.)No welfare Checks.(Unemployeed no money)They have it made in this country.In America they live like kings compared to what they would have in Africa,So shut the hellup or go back to africa and see how hard it really is.

We are a nation of equal opportunity. The key word in that statement being opportunity! Any child in this country has the OPPORTUNITY to be anything they want to be. That doesn't mean you get everything handed to you for doing nothing. Get off your butt's and make something of yourself. That's the American way. always was and should always be. 

Charles Bill L.CDurry

True.  And one of hundreds of millionaire blacks, and thousands of millionaire whites, who have done very well sucking the we-be-discriminated-against tit for nearly 40 years.  It was nonsensical then and even worse now since, after all this time, no one even questions anymore the pure idiocy of the whole proposition of having a present day group of people make reparations for a fictitious wrong purported to have been done by relatives the present day group never even had.  The few remaining intelligence officers who originally funded this bizarre little deception must be laughing their collective asses off.  Then again, we Americans should be getting use to being a laughing stock of the rest of the world (the more prosperous countries because we actually bought this crap to begin with and the poorer countries because we still pay off for no reason whatsoever).




Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Al Goodwyn


Gohmert: Dems Will Drag Out Impeachment — Try To Get ‘Best Socialist’ Nominated For President

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN on Thursday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered his best assessment of what House Democrats were trying to accomplish with their impeachment efforts.

Gohmert told WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show” impeachment could tie up the Democratic Party’s presidential campaign efforts but predicted Democrats would use the occasion to nominate “the best socialist” they can.

“They would lose in the Senate,” Gohmert said on impeachment. “And besides that, the entire time it was on trial in the Senate, the Democrats who are running for president wouldn’t be allowed to campaign. That’s in the Constitution. They wouldn’t be able to campaign. I just can’t imagine them wanting to do that because if they send it to the Senate, they have now perfectly set up the scenario of 1996, where they will reassure Donald Trump is reelected as president. They don’t want to do that. They’re probably going to drag this thing out as long as they possibly can … through Iowa, through primaries — try to get the best socialist they can to be nominated.”

“Then just end up and say, ‘Now we’re close enough to the general election. We’ve thrown mud at the president through the House,’” he continued. “What they’re really doing — they’re using taxpayer funds to campaign against Trump. That’s all this is — a campaign fund that taxpayers are paying for in order to try to throw mud at the president. I’ll be surprised if they have that vote, but I can’t imagine they want to set up this president for reelection by having a trial in the Senate where they lose.”

Veteran's Day Tribute

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