A mention of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), a potential 2016 presidential contender, brought boos from a conservative crowd in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Speaking at the New Hampshire Freedom Summit, a gathering of conservative activists and figures organized by Americans for Prosperity and Citizens United, billionaire Donald Trump said Bush’s recent comments on immigrants coming to the U.S. as an “act of love” were “out there.”

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“You know, I heard Jeb Bush the other day,” he said, with quiet boos and angry murmurs erupting from the crowd at the mention of Bush’s name.

“And he was talking about people that come into this country illegally, they do it for love,” he continued, with the boos growing louder. 

Trump added, to laughter from the crowd: “And I said, say it again I didn’t get — that’s one I’ve never heard before…I understand what he’s saying, but, you know, it’s out there.”

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Just say NO! No more Patriot Act, Homeland Security, New World Order Bush presidents!!!
Jed Bush needs to change his party!
Bush allowed more foothold for the UN. Jebs act of love, have him move there. Illegally.
This country has had enough of the Bush's and Clinton's then came Obama the worst of the three. Daddy Bush came along and took a growing country and pushed for a One World Order supporting the UN and starting a war in the Middle East. That was one reason Clinton got elected who brought us the housing bill that gave people a housing lone that couldn't afford a carport let alone a new home housing went out of sight and when the people stated to default then came W.Bush again getting America in war for over 8 years and setting the stage for Obama to totally destroy America. We don't need a Globalist and the next attack on freedom to take office and set the criminals free in America from Mexico. I hate to think there won't be a another electing but with what has been taking place with all the crimes in the White House and the DOJ what make anyone think they will leave office after a election? There next attack is going to be on the Second Amendment. Obama has that on his top list and there's not One Democrat that will try to stop it, and the RINOs will vote with them. In the last vote on the Second Amendment pro Gun only won by 4 votes that is not going to be the same this time. We are under great pressure and I don't feel the youth of this country will fight they have been beat up so bad over the last 12 years there war tired. Over the last 25 years our country have been lead into the gates of Hell by the last 4 presidents.there has been more that has set the stage that's for sure stating with the banking system, the tax laws and Land grabs. We are going to see food shortage in a big way right here in America. BLM is doing it's best now to put the beef farmers out of business and that's happening now. If you don't have a garden or food supply to fall back on to hold you, you better think of what your going to do? Think if the banks were to close tomorrow were would your next meal come from? Just saying,"If , but I think we all know it's coming just when is the question. Media is not saying anything and there not going too. As for the Republican Party they have got to take there heads out of there a-s and start doing something. If we lose out the Senate and Congress we are done with out a shoot being fired. This has and is the goal of the communist Party that's in control now without a doubt.

boo's hell, should have thrown shoes, and bags of crap.

One more for you jeb - BOO!!!!

If the stupid republicans want bush to run I'm not voting. I'll give it to the dems.


Your right I will write a name In. Mickey Mouse. Or Goofy.
You could write in your name. But I would tak.e the mantle.
Oh my No I don't think so but you go ahead.




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