James O’Keefe releases BOMBSHELL video exposing Hillary ILLEGALLY coordinating with DNC…

hat tip: The Right Scoop

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Disgusting!  Anyone voting for this woman has to be either brain dead or an idiot! I think the plan all along has been Tim Kaine. I think Hillary is really very ill and will not fill out her term so that Kaine can step in her place. As he is a flaming communist and anti Israel, this will be the continuation of the destruction of the US.

 After all the criminal acts Hitlery has committed, especially causing the deaths of 4 Americans at Benghazi, this is almost ridiculous that someone would consider this to be of relative significance. Yes it is a crime but compared to the other egregious, blatant criminal acts she has committed, this pales in comparison.

Of course as usual the gop will do nothing as usual which after all is what accomplices do.

Remember it was tax evasion that took Al Capone down. You just never know what might stick or when they are going to stop covering for her because now they are being implicated.

Bastards should be tarred and feathered. Poetic justice

Free chest cavity shots for democrats/moron perverted liberals. Get yours while still free. Note: they're not lead freed.

Hillary thinks she's so freaking clever and immune from any accountability. Let's never let this bitch forget what we all know about her.

She is clever in a very childish way.

These sound like the actions and talk that you would hear from grade school children. What else has to be revealed to the people to wake up! Maybe Hillary could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not be charged. Astonishing!

Has anyone noticed how quiet the GOP has been month after month, over these scandals? The ONLY time I can recall them taking to the microphone to critique anything, was when Hillary made those false accusations (distractions) with bimbos coming out of the woodwork. During this election, these RINOs have rendered themselves absolutely useless. Cowards all! How would you like to have any of those guys (...guys? - I use that word loosely) with you in a foxhole? They're no better than the feigned rants of madame Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) who was screaming at the podium about Donald Trump, because he called that miserable Hillary, .....nasty. I actually thought he was being a gentlemen. If it were I - I'd call her a few things that would surely make a few females in that crowd faint. Trust me.

NO folks, the GOP is quite dead to me. They suck and they continue validating MY point each day - ....that they SUCK. I'm not  going to forget these spineless jellyfish. Nope!

Good going, Veritas.  You're really on the money.

America may be saved yet.

It's unbelievable that there are so many that are as diehard Killary fans as we are diehard Donald fans.  One cannot have an intelligent conversation because both sides are so diabolically opposed. It almost always ends up with me walking away shaking my head.   That's why I truly believe we're going to end up in war.

Is there any law she won't break?  It's infuriating that she continues to get away with everything.  I want her in prison so badly I can't see straight.




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