It's Time For Ruth Bader Ginsberg To Retire From The Supreme Court - Past The Time

She has spent her years as a Justice on our Supreme Court supporting the total rewriting of our Constitution. She has told the world that she has contempt and disdain for the Constitution of the United States and still has the gall to stay in her position as a Justice on OUR supreme court.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Egypt: Don’t Use Our Constitution As A Guide


This radical, liberal, bench legislator is just another turd still floating in the Clinton cesspool. The sooner that toilet is flushed, the sooner America can recover from this latest left wing assault.

When one accepts a position of authority granted by the Constitution they then owe allegiance to the same.

Ginsburg swore to uphold it, not demean it, ridicule it, or ignore the provisions contained in it. If that was her intent, then why did she accept the honor of being appointed a Supreme Court Justice?

No, Ginsburg is a liar and a fraud. She is treasonous and should be removed from the Court and prosecuted for Treason. Once again we are tolerating criminal behavior in high government offices, and our tolerance is condoning even more corruption, sedition, and outright treason.




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