Spying on American Churches. Spying on Americans, Part 1. A undercover video was posted, by KNN, the news started back in 2012 update 2018, and Anonymous did hack several Israeli owned networks in America.  The issue that troubles me is spying on Christian Churches. Not only is Americans being spied on so are Jewish People here in America.

 If I am not wrong about this, it violates the Constitution Of America, as well as all of our Laws. This issue with Palestine Conflict, I have not followed the news on it, but you can bet I am upset over this information being released at youtube,  there are hundreds of videos on such a issue, but 2016 to 2018, this has to stop, this is not legal.

Anonymous Activist Exposed Israel Opt- YouTube


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 I just watched part 2 of this, A Open Invitation To The Israeli Government and the United States Government, Please Do Spy On American Churches, maybe you can learn what Jesus Christ Is All About, and the Christian Foundation Through God.

 As for Sima Vaknin Gil, come on down girl we can hook you up with some of the African Migrants in America....LMAO at the whole system.


I suspect that in the normal gathering of intelligence information Israel includes information regarding the RADICALIZATION of Christian organizations in support of socialism and communism... not a new phenomenon.

There are radical groups which have invaded the religious world... taking on the form of Christianity as a cover for other more nefarious objectives.  Groups like the KKK or Arien Race, etc., each have their own version of supposed Christianity... That doesn't make them Christian or part of the True Church. Israel may track such groups as they harbor anti-semitic views.

The church has no secrets... there is no need to spy on the American Church.  This article is delusional. Anyone wanting to know what is going on at any given Church can attend and find out... The Israeli's have bigger fish to fry than the local church.  

 Good morning Mr. Nelson,

The word Anti-Semitic, "antisemitic", does not work anymore, people are not afraid to voice a opinion against any corruption by a Government, Muslim or Jewish.

 They are just people, like Benjamin Netanyahu, all wrapped up in sex scandals, from his staff to his son. and x rated videos, drugs rock and roll. And the scandal of it all, his oldest son like sexy non Jewish girls.

 Benjamin Netanyahu is a basic con artist, and the police of Israel recognized and ordered prosecution against him and his wife.

 In the video part 1, spying against the US Government, and the US Government spying against them, and in return those who are Jewish in our Government allows the Israeli Government to spy on Americans and social networks.

 Facebook, SPLC, have teamed up and it is going to be a mess when they are hacked again.

In this country and most modern societies, an individual is considered innocent until PROVEN GUILTY in a court of law...  Pre-judging Netanyahu brings into question one's bias and judgment.

"Israeli police have recommended charging Benjamin Netanyahu with bribery over claims he granted favours to the main shareholder of the country’s largest telecommunications company - in return for positive media coverage of his government.

The Israeli Prime Minister is accused of interfering in regulatory decisions in favour of the Bezeq group and its chief shareholder Shaul Elovitch - in exchange for favorable reporting on the Walla news website.

Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing and claims he is the victim of a media witch hunt. The country’s attorney general will now decide on whether to prosecute, with no announcement expected before the end of next year." 

For more See:  https://www.euronews.com/2018/12/02/israeli-police-recommend-benjam...

Netanyahu denies the police report and recommendation for charges... an indictment is pending a decision by the Attorney General.  We will see what happens as the charges appear to be politically motivated... much like those wild accusations circulating regarding Pres. Trump.

Benjamin Netanyahu is just human, and of course he is not guilty, that is why he will face charges.

 Good day to you Mr. Nelson, I have not posted part 2 of this video yet. It is still under review. Israel has no authority in the US, if Israelis and the US wish to spy on each other, enjoy grandma running around butt naked.

 If Israelis and the Palestine's wish to have their propaganda wars, fine, leave the Church out of it. If Jewish people of Israel wish to say Judaeo is the authority over all other faith, prove it.

 I watched a video, a very distributing video where they stated that they and their Judaeo Faith is the factors in destroying other faith including the concept of "Judeo-Christian values" in an ethical (rather than theological or liturgical) sense was used by George Orwell in 1939, with the phrase "the Judaeo-Christian scheme of morals." It has become part of the American civil religion since the 1940s.

 That all other faiths in God are being destroyed because we believe in a false God. How is it to be miss understood that Christ is not a false God, of his Father?

 Who are they to state and challenge Christians over Jesus Christ?

 Who are they to state they To Spy On Churches?

 Who are they to state that the EU can not stay a white race, that mix breeding will save the EU?

 Who are they to even think they can challenge my Christian Faith, or my Tribal Faith?

 This Government of the USA needs a enema.

 To finish up, hackers did more damage then it was released on some networks, they all most hacked and shut down the 200+ nukes in Israel. The issue is, the virus is still in their systems, and the only way to get rid of it is to trash everything and start over.

 If Israeli's have bigger fish to fry than the local church, send them that message, we will.




Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel


‘Breaking: Supreme Court Sides With Trump Over Sanctuary Cities In Deportation Case

 The US Supreme Court sided with President Trump over sanctuary cities today in a 5-4 decision.

The court ruled the government has the power to detain people who are facing deportation because of the crimes they committed.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh in the majority.

Bloomberg.com reported:

A divided U.S. Supreme Court bolstered the government’s power to detain people who are facing deportation because of crimes they committed, siding with the Trump administration in a clash with implications for so-called sanctuary cities.

The case focused on non-citizen legal residents who serve a criminal sentence, get released and later are arrested by federal immigration agents.

The 5-4 ruling Tuesday said those people aren’t entitled to a bond hearing, and the possibility of re-release, while the Homeland Security Department presses its case for deportation. The ruling reversed a decision by the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In announcing the decision from the bench, Justice Samuel Alito said the lower court had made a “policy judgment” using reasoning that “makes a mockery” of the federal immigration laws…

…Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh joined the majority, but they splintered in their reasoning.

Thomas and Gorsuch didn’t agree with all of Alito’s opinion. They said courts lack power to consider issues involving the detention of non-citizens until those people are facing a deportation order.


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