Islam Invades House Floor with Prayer/Praise to Allah

 Praise to Allah, yes America is looking like the UK every day.

Islam Invades House Floor with Prayer/Praise to Allah- YouTube

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You have no idea of how complex and intergral our currency system and the economy are... Major changes to the system  need to be phased in, to ensure that the system of international currency exchange doesn't create a catestrophic impact on the economy and our currency's value.

 Yes I do, these video tapes from Rosie, and that book, my mind is free from the matrix of lies.

 30 more days, I can not wait...:)-

What are you talking abouit... 30 days until what?  Until, a few hundered individuals protest... You don't actually believe that your group is large enough or posiitoned to make a significant impact on our government ... Do you?

 Hey man, Mr. Nelson, it is spelled about, not abouit...:)-

 30 more days man, a few hundred, right, our team consists to 1368 members.

 Mrs. Alice Trinity Littlefoot has the money, and over 10,000 group members.

 To the north of Alabama, there is in one county 100 miles away, 36,000 or more underground militia, with their political connections.

 Significant impact on our government, are they still our Gov?

Typo  ... hey man. 

I have serious arthritist problems in my hands and it is showing up in my posts... Additionally, I have a new key board and I have not gotten used to its layout and touch.... leading to more typo's.  (about/abouit)... the i is a typo.

Protest will do nothing to stop you from being held to their Rule of Law as they wish it to be.

You must seek immunity and walk away from them using their own laws for your protection. Then you can create We The People's own Judicial System. 

Until then you are occupied by NGOs believing they are...………....

Never happen... the Courts are arbitrary and capricious... making up law as necessary to the extension of the ruling classes power. We are well beyond the time when the law can be used to reign in corruption or those in power.

Like Obama said, Yes We Can, The System Is Rigged, Like Da!!!!!!!!!!!

When will people free themselves of this non-representative government using their own Private Law to achieve relief?

Never... given the present leadership and the Patriot Groups organizational structure... the two party system, we currently operate under, will continue to have a lock on the electoral system and the government.   It doesn't appear the People are willing to do what is necessary to reclaim their government... Too, unite and organize sufficiently to demand reforms in our electoral system. 

A rigged electoral system exists... a system that  is geared to maintain the status quo by controlling access to the ballots and the seats of government.  Elections are engineed and rigged to favor Major Party favorites resulting in the election and reelection of political hacks whose loyalty is to their Party and its political leadership... not the people.  We are no longer have a Constitutional Republic... we are a oligarchy of the rich a PLUTOCRACY.

The Judiciary ... federal and state... are sold out.  Most lawyers, and Judges are part of the problem not solution.  Our judiciary is not on the  side of liberty or the People... they are using the color of law to change the fundamentals of our Constituiton thru judicial activism and fiat law... the law of the courts... which is totally extra-constitutional, making it illegal.

The principals of Stari Decisis or settled law... in effect violates the Constitutional restriction on the Judiciary legislating.  The Judiciary is to interpret and administer the law as written... when there are constitutional issues they may adjudicate a case in law giving relife to the parties in the case... they may not make law... or apply a verdict in one case to all future cases as law. If the judiciary determines that the law in dispute needs to be changed, the Congress must agree with the court, by changing the law thru the legislative process. Otherwise the law remains as Congress intended until Congress acts.

Patriot Groups, are listed as terrorist, by this so called Gov of the USA, well hell man, that means you are listed as a terrorist. And according to the YouTube Administration, ISIS Terrorist Are a Organized Crime Figure Not Terrorist.

 Twitter if you speak out against Muslims, you are a terrorist. And they report you to the law, of which it stands and you can be put to death.

LMAO Man at the whole system..:)-

 Good morning Richard,

 The internet wars will get real.




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