(ISIS): How Many Times Has President Rodrigo Duterte Of The Philippines Ask for Help

 President Rodrigo Duterte Asked for Help several times, pointing the finger at the elites banking system for financing ISIS. So where the hell is this NATO, OTAN, United Nations, US Policies against ISIS ?

Duterte: New World Order Using ISIS To Destroy My Beloved Philippines

The New World Order unleashed ISIS on the Philippines as punishment for going against the globalist agenda, according to President Rodrigo Duterte, who claims the removal of Rothschild banks from his country was “the tipping point” that triggered the death cult’s invasion.

Now the U.S. military have invaded the country, on the pretext of fighting ISIS just like in Syria, but President Duterte, who didn’t invite the U.S. military into the Philippines, is not falling for the lies.

  “The operation to destroy my beloved Philippines is in full swing,” President Duterte told supporters and injured soldiers. “The infiltration of Daesh, who are now negotiating with opposition groups to form political alliances, is a New World Order tactic you can see all around the world now.

Open your eyes and you will see the same pattern in the Middle East, in Europe.”

U.S. military have entered Philippines against Duterte's will, supposedly to fight ISIS, but the president believes they are there to perform a coup.

Duterte is concerned that he will be targeted by a U.S.- or CIA-led coup. He told RT that he is well-aware of the price that is paid by leaders who refuse to sign up to the globalist agenda, stating “I said about [removing] the American troops, that one day, during my term, if I survive the CIA, I still have five years to go.”

The globalists’ unholy war on the Philippines occurred in three clear phases.

First, a propaganda war began in the West, with mainstream media outlets smearing Duterte at regular intervals. President Duterte’s harsh words about President Obama were intentionally taken out of context, and the successful operations against terrorist cells and drug traffickers in the Philippines, which was on the verge of becoming a narco state, led to protests of global organizations, human-rights groups as well as several governments including the EU and US.

Then the New World Order’s media operation went into full swing. In a few months, using the established techniques of smear and distortion, Duterte went from being an outspoken and unconventional president to being defined by international media as a bloody murderer.

This led to President Duterte telling George Soros that he was not welcome in his country, warning the globalist billionaire that “there is a bounty on your head” in the Philippines.


Soros promptly cancelled a proposed “humanitarian visit” to the islands – and shortly after the New World Order has declared war on the Philippines.

Now Duterte and his patriots are locked in a vicious battle with ISIS, fighting hand to hand with the jihadis in southern cities, as the New World Order’s hit squad continue their global destabilization project.

ISIS fighters, the globalist’s private militia, are now swarming in southern Philippines cities, doing the New World Order’s dirty work, while the U.S. military orchestrates regime change from the wings.

Despite the critical state of affairs, Western media continue to attack Duterte. Rather than informing their audience about the president’s brave efforts to protect his people against the rampaging death cult, Western liberal media is ignoring the real issues and publishing vile and misleading hit pieces.

The most prominent story published in Western media about Duterte since the ISIS invasion was a hit piece criticizing the president’s “locker room talk” with members of the armed forces engaged in the battle to save their country.

Rather than praise the president for his hands-on role, western media feigned outrage about his “politically incorrect” choice of words.

The president has had his reputation attacked relentlessly by mainstream media around the world, despite his sky-high approval ratings at home. Now his country is being physically attacked by globalist-backed radical Islamic terrorists.

Backing the president of the Philippines in his fight with ISIS, and rejecting the mainstream media’s deceptions, is the least that patriots and nationalists around the world can do.

Scores Of Dead Bodies Litter Streets Of Besieged Marawi "Philippine"

Residents fleeing ISIS-occupied Marawi City report seeing at least 100 bodies lie scattered on the streets, says Philippine politician.

Russia Today reports:

Recounting the testimony of people who recently escaped the besieged city, Zia Alonto Adiong, the Governor of the province Lanao del Sur, said scores of bodies are in an area which saw heavy gunfire.


Dead bodies, at least 100, scattered around the encounter area,” Adiong told reporters, according to Reuters. The army previously said that 290 people have been killed, including 206 militants, 58 soldiers and 26 civilians.

Adiong, who is helping rescue and relief efforts, had earlier claimed that up to 1,000 dead bodies were seen by the fleeing residents. He subsequently revised that number.

 The politician also said that starvation has led residents to eat cardboard boxes. “It’s heartbreaking. It’s almost unbelievable to think that people are living this way,” Adiong told AFP.


Senior Philippine military figures say they are closing in on rebel held positions. “We intend to finish the fight as soon as possible. Our tactical commanders are doing their best,” military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera said, adding that 200 jihadists remain in the occupied city with many of them had taken up sniper positions.

As the fighting intensifies, the Philippine armed forces have announced the arrest of the brother of a jihadist leader.

Mohammad Noaim Maute, whose brothers Omarkhayam and Abdullah are the commanders of the Maute Group, was apprehended at a checkpoint near the city of Cagayan de Oro, north of Marawi.

Brigadier-General Gilbert Gapay, a military spokesman, said Mohammad is a suspected bomb-maker for the group which has pledged allegiance to IS.

Most of the other seven Maute brothers, including Omarkhayam and Abdullah, are believed to be in the embattled city. Their parents were taken into custody last week. Maute was not armed when arrested and police said he readily admitted his identity under questioning.

Meanwhile, an Australian journalist was lucky to escape with his life after being shot in the neck. Adam Harvey, who works for Australia’s national public ABC, said: “Luckily it missed everything important and it just got lodged behind my jaw.



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The Pentagon said it wouldn’t use depleted uranium rounds against ISIS. Months later, it did — thousands of times.

February 16

Months after the Pentagon said it wouldn’t use a controversial type of armor-piercing ammunition that has been blamed for long-term health complications, U.S. aircraft fired thousands of the rounds during two high-profile air raids in Syria in November 2015, the Pentagon acknowledged Wednesday.

The use of the ammunition, a 30mm depleted-uranium bullet called PGU-14, was first reported by a joint Air Wars-Foreign Policy investigation on Tuesday. The roughly 5,265 rounds of the munition were fired from multiple A-10 ground attack aircraft on Nov 16, 2015, and Nov. 22, 2015, in airstrikes in Syria’s eastern desert that targeted the Islamic State’s oil supply during Operation Tidal Wave II, said Maj. Josh Jacques, a U.S. Central Command spokesman.

When loaded with depleted-uranium bullets, the A-10s fired what is called a “combat-mix,” meaning the aircraft’s cannon fires five depleted-uranium rounds to one high explosive incendiary bullet.

The strikes, which involved 30mm cannon fire, rockets and guided bombs, destroyed more than 300 vehicles, mostly civilian tanker trucks, the Pentagon said at the time. The two incidents were championed by the Pentagon, and footage of trucks being destroyed was posted online. The Pentagon said that no civilians were present during the bombardment because fliers had been dropped before strafing runs warning those in their trucks to flee.

Before the November strikes, the Pentagon said it would not use depleted-uranium munitions in the campaign against the Islamic State. In response to a query from a reporter in February 2015, Capt. John Moore, a spokesman for the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition in Iraq and Syria said in an email that “U.S. and Coalition aircraft have not been and will not be using depleted uranium munitions in Iraq or Syria during Operation Inherent Resolve.”

Later that year, the Pentagon’s stance toward depleted uranium changed. As U.S.-led forces ramped up their campaign to go after the Islamic State’s cash flow, U.S. planners for Operation Tidal Wave II decided that depleted-uranium ammunition would be the most effective weapon for targeting hundreds of Islamic State oil trucks in the Syrian desert. Jacques said that U.S. forces wanted to ensure that trucks would be rendered completely inoperable, adding that depleted-uranium rounds were the best way to achieve that, rather than the A-10’s standard high explosive cannon rounds. Typically, depleted-uranium rounds are used on armored vehicles, such as tanks and troop transports, and there is no international treaty or rule that explicitly bans their use.

“Given the international opprobrium associated with the use of depleted uranium, we had been pretty astonished to hear that it had been used in operations in Syria,” said Doug Weir, the International Coordinator for the Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons. “The U.S. consistently states that the weapons are for anti-armor use, although their record from Iraq … was further evidence that this doesn’t really bear close scrutiny.”


Does ISIS Have Depleted Uranium Weapons


  I find it repusively humerous to see you vociferously opposed to the use of DU weaponry while apparently  having no problems with how you dispatch our enemies using more conventional and more effective weapons in our arsenal !! ????

 I thoroughly agree with the Colonel on his points and base this on the many years of experience under his belt on the subjects you have been discussing and much, much more. While I do not agree with some of his ideas at  times, I have found him to be a FACT BASED individual with the knowledge of military issues that are sorely needed in today's Army. I would feel alot safer knowing he would still be in uniform and using his vast knowledge to protect, and defend our Nation than having some nitwits on the internet trying (unconvincingly) to prove some outrageous theories with unfounded logic.

 In other words Hank, your ill-chosen remarks about  the Colonel are not well received by those of us who respect him greatly and consider his Military and Patriotic knowledge above reproach. You best, well refrain from such types of language against people who may disagree with you since doing so only tends to create LESS respect for you and your causes whatever they may be. Your argumentative tactics are exactly what is making  civil "DISCOURSE" in the world today, virtually impossible. While you have some important things to say, you might help yourself and that cause by attempting a more civil approach in your discussions.

I support and agree with everything you said. I am also offended with this continuing insult based so-called "discussion" that, on one side, is, like you said, "fact-based", and on the other side, confused, illogical, and very poorly said.

I do not support the continued insults hurled at the Colonel, nor at any time, to anyone on this site. How Steve is letting you get away with it is beyond me.

Steve needs to wake up and take some action. Not saying the Col. cannot defend himself, he clearly can. But this is rude and demeaning, to someone who has proven himself with every post, as each post is knowledgeable, articulate and informative, not to mention, sometimes passionately spiritual and inspirational.

It may be that the US Air Force no longer has LEAD/Titanium based armor piercing rounds as all lead based munitions are now banned.  see: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/12/21/end-line-for-lead-bullet-regul...

The Military is now using GREEN BULLETS...and munitions.

I find it repulsively humorous, that the DU Weaponry is now in the hands of Islam, and the statuesque is, does ISIS have the use of  DU Uranium Weaponry and the technology ?

The answer is yes..

As for Ronald, he dont need your help, he stands on his own two feet, most solders do.

 Tif, go to server 17, file 00600012, post the file, lets see what the American people think about DU Uranium Weaponry in the hands of ISIS........!


video is up Hank, and I will not post all the DU Documents, it should not be on line in the first place, our Government has a bunch of idiots in office.

Not to worry Tif,

 I have no issues not to expose this gov, ISIS Terrorist & Weapons Grade Depleted Uranium, shall we dance:





 Lowest Female Unemployment
In 18 years!”

President Donald Trump needled the mostly anti-Trump Women’s March on Saturday, reminding them of the positive economic gains for women under his administration.

“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March,” he wrote on Twitter. “Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”

Temperatures in the Washington, DC area rose to 59 degrees on Saturday afternoon after several days of cold weather. The Washington, DC march was smaller this year than the previous one in 2017, but organizers focused their efforts on attending a march in Las Vegas.

Thousands of women across the country rallied in major cities to oppose Trump and his policies, vowing to step up activism in the 2018 congressional midterms.


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