Is the Entertainment Industry Leading a Charge to Civil War?

Grammy ProtestThe constant protests by the Entertainment industry against Trump will not subside. There is only one way this is going to end and that is blood in the streets. The riots will only escalate and the left ALWAYS becomes violent. They would not even allow the education secretary to enter a school. The Grammy show was reduced to hurried political statements, A Tribe Called Quest delivered a vigorous rebuke of Trump during a tribute to Phife Dawg, who died in March 2016. The group said the performance of We the People was also in honor of protesters.

The hip-hop group was joined by Rhymes who thanked “President Agent Orange”  the new name they gave to Trump for “perpetuating evil in the United States”. The tribute ended with people of different races gathered on stage as Q-Tip repeatedly shouted: “Resist” as the camera faded to commercial.

All of this is building to violence. Then the police will respond and then the outcries will be see – Trump is running a police state. This will only tear the country apart. Many of these protesters are not old enough to even vote. Their teachers allow them to cut class to protest against Trump. When asked what they are protesting about, they do not even understand the issues.

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Been saying this all along.

The entertainment industry is calling people to arms while we the people elected Trump to make America again. They can't stand it that we the people elected Trump in our very peaceful and Christian way, with the silent majority winning eventually under the providence of Jesus.

All it will take, is a few of those idiot protestors getting shot for resisting arrest or injuring a policeman and then the fight will be on. Hate to break it to those idiots, but if comes down to a war, the military will be behind Trump. The best thing they can do, is start backing off before a whole lot of them get killed. It'll be sad for a bunch of minors to get killed for following a crowd of liberals that could care less about them.

"Is the entertainment industry leading a charge to civil war?" No, the people behind the entertainment industry is leading a civil war. Celebrities/entertainers are just puppets who have been used for decades as spokesmodels for the Agenda. Most of them can't even have an opinion unless it's written down in a script.    

Why are they not as concerned about the real civil war actually an intra racial war in Chicago.

It could be that that's the goal: conflict, division, violence. What's going on in Chicago is considered a good thing to them, because the more we are distracted by chaos, the easier it is for them to slip into positions of power. They want chaos, they thrive on it, it's their Wheaties. Very sick and very sad, but true.

that appears to be the case we all knew this was coming it is all about to get real lock and load everybody

United We Stand Divided We WILL FALL! Our Founding Fathers knew this and our enemies (Russia, China, definitely North Korea) are watching and waiting for the moment to strike. These 'over-paid' liberal whack-job entertainers, like Madonna, and journalists (who enjoy creating FAKE news to suit their point-of-view) are the countries true treasonous enemies. Funny, they enjoy the notoriety and money from Americans and enjoy living in America yet hate what the USA stands for and how it was created and the sacrifices others have made to make it what it is. All just a bunch of weak, lying, dirty, sole less, God-less parasites!

GOD BLESS President Trump. GOD BLESS the United States. GOD help us defeat these liberal anti-American traitors even if it does mean war and killing them. After all, the revolutionaries did it and so did God to cleanse.

Most of those idiots  that don't run away after starting a war will be Dead with in the first day they don't have a clue This isn't the TV. or Movies, this is real life and you don't get a second take !!.

their way and/or they chop our heads off ...sound familiar?! ...liberalism is the root of all evil.

I've noticed on the MeetUp site in the KCMO metro that there are two "Resist" groups trying to get started.  I'd like to see that crap SQUASHED.  Most of them are ignorant, indoctrinated high school and college-age kids who are too stupid to connect the dots or do any research for themselves.

How can you even respect the opinion of a Hollywood actor knowing that they have to be told what to say and how to say it in every single instance of their career.  I think that they are using politics to prove their independence but they are still repeating things that others have written for them.  Must really be frustrating!




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