Is ISIS responsible for the Las Vegas Terrorist Attack... Who is more credible, the MSM or ISIS?

ISIS claims responsibility US Media says No... who is more credible?  What a quandary, we face when the MSM becomes so untrustworthy that we would give ISIS more credibility.

Social media is abuzz charging that racist, bigoted, “Islamophobe's”... are the only one's taking the Islamic State’s claim seriously.  It should be noted that credible sources, who have never been accused of “Islamophobia", have said that the Islamic State is generally trustworthy, when claiming responsibility for an attack.  Statements of support for ISIS's credibility, regarding claims of this nature, have been made on several occasions, many prior to the Las Vegas attack.

In view of all the evidence and reports to date... there is more evidence and reason to support ISIS's claim, that the massacre in Las Vegas was a jihadist attack, not the work of a 'lone wolf' assailant.  However, that doesn’t fit the establishment media's NARRATIVE, nor the agenda of law enforcement.  Therefore, don’t expect ISIS's culpability to be announced forthrightly by authorities, anytime soon, if ever.

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My Spirit is willing but my flesh may not cooperate as it once did... I believe our adversary has been waiting for my generation too age to the point that they become less of a problem... when the balloons go up (a reference to barrage balloons used in the civil war and thru WW-II). 

How old are you Ronald?

Look man, Mr. Massingale is in his 60's he bike rides 20 to 30 miles every day, power walks, and he looks like some barbarian, unlike his twin brother, who is very out of shape.

 So, I know a lot old timers in their 80's, very physically powerful, old warriors from NAM, and WW2.

 So, I just want to know, because sir, you need to get your ass in shape, the UN policies are real and so are we. Like I said because of some of your statements, against the CM, they grew to close 6.3 million people is just under 4 months.


Constitutional Militia ..........:) have a nice day.

When you get to  be 70 yrs old... with a body that has been abused by years of service... including being 'air-evaced' out of Iran, with a serious heart problem at the age 60, after wearing 80lbs of body armor and carrying another 30 or so pounds of equipment all day... for 14 months straight... Tell me about it. Until then, shut the h*** up and give some credit to your elders, a-hole..

What statements against the CM.. who are the CM?  If you mean 'Constitutional Militia' (the organized militia) you haven't got a clue what you are talking about... not one. 

First, there aren't 6.1 million organized Constitutional Militia... That would be lawfully organized Constitutional militia. Organized under the supervision of the local government.... with its officers and non-coms commissioned by the State, as were our founders. Any illusion that YOU or anyone else has a handle on 6.2 million militia is proof they are delusional.

I am sick of individuals that go around with their head up their rear... spouting lunacy... attempting to incite open armed rebellion without having a clue as to what that means or requires.  Just where is this illusionary 6.1 million and who are their leaders?  How will they be called up?  What is the Order of Battle... I doubt you even know what that is... However, you go on spouting gibberish, I am sure someone will pick up on it.


Decided to erase this message and send it by email ... only I can't send it email... haven't befriended you and  I don't intend too.  So, I reposted it.

United We Stand, a completed 50 State Constitutional Militia vs. the German Muslim NATO Forces/ French OTAN who will win against the United Nations Army? This Is How We Rise!

well lets see.. I see three... count them 3 individuals in what appears to be uniforms for some kind of militia... only 6 million 99,997 left to go, too reach that 6.1 million Constitutional Militia.  The problem is that the organized Constitutional Militia has been taken over by the Federal Government... long ago.  Irregular private paramilitary groups that call themselves militia don't make them Constitutional or militia.

States no longer control or fund their Constitutional Militia... The National Guard is now a quasi-federal military organization. It is fully funded, equipped and trained, by Federal advisors... called 'Active Guard and Reserve' (AGR) Technicians.  The States no longer have an independent Constitutional Militia (National Guard). The private militia or more accurately described... paramilitary... we hear about are under manned, poorly led, inadequately trained, equipped and supplied. They have no national command structure:  National order of battle, unified command, control, or communications system.. They barely qualify to be called paramilitary... forces.

There is no 6.1 million man Constitutional Militia... none.

You counted past 3, I am impressed, but Mr. Ronald, there are things taking place, so I really do not need to share insider info, seeing how this site is monitored.

Have A Nice Day

I am not ignorant or so detached that I am unaware of things taking place... However, there is nothing of the magnitude you express taking place with the Constitutional Militia... not even close.  There are a few movements to recruit and train local private militias ... a handful of individuals who have no national impact... Your CM certainly doesn't have 6.1 million members... not by a very long shot.

Right, what ever man.

Breaking News: This just in! They have a photo of the 2nd shooter, now he is America's Most Wanted, $100,000.00 for information of this person. And his counter conspiracy ISIS Terrorist , does anyone really know these people?



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