Iranian warships close at hand and Obama does and says nothing

iranian warship“Iran’s military fleet is approaching the United States’ maritime borders, and this move has a message.”
Commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad

NOT good folks NOT good at all.

It sure seems like Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his side-kick John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry think that a deal made with the devil is better than NO deal at all. The problem is that a deal…any deal…made with Iran will always come back to haunt you…or in the case haunt the United States of America The traitorous duo who think they are the brokers of peace but who in reality are the harbingers of war…with their allegiances on the side of the enemy…now sees that Iran…the ‘so-called’ new moderate Iran…is sending warships dangerously close to our maritime borders off our Eastern seaboard, while at the same time Iranian TV is airing a video of a simulated bombing of Tel Aviv and a U.S. aircraft carrier*…and what is said or done about this…NOT a thing.

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You make some very valid points. While it would be difficult and maybe impossible to impeach and convict Obama, there's another constitutional avenue for removing him at least temporarily. It's the 25th Amendment Section 4.

Should the US fall under attack and Obama do nothing out of paralysis or acquiescence, the VP and the Cabinet could declare him incapacitated and remove him. Failing that, as you say, the people or the military would have to take direct action.

But such would amount to a coup or worse and would be dangerous, but likely needed. In any event, if we were attacked, the military wouldn't need to wait for the "president" to give the order to take defensive actions. Consider a US destroyer may have fired the first US shots in WW II when it attacked a Japanese two-man sub outside of Pearl Harbor.

This so called "fleet" is one destroyer and an escorting supply ship.  You can be very certain that air and sea assets are shadowing and watching them very closely (unless they are treasonously ordered away) and will take action if they even sneeze wrong.


How dare you post reasonable facts who it would be so much more fun to advocate committing an act of war in violation of international law and the law of the sea? Also, shouldn't we be advocating sinking the Russian reconnaissance ship docked in Cuba? Why not illegally attack a ship from a nuclear armed power, especially when we're putting a frigate into the Black Sea where it'd be an easy target for the Russians in retaliation? ;-)

Sorry for the sarcasm. It seems some jingoistic "super" patriots on this site want to the US to sink the Iranian and Russian ships in international waters or in Cuban waters merely for the provocation of their showing the flag as we've done around the world for about two hundred years.

I was even chastised by the administrator for saying the article was unnecessarily irresponsible considering the dangers at this time.

However, I wonder if it's a Los Angeles class or Virginia class hunter killer sub along with P-3, P-8, or RC-135 aircraft shadowing the Iranian "fleet" lead by a WW II era ship some of our Coast Guard cutters outweigh.

So I thank you for a reasoned voice.

A former RC-135 "naviguesser"

Very disturbing.

I seriously believe it is too late to stop the Muslims from taking over the US. Obama is laying the ground work so it will happen sooner.

Wow.....I seriously believe I know a lot of Americans that won't give up with out a fight to the death for our country....

That would be the death of....not us!!

However it's important we try to save the Republic. The first step is is for the Body of Christ to seek God's forgiveness for ignoring Him.

I see more and more of our congregation taking a stand and speaking out in this fashion ! It is more apparent in our classes that there is an awakening happening . It is all based on Gods word but there is a tie to all the political unrest , the sleeping giant is starting to grumble more loudly ! I just realized that no one else matters here but the devout , those who do not know the word or speak lies have already been judged by the Word , that just leaves true Christians ! 

Very true.

5000 YEAR LEAP - free audio book

I've found that the book 5000 YEAR LEAP is pretty effective at getting the actively religious to understand/accept the Lockean theory working in conjunction with Biblical principles and God's authorities in our founding design. In my experiences it tends to remove their objections to the 'humanist' reputation of Locke's works they have inherited and allows for unification of the two conservative bases.

Robert...just because there is gray hair on my head doesn't mean I wouldn't fight for my country.  No one is going to take this nation away from us without a fight....we will not go silently into the may, but the rest of us will not!

Dorothy Paul:  I'm another gray haired lady who will not go silently into the night.   Whatever America needs to restore it to the functional Constitutional Republic in which I was raised, I will gladly do.




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