Iranian president, regime officials threaten ‘defensive’ missile attacks against West

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened on Sunday to use his country’s missile system against the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

“Iran has used its missiles [in the past] and will use them in the future to defend itself,” Rouhani told participants at the 27th annual Kharazmi Festival, named after the famed Persian mathematician, according to Fars New Agency.

As the world focused its attention on the conflict brewing in Ukraine and away from the Iranian nuclear crisis, other regime officials warned that Iran is not Ukraine, that it will not allow the Iranian people to rise up against the regime the way Ukrainians rose up and ousted its leader, Viktor Yanukovych.

Rouhani also criticized the West for terrorism and assassination of its nuclear scientists and the brains behind its missile program.

“During the era when Iran and Muslim scholars were the leaders of science, they without hesitation shared it with others. The Western world… before the Renaissance saw the light of knowledge of this land and utilized it [for its own progress],” Rouhani said. “However, we now see that the industrialized countries… see [progress in science] as their prerogative to the level that they allow their intelligence services to assassinate scientists of this country.”

Rouhani boasted that Iranian scientific progress will move faster than before.

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Get rid of them now NUC them and we all are safer. 

This particular brand of sheetheads are just arrogant and stupid enough to think they can unleash a nuclear storm and come through unscathed.  These people are dangerous.

Time to finish the SDI program that began during the Regan administration.  

Sorry my mistake, the Libitards and their entitlement minions have used up the budget for defense programs. They could care less about the safety of America and most of them only care about having a full EBT card.  

What they fail to recognize is that when a foreign aggressor takes aim at us and launches an attack on us there will be no entitlements much less basic needs.   

Why would the Iranians think they could do that. Well, I'll tell you. Oblama has balls the size of watermelons when he is going after conservatives with his attack dog the IRS, but when he is faced with the Russians or the little Pomeranian Iranians. He automatically  has balls so small a flea couldn't live on them! That folks is why Oblama has no balls and we can no longer be respected as the tough Muther's we once were! Sad, very sad, but I'd give my left nut to have a president like Reagan once again.


Someone else suggested a parking lot, I think it would be the worlds only glass parking lot

soooo.......hows that nuke disarmament deal going for Obama and Kerry????




Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Joe Biden On Violence Against Women:   We Have To Keep ‘Punching At It, And Punching At It, And Punching At It’

 The audience laughed as he said this.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that America needs to be “punching” back to combat violence against women during Wednesday’s Democratic debate.

Biden was asked if he would tackle specific issues regarding the #MeToo movement at the beginning of his presidency, if he were to be elected. The former vice president previously sponsored the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which aimed to protect victims of domestic violence.

The presidential candidate responded to the question about assaulting women by using the phrase “punching” repeatedly, apparently not thinking about the implications of using such a word.

“No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense, and that rarely ever occurs,” Biden said. “So we have to just change the culture, period, and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it. No, I really mean it.”

A few people laughed in the audience as he said this.

Biden added that it is important to pass the Violence Against Women Act, which has passed in the House and held up in the Senate. The former Vice President also suggested that America has to “fundamentally change the culture” of how women are treated, noting that it is “everyone’s responsibility.”

“It’s a gigantic issue, and we have to make it clear from the top, from the president on down that we will not tolerate it,” Biden said. “We will not tolerate this culture.”

Tucker's big takeaways from the Trump impeachment saga

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