Iowa Governor: There Are Major Islamic Terrorists In Iowa – They Are Living In Every State… Can Strike Any Day" alt="110516_terry_branstad_605_ap-360x240" width="455" height="303"/>

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad issued a warning on Monday saying that there are major Islamic terrorists in Iowa, who can strike any day.

The Des Moines Register reported on Branstad stumping for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and against Democrat candidate Hillary Clintonwho has been quoted as saying that terrorism, and we all know that ....

The Register reports:

Branstad particularly focused on the threat to Iowans from what he described as Islamic terrorist sympathizers in Iowa, saying he believes the dangers have been underestimated. He added that Trump has had the courage to bring up the issue as he travels the country, and he noted that several terrorist attacks in the United States have involved radicalized Muslims.

Pressed for details about the threats posed to Iowans by Islamic terrorist sympathizers, Branstad said he receives regular updates from the Iowa Department of Public Safety on threats of all types to Iowans, including information on ISIS sympathizers.

“It is kind of a scary thought, when you think of all the different challenges that we are facing. I think our Department of Public Safety does a good job and they try to do the very best they can and they coordinate with the federal people as well,” Branstad said. But he also said the public safety threat briefings are secret and he can’t share them with the public. He added that he was among a group of governors who went to FBI headquarters in February for an in-depth briefing.

“You have seen what has happened around the country,” he said. “You have seen what has happened in California and New York and New Jersey, and Tennessee and Florida. Sure there is a threat. There is a threat every day. We try to take it very seriously, and I think our people are doing a good job, but I know that it is a dangerous and difficult situation. Because of social media, ISIS and their Islamic radical advocates are communicating with people all over the world — including in our state.”

Clinton gave two speeches for $250,000 each in 2013 and in one said that terrorism is “not a threat to us as a nation.” In the other speech she said that Russia was not a threat.

In responding to Branstad’s claim that Trump has a “secret” plan to defeat the Islamic State, the Clinton campaign issued a statement saying, “As it turns out, the secret is that Trump has no plan. Instead, foreign policy experts agree, the ideas Trump has mentioned are dangerous and wrongheaded — and his anti-Muslim rhetoric and proposals are recruiting tools for ISIS and other terror groups.”

Dangerous and wrongheaded? As dangerous and wrongheaded as not tightening security concerning the consulate in Benghazi that cost four Americans their lives? As dangerous and wrongheaded as allowing a plethora of unvetted Muslim refugees in the united States? As dangerous and wrongheaded as allowing the Muslim Brotherhood in the State Department? As dangerous and wrongheaded as using an unsecured private email server to send classified information?

While I may not agree with Donald Trump’s policies completely on dealing with the Islamic State, I do give the man credit that he calls out the enemy for what it is, Islam.

In addition to the claims of Branstad, there are at least 22 confirmed Islamic terror training camps in the US, all .... The obvious question that should be asked is, if you know for sure these Islamists exist, why are you not rooting them out before they can strike?

Now, I ask you, who is really behind the terror and who does it work for?

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This was OScumBag's plan all along; with the help of the Wicked $itch of course.

This is why the many valiant militia groups around the Nation are our last line of defense; can't count on governors, half of whom are Commie bastards.


How are they, where are they? I bet ya a dime Obama & Hillary know just what's up with their Brothers In Arms everyday. Put a few rounds in the Left of center already.

Well...the jihadis say they are working for the 12th imam......that would be the Anti-Christ to Christians and Jews.

The 12th imam is a Shea - Iranian movement that is not recognized by the Sunni, or Saudi Arabian version of the Ideology.  Besides, some have said that the Warrior Prophet himself was the Anti-Christ.   

We have training camps here that Obama will Not let FBI monitor.  Every state has many thousands of muslims.  It is very scary to think they can do anything and no one will admit it or stop it.

Buy more ammo.

I got to see Dr. Sebastian Gorka last week and he said this:

End times prophesy (escatology) is the basis for the belief that Al Sham is the time and place of the last battle, coincidently, ...  in the valley of Meggido, Syria.   (as in Armageddon)

The Islamic State calls itself the Islamic State of Al Sham. Neither ISIS or ISIL is correct. The other name of Al Sham is Daesh, which is the Arabic name for Al Sham. It means to step on or to stomp.

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has annointed himself as the Caliph to fulfill the end times prophesy. Baghdadi said in a Grand Mosque sermon that, "I am re-establishing the Caliphate Theocratic empire. I am the new Caliph." So when the jihadis put out their call to action, they are saying, "it is now or never."  If they want to be a martyr, it needs to be now, and it has to be while killing an infidel.

Bibi Netanyahu said to Congress, "This Dante's Inferno (the ME) that we are witnessing, is not just about ISIS. We are witnessing a Game of Thrones for the Caliphate."

Dr. Gorka also said that after the carving up of the Austrian Hungarian Empire, that AttaTurk, decided to play us. He ripped theocracy from government so that he could begin saying, "We are now secular". He officially declared the Caliphate over. Separating theocracy from their govt. convinced dupes in the Western world that they could assimilate into western civilizations. So, their plan of the Muslim Trojan Horse began at this time.

Dr. Gorka also said, that the Muslim Brotherhood is the Grand Daddy of Jihad. And that the Al Sham makes $480,000 in 6 hours. It is the richest non-state threat in all of modern history. Masters of recruiting, they went from 36,000 fighters to 85,000 now, with 36,000 foreign hihadis and 6,000 are Westerners. And they want to take over ALL government, worldwide. This is what we are up against.




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